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Trying to Break A Hi Point

by Scott E. Mayer   |  May 31st, 2011 90

Scott Mayer puts a Hi Point C9 through the mill to see if we can make it quit working.



    • matt

      That's what I said

    • Jerry

      I still wouldn't have a hipoint. Still a low class gun IMO. Just wouldn't have one.

      • Yogurt

        Try one Jerry. It might surprise you! I own Glock, Sig, Beretta, and HiPoint.

        Do I prefer my Glock to my HP? Yes. Do I trust my HiPoint? Yes

        Will my Glock hurt you more than my HP? NO
        For anyone that can't afford a $350+ pistol, the HP is an outstanding value!

        Best wishes!

  • Sam M.

    I'm hoping that it was unloaded when you were shaking it around in the flour!! (sic)

    I love the fact that you all did this…maybe it will stop a few naysayers from dissing Hi-Point just because they are inexpensive and ugly (kind of like my first prom date).

    • Steve Durham

      Should never date an ugly girl or buy an ugly gun. Loser.

      • truth hurts

        keep dreaming that you haven't

      • Rod N.

        Wrong. Like the song says, "If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you."

  • a.g.falabella

    big and ugly,yes

    worth the money,you bet

    life time warranty, great

    "major manufactors" take note, i doubt it

  • Spencer

    Hi Point for Sale

    Lightly used.

    Couple of scratches.

    Well taken care of.

    • ed lamay

      i have a jcp 40 cal. pay 25 dollars for it works great am in security.i also have a taurus 45 cal. it also works good 415 dollars for taurus is have get use to what you are shooting. am marine i can shoot and get use to anything i get my hands on

    • jay draznin

      jay here . I am interested !! email at with caliber, location , etc.

    • jay draznin

      I want that. Jay

    • john

      hey im looking for one willing to pay top dallor for it give me a call 1760 242 0414 john. or send me a text at

    • john

      How much?

  • kemal huseyinoglu

    This was a really dangerous experiment, a serios malfunction may cause a real disaster such as a blow in barrel or frame may happen. Mayer is a real braveheart he didnt take any caution while shooting. Bye the way although nobody like Hi Points the gun has passed the test successfully. You cannot fire even a single bullet with a Luger; Browning Hp or Colt if a tiny sand or mud enters inside their frame

    • ashley

      Please don't speak for me – "nobody like Hi Points". I do and have found that the weapon is very reliable. I have a Colt, (and several others) – I like shooting the Hi Point because it is fun. Also, I won't give mine up.

      To Mr Mayer

      Thank you! That looked like fun, especially running over it with the truck :)

      • Scott E. Mayer

        Thanks ashley. That was fun. I still own that gun, and cleaned and lubed, it's just humming right a long.

  • Nick

    Right out of the box he is having problems with the slide action. It took him three attempts to get the slide action to go forward.

    • wiredgeorge

      Hey Nick! Ever buy a new pistol and fail to rack it first try? The pistol fired time after time after being subjected to more than a bit of abuse and you noticed the guying not being able to rack the pistol out of the box first time. Good catch. And Nick, ever wonder why they didn't test a Kimber like you probably carry? Bwahahahaha

      • db

        That is the lamest response Ive ever heard. A Hi-Point is the Wal Mart product of guns. Better paperweight than gun. And you must own a Hi-point because you cant afford a Kimber? Bad comparison. Kimbers dont need testing, they are guarenteed. Just like glock. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! GEO, OR NISSAN? And no, I dont generaly have any problems racking a gun the first time. Im a man.

    • pappy

      There was nothing worng with the slide.If there was a empty mag. in it.You have to eject the empty mag. and then pull back on the slide until you here a click and then the slide will go forward.Maby he forgot to read the manual.On a loaded mag.that don't happen.

      • Scott Mayer

        Actually, pappy, on the loaded gun it did happen. The problem is that I simply wasn't pulling the slide back enough. It took more effort on that blowback gun than I'm used to on recoil-operated guns. And yes, I read the manual.

  • Bob

    How's it running now?

    • Scott Mayer

      Like a champ!

  • Jim

    Not really surprised at results. Do not own one of their pistols but do own a model 995 carbine that has shot flawlessly since I bought it 3 years ago. Not a S&W or Ruger but for the money they are tough to beat.

  • Ethan

    This cracks me up, a friend of mine brought out his Hi Point 45, had some Hornady Defense ammo – the thing jammed then went off while his finger was outside of the trigger well – and it fell into pieces! They did send him a brand new gun though…

  • Bob

    That's pretty unusual. It sounds like the round was bad since it fired after the pin hit it. Any gun can be bad, but most people with them say they are fine firearms. I have both the C9 and the 995 carbine and they work great. Very reliable and no jams.

    • pappy

      Any semi auto can jam at anytime.I own an 40.Cal carbine and an 40 cal. pistol. I have not had any problems. Both are Hi-Points by the way.

  • David Mayer

    I have owned a Hi Point C9 for about 5 years. This is the first time I've ever seen anything about it exccept in an advertisement. Looks like I got a good buy after all.

    • Steve Durham

      You've had it for 5 years cause you can't unload the junk on anyone else.

      • Fred Wahl

        Steve Durham, That's an idiotic answer– The reason you SELDOM see a used Hi Point for sale, is because people who buy them are for the most part VERY happy with them, and don't WANT to sell them! I've been very happy with the 8 Hi Points I own, and I can afford any gun want.

