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9 Great Concealed Carry Belts

by Brad Fitzpatrick   |  March 25th, 2014 51

It’s absolutely critical to have the right belt for concealed carry. Anyone who regularly draws from a holster knows a bad belt will impede the ability to properly pull the gun out in a dynamic situation.

Civilian dress belts are designed to be stylish and to perform one basic task; preventing the world from seeing your underpants. Department stores don’t design belts for carrying guns—but the companies on this list had concealed carry in mind when developing their belts. You only need to carry with a standard belt one time and then switch to a dedicated carry belt to understand the difference.

Concealed carry belts must be stylish, can’t show the world your drawers, and most importantly they must be strong enough to bear a holster and stiff enough not to bend, flex or stretch when drawing a sidearm.

Purpose-built concealed carry belts come in all styles and designs. From “practical tactical” to the polished professional look that would blend in on Fifth Avenue, no matter what you’re wearing, there’s a belt on this list that will work for you.

If you carry concealed with a belt not mentioned here, let us know why you like it in the comments below.

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