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Lethal vs. Less-Lethal: Should You Carry Both?

by Richard Nance

“I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it… more »


The Best Holiday Handgun Gifts for 2014

by Handguns Online Staff

The holidays are back again, and odds are you have to buy gifts for friends and family who share your… more »


VOTE: Handguns for 2014 Sportsman Choice Awards

by Handguns Online Staff

The Sportsman Channel is continuing to recognize the best programs in outdoor television with its annual Sportsman Choice Awards —… more »


Should You Modify Your Carry Gun?

by James Tarr

The old “9mm vs .45” controversy is pretty much dead these days, but there are still a few subjects that… more »


Rare Colt Revolvers up for Auction

by Handguns Online Staff

Those who have wanted to own an extraordinary historical firearm may get the chance. A number of rare, cased and… more »


New .22 TCM Pistols From Rock Island Armory

by Handguns Online Staff

Rock Island Armory (RIA) has started distributing four new additions to its .22 TCM 1911 family of pistols. The four… more »


Low Light Defensive Pistol Tactics

by Handguns Online Staff

When an attempted robbery or home invasion occurs in the late-night hours, a flashlight is an excellent tool to help… more »


Carry Gun Maintenance Tips

by James Tarr

You’ve got your CCW, a reliable pistol that you’ve practiced with and premium defensive ammo. All you need to do… more »


12 Great New Duty Holsters for 2014

by Brad Fitzpatrick

A quality duty holster is a necessity for law enforcement and those who carry outside the waistband (OWB). OWB holsters come in many… more »


SIG Sauer P227 Review

by Patrick Sweeney

If you were to cruise the Internet for even a little while, you’ll find that Navy SEALs not only swim… more »

Federal Premium HST 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP loads pictured with fully expanded bullets.

6 Reasons Defensive Ammo is Better Than Ever

by James Tarr

Contrary to what your grandparents might tell you, the best things are not all behind us. Modern materials and machining… more »


The Best .380 Pistols Right Now

by Handguns Online Staff

Handguns chambered in .380 ACP often come into question for their lack of power compared to that of larger cartridges used… more »


Introducing Blackhawk Serpa Holster for 3.3-inch Springfield XD-S

by Handguns Online Staff

Blackhawk has expanded its Serpa holster line to include a model built for use with the Springfield Armory XD-S in… more »


Ruger’s Free Ammo & Mag Giveaway

by Handguns Online Staff

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. has launched their Ruger Free Ammo & Mag Giveaway. The promotion allows anyone purchasing any… more »


The 5 'C's of Concealed Carry

by Dusty Gibson

One of the most enduring questions in the shooting community remains: “What’s the best gun for concealed carry?” People ask… more »


How to Zero a Handgun Laser

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Twenty-five years ago, the idea of mounting a laser optic on a handgun seemed radical, and laser sights were largely… more »


At the Range: S&W M&P Bodyguard 380

by Handguns Online Staff

In the world of concealed carry guns, Smith & Wesson does it all with snub nose revolvers, compacts, subcompacts and single stacks…. more »


9 Great Long Slide 9mms

by Brad Fitzpatrick

The market for compact handguns is booming, but a growing number of guns are also going the other direction. Long slide… more »


New Personal Defense Ammo for 2014

by James Tarr

With all of the advancements in modern defensive ammunition, it’s easy to forget that we’re talking about something very simple:… more »


Making Major with Hodgdon CFE Powder

by Brad Miller, Ph.D.

IPSC and USPSA Open Division shooters will find the new Hodgdon CFE Pistol gunpowder (CFE) of interest. The double base spherical… more »