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Hornady Critical Defense Ammo

by J. Scott Rupp   |  June 29th, 2011 33

Scott Rupp covers the Hornady Critical Defense round and its effectiveness for personal defense.

  • Gary Howard

    Very good ammo. Very consistent in expansion.

  • Dave

    Less recoil puts you back on target quicker. They are expensive to practice with, but I always have a full clip of these loaded in my nightstand and my carry weapon.

  • http://yahoo Vince

    I have these in both of my carry guns in 9mm and 40 . They are all I will ever carry. There good, real good !

    • John

      Yep, those roaming jugs of urine are nasty suckers.

  • Denny

    Looks like nice ammo. Will have to pick some up. It'll be extra good if I ever get attacked by a jug full of urine.

  • Gary

    I consistently recommend this ammunition to my friends and students to use in personal protection, especially in .380 ACP and 9mm. I use it in my concealed carry 9mm Glock 17. After not being able to find it for a while, it now seems to be readily available.

  • Randy

    I have it for all of my personal protection handguns. Please be sure to shoot a few rounds to have a feel for it's recoil. Also be sure to shoot off the top round in your magazine if you keep it loaded all the and/or remove and reinsert the magazine alot.

  • Phil

    i dont use Hornady products anymore ever since i found out they downloaded/underpower their civilian stuff compared to their LEO line of stuff….Hornady should be ashamed of themselves for doing some liberal crap like that

    • Scott E. Mayer

      Phil, that is total bunk that can be proven false by anyone with a chronograph. For example, the only difference between the TAP FPD 124-gr. 9mm and the "civilian" XTP 124-gr. 9mm is that the TAP FPD has nickel-plated cases–same bullet–same muzzle velocity. Same deal with the .45 ACP +P 200-gr TAP FPD and "civilian" .45 ACP +P 200-gr. XTP.

      • Don

        Well said Scott, I concur absolutely with you on this

    • Al K

      Police and civilians have different ammo requirements. The police often have to go on the offensive, and the ability to shoot through drywall, windshields, and vehicle sheet metal is a requirement. Their ammo is therefore optimized for such situations, at the, admitted, expense of some expansion. Civilians, on the other hand, are generally responding to an immediate "face to face" threat. Hornady Critical Defense ammo has been optimized for such situations. I want ammo that will expand every time, at "contact" range, and tests indicate that the Hornady Critical Defense performs that task, with great consistancy. All you LEO "wanna be's", should just go buy the FBI "tested & approved" ammo. After all, wasn't it their "issue" ammo that, unfortunately, got two FBI agents killed out in the CA shoot out a while back? Sometimes, the private sector knows more that the government. Think about it….

      • Redrider

        Hornady has that covered, too, with their "Critical Duty" line of ammo made specifically for the needs of law enforcement. But civilians can also purchase it at their favorite gun shop.

    • ckerst

      Sounds more like raising the profit margin in a free market than anything liberal. This is why you conservatives sound like idiots to anyone that pays attention. No, I'm not a troll, I'm a gun owner.

      • Kevin

        At least we didn't vote for that egotistical gutter fudge that's in the white house.

        • Anti Kevin

          Wow you're an idiot. And I am a republican. Leave that crap for political boards.

  • Kyle

    I shoot often, but not hundreds a rounds a trip three or four times a week. Mine is usually a couple of guns and a total of a hundred rounds, once every couple of weeks. My opinion is that most, not all HP/SD rounds can kill. Every new round that hits the market does not sell me any different. But I do enjoy the videos. Thanks. <

  • Todd Watkins

    I decided to do my own nonscientific study. I used my little .380 with Critical Defense Ammo and my 9mm with standard hollow points. The Critical Defense in .380 penetrated an old muffler with an Army jacket wrapped around it. The standard 9mm & .380 hollow points only dented the muffler. Of course, Critical Defense in 9mm also penetrated. I needed to know for myself.

