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8 Popular Drop-In Glock Mods

by Dusty Gibson   |  July 17th, 2013 16

Gaston Glock never intended to create “perfection”.

Instead, the curtain-rod engineer with a background in synthetic polymers wanted to design a sidearm to meet strict criteria desired by the Austrian military for its next service pistol.

Glock’s first firearm design was also his 17th patent—the now famous 9x19mm Glock 17—which won the Austrian contract in 1982 and soon became the most commonly used handgun in the world. In fact, the Glock 17 remains a standard-issued sidearm of NATO.

Millions of people trust their lives to the reliability of Glock pistols, but popularity and perfection are mutually exclusive goals. Since there’s no perfect way to satisfy every operator, folks tailor the polymer platform to fit their own unique objectives. From night sights to triggers and anything in between, there are likely more ways to customize your Glock than there are for a plastic surgeon to reconstruct your face.

While some modifications require an experienced gunsmith, the average shooter can install most parts in just minutes. Determined to improve upon the “perfect” plastic pistol, I set out to find and test the most popular drop-in Glock mods available today.

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  • DustyG223

    How do you customize your Glock, and why?

    • MrApple

      Put on good quality night sights, the factory extended slide release, and the rubberized Talon grips and then your done.

      • DustyG223

        What are your thoughts on adding a factory Glock extended slide stop lever from Competition models 34 and 35?

        • MrApple

          I don’t have any experience with either of those models. But from taking a quick look on the Glock website it appears as if those models already have the Glock factory extended slide stop. Let me be clear, I don’t think that you should use the slide stop to release the slide, not every time. You should pull the slide back and let it go; the pistol is designed to work this way. I just feel the standard slide stop on a Glock 17, 19, 26, and so on is barely usable with an average person’s thumb.

          • DustyG223

            That is correct, the 34 and 35 come with an extended slide stop which can be purchased separately as a replacement part for other Glock models, as illustrated in this article on the Glock 17.

          • Kevin

            True dat!

  • William Baker

    He didn’t intend to create perfection, which is impossible unless you think like a 5 year old, and luckily for him, no temporal paradox in the universe was created, since the glock is no wheres near perfection.

  • petru sova

    I agree about replacing the junk plastic sights but totally disagree with replacing the barrel.

    The factory barrel works just fine with cast bullets contrary to popular myth. If the bullets are properly sized the cast bullet loads are every bit as accurate as expensive jacketed bullets. The myth that the polygonal rifling will blow up with cast bullets is pure hog wash. Any type of rifling will accumulate lead and if it becomes severe enough will blow a gun up eventually. I have shot cast bullets out of Glocks, HK p30, Walther P99 and even Japanese shallow rifled Arisaka rifles with great accuracy and minimal leading. Just remember to clean your bore out after a days shooting.

    Do remember that Glock pistols and copy cat trigger systems on other brands are extremely dangerous pistols to handle as they have no manual safety. Always carry them in a hard shell holster, never in the waist band without a holster. Never lay a Glock or similar trigger system gun down loaded as anyone picking it up and not familiar with the no manual safety will probably promptly shoot himself or someone else. Picking a loaded one up in a hurry off of a table (as one Police Chief found out) can result in an accidental discharge as the Police Chief shot his finger off.

    • DustyG223

      Thanks for your thoughtful recommendations. Many folks do indeed shoot lead-cast bullets through their Glocks without experiencing problems. However, Glock specifically recommends only using jacketed ammunition, as seen here:

    • 1wise1

      Sorry must disagree with Mr. Sova. Glock clearly warns in all of its Armorer materials and manuals “Use of non-factory loaded ammunition or ammunition loaded with non jacketed (lead) bullets will void the warranty”.
      Would seem to me a wise person would spend 100 bucks for a Lone Wolf barrel and not take the chance.

      • Maldewka

        “Use of non-factory loaded ammunition or ammunition loaded with non jacketed (lead) bullets will void the warranty”.

        That also means you should never use handloads even if they are Jacketed bullets. It says OR not IF.

  • Fran McHugh

    The first thing I do with any new Glock is to add an extended slide release.

  • Mike Delles

    Simple and not costly mods to my glock that made a world of difference. First talon grips. Without a solid grip everything else is useless. Second was big dot sights. I don’t shot competition. I use mine as a daily carry. Target acquisition for me is easier with these sights. And last was a ghost trigger. Which took approximate 1 1/2 pounds off the trigger. And the rest was quicker. The other gentleman talking about the extended mag release sounds like a solid idea that I will probably add next.

  • Tracy Simeone

    After the sights you lost me, it’s not a slide release but a slide stop, just ask Gaston.

  • Daniel Joseph

    I bought talon grips after I heard everybody rave about them but the one I was sent wasn’t cut properly for my Glock 17. Or it had to have been cut for a different weapon. Didn’t realize this until I put it on then removed the now bent and mis-shapen $18 piece of skate board tape (they had the nerve to charge me for grips they put their stupid logo on. They expected me to pay to advertise for them I would have emailed them to complain but I did not want another pair of your stupid grips). Ended up buying cut out traction grips off Amazon. They fit like a glove.

  • Douglas Maurer

    Actually all you numbskulls need to stop listen to all the internet bullshit. And I’m sure you’ve all seen this:

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