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SIG Sauer 1911 Fastback Carry Review

by Paul Scarlata   |  February 15th, 2013 2

At four inches, the barrel is between a Commander and an Officer’s model, a combination that provides concealability, good handling and decent ballistics.

SIG Sauer entered the highly competitive 1911 market in 2004 with the 1911GSR, one of the first 1911s to come from the factory with an integral rail for mounting lights and lasers. Now the company has come up with a 1911 designed specifically for concealed carry: the Fastback Carry.

Even though some feel the 1911 is too large and heavy for concealed carry, its relatively narrow cross section permits it to be easily concealed under suitable attire. And with the proper holster and belt it can be carried comfortably for extended periods of time. However, the bottom of the mainspring housing forms a sharp angle that often prints under clothing. It also tends to gouge the wearer in the ribs when getting in or out of chairs or automobiles.

To rectify this, SIG Sauer rounded off the bottom of the frame and the mainspring housing. This reduces the grip signature and lessens the chances of it gouging while retaining the same feel and control of the 1911 platform.

The frame and slide are machined from stainless steel with a Nitron finish. The ejection port has been lowered and flared so spent cases get out of the way reliably, and the low-mount Siglite night sights provide a fast sight picture and target acquisition in any light.

Sharply cut grasping grooves (even on the rear sight) provide a firm purchase for chambering rounds or clearing malfunctions. As do all SIG Sauer 1911s, the Fastback Carry has an external extractor.

The trigger guard is undercut to allow a high grip while the frontstrap boasts 30 lpi checkering for a nonslip purchase. The slide stop, magazine release and thumb safety are all moderately extended for positive manipulation, and the beavertail grip safety greatly improves recoil control. The long aluminum trigger can be adjusted for overtravel, and the skeletonized hammer provides a faster lock time.

The lower section of the pistol is finished off with a set of attractive rosewood double-diamond grips that are sharply checkered to improve handling and recoil control.

The four-inch match-grade stainless steel barrel is unique in that it splits the difference between the traditional Commander-size pistol (4.25 inches) and the Officer’s model (3.5 inches).

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