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Comfy Carry: Solutions to Common Carry Problems

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  April 21st, 2014 19

During the course of several interviews I conducted with concealed carry permit holders, I found that a surprisingly low percentage of those licensed to conceal a firearm actually carry a gun more than a few times a year. I was shocked by the statistic, but not by the cause of their apprehension. The two primary reasons that permit holders didn’t carry were that they couldn’t find a carry method that suited them and were afraid that someone would recognize they were carrying a firearm.

Finding a comfortable method of carry is a challenge for many people, both new and experienced. With so many different firearms, holster options and body shapes, it can be very tough to find a rig that works for you on a daily basis. Holsters that are uncomfortable may keep shooters from carrying, and not carrying makes a CCW permit pretty much worthless. The first step to having that firearm on hand is being able to carry it in a manner that doesn’t cause discomfort.

This list of solutions to common carry problems will give you the confidence to pack that sidearm in comfort. Being able to carry comfortably means you’ll carry more often, and carrying more often means you’re more likely to have a firearm standing by when you need it most.


    Being in Oklahoma I am afforded the ability to open carry and generally do so. I also travel to Phoenix where my step daughter lives and open carry there as well as along the way in New Mexico. I use a BlackHawk SERPA positive retention holster that is at an FBI cant and pulled tight to my side and on top of that my forearm rests across it while I walk.

    I cringe when I have got to Texas and conceal due to the added discomfort the biggest thing I have found to help is making sure my belt isn’t too tight to hold everything and my IWB holster is at a point where it sits very near my front right pocket. In this way even if you can see something it blends in with the stuff in my pocket anyway. I also tend to wear a t-shirt or polo/henley untucked and often times toss an unbuttoned dress shirt or Hawaiian shirt over top if I am not wearing a jacket.

    But either way I ALWAYS carry, doesn’t matter if I am in the house, walking the dog, pumping gas, grabbing milk at the store or going to the gym. If I can have my weapon with me it is plain and simple.

  • WaltherJJR

    Why is there no mention of .380 in the pants pocket??? The LCP and the S&W Bodyguard sit in the pocket in a Desantis holster with no print. After a few hours you don’ know they are there. You can do this with dress pants and a tucked in dress shirt! Most of the ideas here would NOT work in the summer unless you love sweat dripping off your holster and soaking your socks/waistband.

    • Klingon00

      For me, pocket carry is one of the most comfortable and best concealed method I’ve tried yet. My Shield 9mm in a Desantis holster does the trick and I never leave home without it nor feel any trepidation of feeling any pain/discomfort as with other methods.

    • Chris Dotson

      I use a regular belt holster on a belt around my waist. Then I put my pants over the belt and hand gun. With a different belt on the pants. Also have been using ankle holster for 20 years. One on each foot. I’m carrying three handguns that way. One in a under the shirt shoulder holster makes 4 handguns. To many gang members around. Need the protection if one or more handguns malfunction. All the same caliber. Carry what is in handgun plus 40 rounds extra. (9MM).

      • WaltherJJR

        Please….are you serious? Do you live in Iraq or Afghanistan? Sooo you are carrying about 6-7 lbs. of firearms in the middle of summer in 90 degree heat and you NO issues? You sir, are either Superman or Walter Mitty.

        • Chris Dotson

          I do not know who walter mitty is?? At night it is not 90 degrees outside. It might be where you live. I sleep during the day. I’m one of those people that work and play after 4 PM. sleep 7am to 2Pm. So walther what does your comment mean. That your a unemployed fool. Not every ones life style are the same. Yes it is still hot at 10 PM. I would rather be protected than wishing after the fact that I should have been. Laws protect the kiddies and they love their guns. I have no problem defending myself from 4 or 5 teen agers trying to make a name for themselves.

