A Turkish Firearms Tour -- A Day of Shooting: Day 4

A Turkish Firearms Tour -- A Day of Shooting:  Day 4
The K2 is a CZ-75 styled pistol scaled up for the .45 ACP cartridge. Designed to take Para magazines, it holds 14+1 rounds, can be carried cocked and locked, and is available now through EAA with an MSRP of $592

I've been to ranges in a lot of places, and you never know what you're going to get.  I was interested to see what kind of range we'd be shooting at in Turkey.  We piled into our Tahoe at the plant and our hosts jumped into a Ford Mondeo with an assortment of pistols and shotguns pulled off the line, and we drove about fifteen minutes out into the country to a private range.

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I said in an earlier post that Turkey really reminded me of Italy, and nowhere was that resemblance stronger than at the range.  Sitting near the top of a hillside looking over rolling, terraced green fields, all the houses I could see had red tile roofs, and the gentlemen busting clays on the trap line were all shooting Perazzis.

We had to chase a small herd of cows off the pistol range.  The cows provide an added benefit (short grass), but not without cost (occasional piles of what used to be grass after it had been processed through the cows' digestive systems).

If we had expressed a desire to shoot something, our hosts brought one or three along. Sarsilmaz' B6 was one of the favorites as this CZ-75-type pistol is very soft shooting, and we had an opportunity to shoot the polymer-framed version of this gun as well.  The all-steel gun will be imported very soon.

I put a number of rounds through the SAR ST10.  I'm told neither Sarsilmaz nor the people from EAA (the importer) like it when writers say the ST10 physically resembles the HK USP, but I'm a paid observer.  The pistols went bang every time we pulled the trigger, but as I don't like the looks of either the HK or the ST10 I will leave it for those of you who do.

The pistol I most enjoyed shooting, and which is available now through EAA, is the K2.  This is a CZ-75-type pistol, but chambered in .45 ACP.  14+1 rounds of .45 ACP!  This pistol is fed by Para magazines, but the grip does not feel anything like a Para Ordnance, as it has the traditional CZ humpback styling, just scaled up.  The plastic grips are thin and, honestly, it doesn't feel big enough to hold that many rounds.  Sights are good, felt recoil is not bad at all, and it can be carried cocked and locked (although the safety positioning/styling isn't as good as you're going to find on 1911s).  At a suggested retail of $592 it's a heck of a bargain.

We also had the opportunity to put the SAR pump (PA) and semi-auto (SA) shotguns through their paces.  What was the most surprising thing I saw at the range?  Remington ammunition made in Italy (if I remember correctly).  I've never seen a 1 1/5 oz. loading of shot before, and figuring out the grams to drams equivalent had everyone on their smartphones.

We literally shot until the cows came home, and the gunfire didn't seem to bother them.  I guess that's why they're food.

I had a good time in Turkey, and while I wasn't looking forward to either the 11-hour plane ride back or the airport I'd be arriving at (Chicago O'Hare, ugh), it's always good to be home.

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