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SIG Sauer Mosquito Review

by Stan Trzoniec

It’s nice to see a semiautomatic that mimics its full-size counterpart. Placing the SIG Sauer Mosquito alongside a P226, it’s… more »


Carrying a Pocket Pistol

by Richard Nance

Any gun is better than no gun. Such is the premise of carrying a pocket pistol. After all, if you… more »


Walther CCP 9mm Review

by James Tarr

There is no doubt the CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) is a Walther. Current Walther handguns have a distinct look to… more »


CZ P07 Review

by James Tarr

I know a lot of savvy gun people who are big fans of CZ pistols, but they focus on the… more »


Reloading Techniques for Your Handgun

by Richard Nance

To the recreational shooter, reloading a handgun is not cause for great concern, but for the competitive or defensive handgunner,… more »


Review: Ruger SP101 Novak

by Patrick Sweeney

This is the 21st century—the age of polymer pistols and digital apps, of cars with more computing power than NASA… more »


Review: Walther PPQ M2 5-Inch

by Paul Scarlata

In 2011 Walther introduced the PPQ (Polizei Pistole Quick Defense). An update of the P99, the Walther PPQ featured a… more »


Firearms Training or Trends?

by Dave Spaulding

I often scratch my head at the current state of combative firearms training in the United States. In times past,… more »


First Look: Nighthawk/Korth Revolver Series

by Handguns Online Staff

At the 2016 NRA Show, Nighthawk Custom announced that it had teamed up with famed German gunmaker Korth to bring… more »


Dressing for Concealed Carry

by Richard Nance

It’s amazing to me how poorly many of my fellow police officers conceal their off-duty gun. It’s as though they… more »


Skill Drills: Mad Half Minute

by Dave Spaulding

The Mad Half Minute drill is the creation of Special Forces veteran Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions and is designed to… more »


Review: Smith and Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum

by Joseph von Benedikt

In his 1977 book History of Smith & Wesson—considered by many to be the definitive work on the company—Roy Jinks… more »


Ed Brown Special Forces Carry 1911 Review

by James Tarr

I recently examined reproductions of John Browning’s patent application drawings for what ultimately became the 1911 and was reminded that… more »


Review: Lionheart LH9 MKII

by Jim Grant

Impressed with the German Walther P38s encountered during the Second World War, military thinkers were already leaning towards the trend… more »


Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380 Review

by James Tarr

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 was introduced a few years ago in tandem with the Bodyguard .38 revolver. The… more »


Problems with a Truck Gun

by Walt Rauch

A truck gun can be practical when you must travel in and out of jurisdictions where concealed carry is prohibited… more »


15 in 10 Drill

by Dave Spaulding

Created by former Special Forces veteran Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions, the 15 in 10 Drill tests a shooter’s ability to… more »


Liberty Ammo Civil Defense Review

by Patrick Sweeney

When we make some advancement in technology, engineering or mathematics, the natural reaction is to run wild with it and… more »


Diamondback DB FS Nine Review

by Paul Scarlata

It seems that shooters worldwide have an appreciation for polymer-frame pistols, and regardless of how many models are on the… more »


Review: Remington RM380

by James Tarr

Sales of pocket pistols continue to be healthy because the concealed carry movement is getting stronger as more and more… more »