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Best New Personal Defense Handgun Ammo for 2014

by James Tarr   |  July 25th, 2014 14

With all of the advancements in modern defensive ammunition, it’s easy to forget that we’re talking about something very simple: throwing a piece of metal hard enough and fast enough to make bad guys reconsider their choices in life. Private citizens require the same performance from their ammo as does law enforcement — they need it to stop the threat.

Every year, manufacturers introduce new types of defensive ammo, and this year the introductions are many. We rounded up the best new personal defense ammunition for 2014 to keep your sidearms loaded with the latest and greatest.



  • MrApple

    I’ll stick with Speer Gold Dots and Federal HSTs.

  • SteveP

    I can’t believe you included that RIP nonsense gimmick ammo in this.
    Jeez, that’s pathetic.

    • Northman56

      You may be correct. But, exactly how do you know this? Do you have data or just a “loud” opinion?

    • JPKirkpatrick

      Arguably, the RIP ammo is very expensive, but I did put 100 rounds ($100) of the ammo through some testing on my personal range. If I am going to carry the ammo for my self defense use, I want to know what it will do. I shot the .380 ammo into concrete flat blocks (2.¼” thick) with homemade ballistic gel in gallon jugs behind it. the whole bullet exited the block and blew up (full petal expansion) in the gel. going 4½” into the gel. (my gel is from an online recipe that is a little stiffer gel).
      I compared it to Hornady’s XTP and Remington’s Gold Dots. Gold Dots went into the second jug with 100% expansion total gel penetration was 10″; the XTP rounds went into the second jug with 9¼” penetration and 80-90% expansion.

      The RIP ammo is designed to provide 7 knife-like barbs that will cut veins, arteries and muscles, with a small .32 caliber core projectile.

      So SteveP, say what you want, but unless you have tried and tested it, you are just blowing smoke and hyperbole. Fords are better than Chevies, and Dodges are better than Fords, no fact just fiction!

      • SteveP

        I don’t have to shoot it myself to know that it’s a hyped up gimmick. I’ve watched the videos and read the articles of other people who have shot it.
        I’ve also studied terminal ballistics and have a very good understanding of how bullets perform work. You obviously don’t.

        • JPKirkpatrick

          SteveP, nothing, NOTHING is better than hands on testing. You can read about things, you can watch videos but that does NOTHING but fool yourself into believing that you can do it. You can’t be an airline pilot by watching videos and reading books. YOU HAVE TO HAVE HANDS ON TRAINING. There is an old saying that describes idiots like you; “None are so blind as those who refuse to see” Your last statement is so full of holes that the bullshit is running out. No sense in trying to educate you, YOU ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING, YOU READ THE BOOK AND WATCHED THE VIDEO.
          And by the way, I have over 45 years of ballistics training for the military and civilian Law Enforcement, and that was from Hands on Training, not videos… Have to thank you SteveP, I have not laughed so hard in a long time… Videos… HAHAHAHA!

          Again: So SteveP, say what you want, but unless you have tried and tested it, you are just blowing smoke and hyperbole.

          • Steven Raye

            ballistic gelatin is not a god media for testing ammo…you want to find out how it really does in actual shooting, shoot a live pig at seven yards each time with different loads—pig of course pig has to be the same weight and about the same fat percentage (pigs like humans have different fat thickness) each time then check the cavitation, penetration and expansion. either that or find some perp to engage…now both of you shut up cause yahoos and wanna be gunslingers like you throw mud in people’s eyes.

          • Richard McRee

            Then you could grill the pigs!!!

          • SteveP

            There is a reason that bullets that stay in one piece continue to endure while gimmicks and fads come and go. (Glasers anyone?)
            Here’s a challenge for you Mr Hot-Shot Sooper Ballistician, Scale it up to a cartridge suitable for oh… a grizzly bear. Now go shoot one. You’ll learn very quickly why bullets that stay in one piece are required for dangerous animals.
            Make sure your life insurance is paid up first.
            You’re not as smart as you want everyone to believe.

          • Timothybean

            Be nice

          • name

            Calm down bud everything will be okay. We all know that you know everything.

          • SteveP

            Far from it. But I do know enough about terminal ballistics to recognize nonsense and ignorance when I see it, and to learn from the work of others.

  • Scott Ritchie

    Say you shoot someone in self defense using the RIP round, and the District Attorney thinks there is a question about whether your actions were reasonable and charges you with a crime. The DA will likely put up a screen in the courtroom and show the jury a picture of the RIP round as well as a picture of the round after it was dug out of the ballistic gelatin. Then imagine the effect on the various soccer moms, grannies, government workers, and gay guys who will likely be on the jury, when he tries to convince them that you bought these rounds knowing what they can do, and loaded them in your gun that you were just chomping at the bit to use on someone like the guy that you shot.

    • Ofc Ben

      Best thing to do is find out what your local PD carries, and use it. “If it’s good enough for the police, it’s good enough for me.”


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