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Pistol Preview: New Handguns for 2013

by J. Scott Rupp   |  February 5th, 2013 5

This roundup of new handguns was assembled shortly before Christmas, and you can bet my wish list grew by leaps and bounds as I worked on it. As is common most years, the new guns in this preview are typically refinements of existing models, which is a good thing because a lot of us look at Gun X and think “Boy, if they’d just add such and such, it would be perfect for me.”

Here’s a look at some of the best new handguns for 2013.

  • Jeff A.

    Why is the new Ruger Commander-Style (SR1911CMD) being ignored by all the gun publications this year? It's big brother (SR1911) was not covered by any of the annual publications I have for 2011 that has new guns for the year. Where's the love…? It is a great weapon and a pleasure to shoot!!!

    • Pat

      What good is all the hype if you can’t get Ruger products?

  • opar5

    Nice selection, but since no Boberg arms are mentioned (XR9-S or XR9-L), it is sadly incomplete. No gun-writer has even reviewed these remarkable little pistols for any of the magazines I subscribe to or buy individually.

  • Gun Holsters Unlimit

    Really, Found Great information and Nice Collection of New Handguns for 2013. I love all, but wanna one. Just waiting for Smith & Wesson Model 41. Immense Firearms and I am so happiness to shoot!!!

  • The Ultimate Farter

    I don’t know if I am the only one, but I have been a Glock-a-holic for years, but times are changing. I have found that the Smith and Wesson M&P line to be a much more solid, and accurate offering than the Glock pistols. They are just as reliable, in fact, out of three firearms I still have not had a malfunction. I like the way these pistols feel in my hand, the overall ergonomics are fantastic. They also fire any ammo you run through them. I like the fact that they are built in the US, and its amazing that they are less expensive than Glocks, when I am positive they cost more to build. I like the trigger better, and recoil/muzzle flip seems to be less with the Smith as well. I never thought I would write a comment of this nature, and always snubbed pistols that were not Glock, but Glock better watch out because in my experience, these pistols are better shooters than any Glock offering. If you have not tried one, you need to get ahold of one. As soon as you pick it up you will notice the more natural feel, that Glock strays away from, and they are solid as a rock, but not heavy. I have talked with many people at the range/store, which is an enourmous place with many members, and there is alot of talk about these guns. Alot of guys I know are picking up these M&P’s instead of Glocks now. Like I said old Gaston better watch his ass, because he is going to lose some sales, as word spreads about these finely crafted semi-autos. I think they are the best striker fired pistols on the market right now.

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