          • Cpt, MP

            I worked OC cases in 1 of most dangerous US city. I always carried 2. 1 of my team – always carry 4 – 2 on belt, 1 sm back, 1 ankle. (Pocket carry was not invented yet). God blessed his back after 10 yrs. But we expect gun fight any time in the field. Do not know where Mr. C. Dotson from. If you carry 2 ankle guns, just try to run up a stair case in the mall. DoD had one times prohibited their agents from using ankle carry. ( due to the difficulty of drawing). If I need 4 guns to protect me, I will certainly pack a AR 15 or MP 5 with at least 200 rd’s with a chest-pouch in my truck. Or, just stay out of the area ( that was why I chose to retire early _).

          • Chris Dotson

            You do not need to carry a TANK gun around with you on your Ankle. Two 9MM with 5 round mags each is enough. With 8 extra magazine for the two guns. Yes I used them heavily in the woods and Mountains. Crawling and Climbing over rocks. I also carry two Torso handguns has my main weapons. Either 10mm or 44 mag.. In town I carry just the two nines and 3 extra magazines for both guns. Since I’m always wearing a T-shirt. Where I live I’m more afraid of the 4 legged critters not the 2 legged kind. From your comment, I do not think you could stand a chance against a brown bear. Or a fast moving mountain lion. No matter how many handguns I carry in which area Mountains or city streets. I carry light so I can move fast. I do not carry 19 round monsters. Even My 44 mag is only 27oz’s. 5 rounds. The 10mm 34oz’s 14 rounds. but those two handguns are not meant for people protection.

      • 101nomad

        Where ever you are, I do not want to be there. My condolences.

      • Jj

        I think you have a little bit of paranoia going on , the media love guys like you .
        2 guns in the same caliber and a couple extra clips is pleanty. Take it from me someone whom has been dealing with bad guys for 30 plus years. It’s always better to retreat in most situations and wait for back up unless you have some sort of a complex . If you needed to move quickly 4 guns and ammo would slow you considerably .
        No offense please.

      • Rahu Ron

        I realize I’m 8 months late to the discussion, but maybe you’ll see this. Instead of so many handguns, have you considered an FN Five-Seven which would allow you 20 armor-piercing rounds in a single weapon? That’s about the equivalent of 2 – 2 1/2 handguns, and that without having to change weapons. If you have that, plus a fail-safe backup weapon (mine’s a 9mm Kimber Solo), should be sufficient. Seems to me that, if you haven’t won the battle before using up those 26 rounds, you’re probably in a physical condition where more bullets won’t help.

        • Chris Dotson

          The idea is to completely hide the weapons. The size of each handgun I carry you can put two in your jean pocket. They carry 6 rounds each or 5 on the wheel gun. I can walk into any place that does not have a metal detector. I repeat any place. Each handgun weighs 14 oz or less fully loaded. I do not carry a big monster of a handgun so I can go to the police station or bank fully armed. Schools that do not have metal detectors I can enter. My weapons are that small. Just like the 22 LR 5 shots that you can place inside the belt buckle. They are only good for 5 yards or less. But most of the time that is all you need. They are extremely hard to take away from you. You can hide them in the palm of your hand and are completely concealed. Cops ask you to hold your hands up. They need to start saying palms out also. In the mountains I carry the bigger stuff to protect myself from the 4 legged.

  • RogerDane

    Gee, sure covered “new” ground here… not! Ankle carry, wow… never heard of that. Get real and write something that has not been expressed ad nauseum over the past few years!


    I carry Kimber Pro Raptor II in IB by Uncle Mike (an inexpensive soft side holster with velcro retention strap) plus a LCP in pocket holster Both with Critical Def. ammo.


    Did I mention I’m in Cuomo land where conservatives are not welcome. So come and take it!

  • Crooner23

    I wear a Galco pocket holster that fits for my LCP .380. It’s leather and won’t try to come out with the gun when you need to use it.

  • Fred Smith

    For a number of recent years I’ve always carried an LCP in a Recluse front pocket holster. At work I wear pleated dress chinos and a tucked in dress shit, and carry every day. Guns are not permitted at my work, but my combination NEVER prints, and no one has ever even asked what is in my pocket.

    • Randy Adams

      You just gave your boss a name to recognize Fred.

  • avejoe1

    This is just one of the reasons I don’t conceal it.

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