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Comfy Carry: Solutions to Common Carry Problems

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  April 21st, 2014 19

During the course of several interviews I conducted with concealed carry permit holders, I found that a surprisingly low percentage of those licensed to conceal a firearm actually carry a gun more than a few times a year. I was shocked by the statistic, but not by the cause of their apprehension. The two primary reasons that permit holders didn’t carry were that they couldn’t find a carry method that suited them and were afraid that someone would recognize they were carrying a firearm.

Finding a comfortable method of carry is a challenge for many people, both new and experienced. With so many different firearms, holster options and body shapes, it can be very tough to find a rig that works for you on a daily basis. Holsters that are uncomfortable may keep shooters from carrying, and not carrying makes a CCW permit pretty much worthless. The first step to having that firearm on hand is being able to carry it in a manner that doesn’t cause discomfort.

This list of solutions to common carry problems will give you the confidence to pack that sidearm in comfort. Being able to carry comfortably means you’ll carry more often, and carrying more often means you’re more likely to have a firearm standing by when you need it most.

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