SIG P320 Accessories and Upgrades

SIG P320 Accessories and Upgrades

The number of accessories and aftermarket upgrades for the SIG P320 is only going to increase.

The SIG Sauer P320 was introduced in 2014 and has been well received and well regarded. After being selected by the U.S. Army for the Modular Handgun System contract this past January, however, the SIG P320 was thrust onto the big stage, under the brightest spotlight a gun company could hope for. Suddenly the SIG P320 was on the radar of millions of American gun owners who'd never heard of the pistol or who were only vaguely aware of its existence.

The version of the SIG P320 chosen by the U.S. Army will be called the M17 and offered in full-size and compact versions. The differences between the M17 and the commercial P320 are minor and mostly cosmetic, but sales of the commercial P320 are sure to skyrocket because of the Army's adoption of the design. And whether it's cars or guns, American's love to accessorize.

Because the P320 has been around for a few years, there is no shortage of essential upgrades already available for it, with more sure to come.

First off, holsters. Because the P320 has the same exterior dimensions as SIG's previously introduced double-action/single-action P250, holsters made for either gun fit this pistol. Which means just about everybody has holsters that fit the P320- including SIG.

SIG doesn't actually make holsters, but starting with its recent Legion series of pistols, the company teamed with Blackpoint Tactical, a holster maker out of Georgia, to offer some very well-thought-out designs available through the SIG website.

SIG recently sent me one of the new Blackpoint Tactical Mini Wing inside-the-waistband holsters. This holster is available exclusively through SIG, and it has the SIG logo attractively laser-etched on the polymer holster body.

Blackpoint labels this its Mini Wing IWB holster- it says so right on the box- but on the SIG website it's called the IWB Tactical holster, available for full-size and compact P320s for $90. Right- and left-hand models are available.

The holster body is a polymer shell and comes up high enough in back to protect your body from the gun and vice versa. The "mini wing" name comes from the small leather wings fore and aft of the holster. The belt clips are attached to these wings, and because the wings are made of leather, they flex to better conform to the curve of the wearer's body.

The belt clips are polymer and can be mounted high or low on the leather wings. Or you can mount one high and one low to cant the holster. Two sets of clips are included with the holster for 1.25- and 1.5-inch belts.

SIG was extremely smart regarding the 320's sights; the sight cuts are the same as on the venerable P226, which has been around for decades. Just about everybody who makes aftermarket sights offers a set that fits the SIG P226, meaning it'll fit the P320.

SIG itself offers standard three-dot steel sights, tritium-insert night sights, TruGlo Tritium Fiber Optic (TFO) front sights and tall suppressor night sights for the P320. When I customized my SIG P320 Compact I installed a set of SIG's XRay3 night sights. These are SIG's answer to the well-respected Trijicon HD sights and feature a plain black rear sight with tritium inserts on either side of the notch. You have your choice of either a round-bottomed or square rear notch.

The front sight has a tritium insert, around which is a large fluorescent green circle for high visibility during daylight use.

What in many handguns might be the polymer frame of the pistol in the P320 is just the grip module. The actual serialized part is the stainless steel chassis inside the grip module. If you want to swap out your grip module for one that is a different color, girth (small, medium and large) or size (full size or compact length), it takes only a few seconds and no tools. Grip modules are available from the SIG store for $44 apiece.

The trigger itself can be removed from the pistol without using any tools. Apex Tactical ( offers replacement trigger bows for the P320. These are easy to install in just a few minutes without any special tools. I put one of the firm's flat-faced triggers on my SIG P320 Compact.

SIG Sauer for years has been working hand-in-hand with Bruce Gray and Grayguns (, which is considered by many to be the top custom gunsmithing company specializing in SIGs. It has a number of upgrades available for the P320.

Trigger pull weight on the P320 averages about seven pounds. The Grayguns PELT (Practical Enhanced Leverage Trigger) trigger for the P320 features a replacement trigger bow (curved or flat), trigger bar spring and heavy-duty extended sear housing pin. It reduces overtravel and the trigger pull weight on the P320 by about two pounds. A version of this Grayguns trigger upgrade can be found in SIG's new X-Five competition pistol.

Grayguns might be the first gunsmith to offer trigger jobs for the P320. Its Competition Action Package, done in-house, will bring the trigger pull on your P320 down to about 3.5 pounds while still keeping it drop-safe.

Competition shooters years ago realized that lighter recoil springs helped reduce muzzle bounce during rapid fire without harming pistol frames, but the P320, like many new pistol designs, features a captured recoil spring. Grayguns is just one of many companies selling a replacement steel guide rod for the full-size P320 that accepts 1911 recoil springs, so you can tailor your recoil spring weight to your personal preference.

The SIG P320 is still a youngster in gun design terms- at least compared to iconic platforms like the 1911- and the number of accessories and aftermarket upgrades is only going to increase.

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