  • Ed

    The Hornady Critical Defense round is a .380 or a 9mm is what makes concealed carry with these weapons just as worthy as with larger caliber weapons. I have a couple of very nice .45 ACP handguns which are, of course. primo for self defense, but they are also too huge for most CCW situations except in cool weather if you live in hot country. The Hornady round lets me carry my Glock 19, Glock 26, or my Ruger LCP .380 handguns with confidence, knowing that improvements in bullets have pretty well covered the ability gap.

  • Jager

    I was always taught specific tools for specific jobs.My choice for carry ammo has always been Critical Defense.I'm not going to bet my life on anything less!

  • Bill

    Sigh. Hollow points are hollow points. They simply need to open enough to get them to stop in about 12-15 inches of dirt bag. It doesn't matter who makes them or what fancy name they put on them. Sierra and Speer make some very good traditional open hollow points as to several other makers. In the end…there is NO magic bullet and it doesn't matter what caliber you shot your assailant with. Handguns are all weak pathetic tools that are supposed to be a secondary form of defense to allow you to fight your way to your 12 Gauge shotgun or your battle rifle. So…since handguns are weak and puny in comparison to real weapons…you are going to have to do YOUR job and place shots in lethal areas. A CNS hit with ANY bullet….lead, Depleted Uranium, Copper jacketed titanium or the magic Critical Defense will do the job. It is a lot of hype guys…Any quality bullet, from a quality maker, pushed to a reasonable speed (+P NOT required) AND shot accurately will do the trick. LOTS of magic bullets at extreme velocity will not do the job of one plain jane standard velocity quality bullet. The choice is yours….and my money goes to Corbon. They use quality bullets, loaded to the upper end of standard SAAMI specs and they are accurate from all my pistols. Good stuff in a basic box.

    A shooter shouldn't walk any taller or feel better armed with one bullet in his / her gun….over another. A shooter should feel better armed with skill and ability to put his / her ammo in a vital zone with proficiency. Save your money that you would spend on the latest greatest special ammo….and buy practice ammo for the range. In the end….it is the skills and determination of the shooter….not the bullet.

  • bjeffv

    45 wouldnt cycle in my 1911. Use it in my 380 tho.

  • Howard

    If there is answer it's PROFICIENCY .

  • Jay

    Ok, I just purchased the tap 45 FPD they seem to shoot well.

    But I am shooting targets up the holler, ( in the woods in my backyard), KY what can I say) What brand wil give me the best bang for my buck I want knock down from my glock 30.

  • Kevin

    RE: What Bill said…

    Poor bill regards handguns as "weak" and "puny" My money says if you stick the barrel of a Raging Bull in his mouth and cock the hammer, he'll re-evaluate his standing. (and pee in his knickers of course)

  • Warren

    Hornady Critical Defense is my choice in all my handguns.

    • Jason Sorensen

      Why hasn't Hornady offered this amazing cartrige in 357 Sig, as many law enforcement agencies use this round for it's penetrating power?

  • Josh

    Too much marketing nonsense! I'm still going with WWB or Remington .38/.357 125gr SJHP in the summer, FMJ in the winter!

  • Jason

    I wonder how many signed names on a petition would convince Hornady to make a 357 Sig in Critical Defense?

    • Sgt. A

      You can get it exclusively at Cabela's

  • http://www HERB

    YOU learn through practice what your you best knock down power is and you use it, forget all the hype practice on saving what you love–keep shoting.

  • Brian

    I can only find it once in a while in 9mm. But I carry the 38spl in a LCR357.

  • thomas

    How about practice practice a22 cal. Shot pin pointed direct to your nasel cavity see if you get up a a navy seal to not shoot you with the hk mp5 9mm i carry a 45acp with any load that goes bang but im precision oreinted

  • Joe Daddy

    Kevin, I bet a BB Gun would have the same effect. LOL , Joe Daddy

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