Para-Ordnance CCW

Para-Ordnance CCW

Para trims a bit here and a bit there to make a more concealed-carry-friendly pistol.

The Para-Ordnance CCW is a more compact version of the full-size, single-column LDA pistols chambered for the .45 ACP.

Para-Ordnance is one of the relatively few handgun manufacturers that introduce new models on a regular basis. The company's latest offering is called the CCW, which as its name implies, is intended as a concealed carry weapon.

Regular readers of HANDGUNS are quite familiar with Para- Ordnance. For those who are not, the firm is based in Scarborough, Ontario and is best known for its double-stack, high-capacity 1911s, which were introduced in 1990. More recently Para made news with the LDA series of pistols, the first successful double-action 1911 design. One of the latest variations of the LDA is the CCW.

The CCW is chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge and externally looks like a stainless steel 1911. Internally, the pistol employs the Browning tilting-barrel, swinging -link system to lock the action during firing. It has the same controls as other 1911 pistols such as a slide stop, magazine catch and the thumb and grip safety.

In terms of size, the CCW has a Commander-length slide and barrel on an Officer's-size frame. The single-column magazine holds seven rounds. The pistol has Para-Ordnance's superb LDA double-action trigger, which has one of the lightest and smoothest trigger cocking pulls of any pistol being made today. Other features include low-profile, high-visibility, Novak-style fixed sights, a bobbed hammer and checkered wood grips. The metal is all stainless steel construction except for the mainspring housing, which is made of a very rugged black polymer material.


The CCW received for evaluation came in the usual plastic case with a manual, the obligatory trigger lock and fired case, as well as a barrel-bushing wrench, Allen wrench for the grip screws and a small tube of lubricant. The pistol displayed the high quality of workmanship that I have come to expect from the company.

The exterior surfaces have a satin, matte finish. The barrel/slide/frame fit was tight with all parts functioning smoothly when the action was cycled for loading.

Smallest Largest Average
Black Hills 230-gr. FMC 3 3/8 4 3/8 3 1/2
Winchester Personal Defense 230-gr. JHP 3 3/8 4 3 3/8
Winchester Personal Defense 230-gr. SXT 3 1/2 4 1/2 3 1/2
NOTE: Shooting consisted of three, 5-shot strings shot from a seated bench rest at 25 yards.


I found that the grip fit my hand very well providing a firm, comfortable hold that enabled the trigger and all the controls to be easily accessed. The trigger had the usual smooth, light pull that measured around five pounds.


I shot the pistol on a pleasant, cool, sunny day in March at the Petersen Ranch range. I have shot quite a few Para-Ordnance pistols in recent months and without exception, all have delivered impressive performances. I am pleased to report that this CCW model was no exception.

As usual, I shot the pistol for accuracy from a bench at 25 yards using my BenchMaster rest. As can be seen from the accompanying chart, it delivered good combat accuracy with all of the ammunition--shooting groups that averaged just over three inches.

The fixed sights were very well regulated, grouping pretty much to my point of aim. The excellent and light double-action trigger was no handicap to accuracy, feeling more like a single action with a lot of pre-travel.

My sample pistol did have a four-in-one tendency, shooting four shots clustered in a tight group with a single flyer. This had the effect of spoiling what would have been excellent groups of less than three inches and in several cases, less than two.

On the combat range the CCW performed just as well, keeping all 10 shots within the nine-ring of the B27 target center. Of these, eight were in the 10-ring. During this exercise the pistol proved to be very pleasant to shoot displaying very little recoil. This, combined with its excellent, trigger, sights and comfortable grip helped contribute to fast, accurate shooting.

Para-Ordnance CCW

Maker: Para-Ordnance Action Type: Locked breech semi-automatic pistol with double-action trigger
Caliber: .45 ACP Capacity: 7+1
Barrel Length: 4 1/4 inches
Overall Length: 7 3/4 inches
Weight: 36 ounces
Sights: Fixed 3-dot
Grips: Checkered wood
Finish: Matte stainless
Price: $939



The CCW performed flawlessly with all of the ammunition. I did experience one incident where my thumb knuckle inadverten

tly caused the safety to be applied while shooting a string of fast shots. This occurs quite frequently to me with speed-type thumb safeties. A slight altering of my grip resolved the problem.

I found this CCW Para-Ordnance to be a very well made, reliable, good-shooting, double-action pistol that is well suited for concealed carry in a suitable holster.

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