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9 Great Long Slide 9mm Pistols

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  August 12th, 2014 18

long_slide_9mm_pistolThe market for compact handguns is booming, but a growing number of guns are also going the other direction.

Long slide handguns are traditionally considered competition firearms for IPSC, IDPA and 3-gun contests, as their additional length offers improved accuracy and increased velocities. We’re also seeing a number of non-competitive shooters buying long slide guns for target shooting and home defense.

Whether you’re looking for another target pistol or planning to compete on a national level, there’s never been a better time to be in the market for a lengthy 9mm. Long slide 9mm handguns come in a variety of configurations, from single-action 1911s to polymer-frame, striker-fire guns.

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Here’s a look at some of the best long slide 9mm pistols available today:

  • Kirk Mosslock

    Long Slide 9mm pistols that very interesting. I remember in some movie had long 9mm pistols. Could it be powerful then 44& 357magnum. Never be powerful then 44 semi Automatic Desert Eagle


      Can try write English good?

  • James

    What, what a detailed article. Super. The best I have read for ages.

  • abag

    Artical missed the best Long Slides on the market The Glock 17L and Glock 24 6″ 9 and 40 cals.. Great guns

    • open

      My Glock 24 started life as a 40 cal. It ran several hundred thousand rounds of 357 Sig. Currently it is using 9 mm major because I did not need all of the power of 357 Sig for the competition shooting and the magazine for 9 mm holds more rounds. All of this has been possible using drop in barrels and available magazines with no gunsmithing.

  • Shooter Guy

    How is a 5 inch 1911 a “Long Slide” pistol? And why don’t they list the barrel length of most of these guns? Wasn’t that the point? Poorly written and not well thought out.

  • town22

    Have a Tisas Turkish 1911 9mm GI ($400), and shoots real close to my 1911 .45 ACP ($1300). Yes, I did put in better sights and nine are cheaper. No stretch; when I dig in; five shots in the black; NRA AP-2 Target 25 feet. Maybe I got lucky with this cheap 9?

  • Nu3ga

    ? Sounds like a list made by a new shooter, or someone using google.

  • Glenn Jodopeg

    This list is BullShit,,, what about the Beretta 92F, the Browning Hi-Power MK3, or the Glock17…?…!


      They are not longslides.

      • Glenn Jodopeg

        The Beretta 92F is not a long slie …?,, it’sas long as a 45…

        • ZENPATRIOT

          The 1911 did not belong on that list, as 5″ is standard length; a 6″ barrel would be a longslide. You can purchase longer-than-standard barrels for the Beretta, but they do not sell a longslide model.

  • gobs1

    where is the specs for the Sig?

  • gobs1

    G.Jodopeg a longslide Hi Power?? where??


  • rossman

    Have a Glock 17L and I love it but don’t think they still make the ‘L’ version of the 17 anymore.

  • CaptainGroovy

    Typical G&A article just went back and grabbed the last “long slide” guns they reviewed as a result they missed some good pistols or pistols that better fit the description of “long slide”.

  • Sergio Reinert

    What about the tanfoglio gold match?

  • byron

    After 16 different pistols, Two decades, and a ton of ammo I can definitely say I prefer 9mm. Barretta 92, Glock 34, and Walther P99 are my top picks. Being left handed is a major decider. Good article and I was glad to see the Walther PPQ M2 5″ as it will be my next competition pistol.

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