  • David Mayer

    I also have a Him Point 9MM carbine.

    By the way, as far as I know, we are not related.

    • Scott Mayer

      My youngest son is named David. :)

  • Steve Durham

    Well……to start off with,the Bad Guy shot you about 6 times while you were trying to rack a round in that piece of crap! They're ugly as homemade pizza and I seen one dropped muzzle down and the whole end broke off! My opinion? Save your money for a FNX 40. Every Budget Banger I've ever bought has left me wishing I would have saved a little more and bought Quality. The Hi-Point wouldn't even make a decent looking paperweight. However,I guess it is a little better than throwing rocks.

    • Justin L

      Steve D, have you ever even fired a Hi-point? Or are you just parroting what the other haters are saying. Go pick one up and try it out before you slam a perfectly good pistol. I own 2, a JCP .40 S&W, and a C9 9mm. About 1000 rnds thru the JCP, about half that thru the C9. The only issue I ever had was a few Fail to Feed in the JCP with cheap ammo. I also CC my C9 daily.

  • Bob

    I find it rediculous that even after the owners of Hi-Points and all the expert magazine say it's a good gun that people still knock it. There must be an alterior motive. What they say just doesn't match reality. Hi-Points are pretty good guns that shoot well and are affordable. Sure, maybe Glocks are better, but they are twice the cost or more and do the same thing. Let's have some unity here. We're all brothers and sisters here.

    • Adam

      There is an ulterior motive, they are so upset that spent $1500+ for some name brand, when $500 guns and even $150 Hi Points do the same thing, they are elitists, they must have the most expensive name brands and want you to buy the same to validate their decision, and if you don't then they talk crap about you. I own a 995, I've had it a year with just under 1000rnds of the cheapest ammo I can find and it has been flawless, I love it.

  • BrianC64

    Try that with a Fisher Price Block!

  • Elliott Rodriguez

    Remember the heavier the less recoil.. I will not sell mine, its fun to shoot at the range..

  • Festus

    I couldn't believe he never looked down the bore after pulling it from the mud or flour or peat moss. The brush doesn't prove there's nothing in the bore as the bristles are flexible. It should have been visually inspected. He's asking for some dermabrasion. All in all, it's the stupidest display of firearms handling I've ever seen. I've never understood the torture tests these guys do on perfectly good, innocent firearms. Why don't they take their cars and drive them off a cliff and see how they hold up? That's what I thought, it's too stupid, same with guns. From now on when I see someone doing absolutely ridiculously stupid things with a firearm, I switch the channel.

  • Jon

    Thanks for conducting a thorough test on a reliable American made gun that would be perfect as a back up, secondary, glove box, or under pillow defense unit.

  • eric10mm

    So, by my count there were 44 rounds fired and at least 22 separate failures. Is that about right?

  • Pat M.

    Hey Nick,

    if he only released thelock on the side it would have come forward right nicely. I've had a nine for 4 years (130$) with no problems at all. i fire 50 rnds once a month in all types of weather with no problems. —pat

  • http://N/A Lopaka


    The High Point C9 was unbelieveable with what you did to break the gun from stop shooting. I have never seen a pistol take so much mud, dirt, flour and water in the barrel and still

    fired with a little help from you. Wow! I want to buy the High

    Point guns. I check the cost and for a $160 to $260 it cost

    much less than my Ruger MK III. Thanks Scott for the Awesome information. Keep sending the latest on hand guns!

    • D.L.

      Funny thing, they won't shoot at all if you clean and lube them,…LOL

  • Steve

    Let's see your Kimber do that!!! Good luck.

  • http://google Ralph De La Huerta

    Just one word for this pistol………..UGLY

  • Wayne Taggart

    I bought one of these Hi-Points because in didn't cost very much. It shoots as well as any of my other autos. Have no problems with it. Didn't know that it would do so well under the conditions you put it through. I wouldn't put any of mine through those conditions but it was good to see you do it to the High Point. I teach CHL class and students use my Hi-Point all the time with no problems. Good shooting to you.

  • Freddie

    My first HiPoint was the 9mm carbine. Then I purchased the C9 becasue how well the carbine ran. Both are still going strong and have been 100% flawless!! This coming from the owner of several high end pistols!!

  • Joe

    Impressed, did not expect a Hi Point to function so well, maybe they should built some new model that are light, less bulky and better looking, they just might end up to be the Kia and Hyndai of the firearm industry.

  • Bob

    I agree, Joe. That would be nice. I conceal carry mine, but it's a little bulky. However, it can be done.

  • Alan

    I have to admit, I was impressed, did it function flawlessly, no, but it did continue to go bang a lot more than I thought it would. Will it ever replace my Glocks? Heck no, but I might pick one up for plinking or my pistol classes to see if it will be that reliable for me, with out mucking it up.

    Good job Scott!

  • Bikersteve

    I don't know much about Hi Point except that none of the Law Enforcement Training Courses around here (N.W. Ohio) will let you bring a Hi Point onto the range!

  • Jim

    I have had one for a year now. cost $75, new in box, not too bad, it jam's with hollow pionts every so often, seems to shot straighter now, I live in Ohio, the city that they make them at, and the Sheriff dept carry the carbine 9mm in there trunk. not a bad gun for the price. but I've been told if your taking a conceal carry class then you should leave it at home. my kids like shooting it.

  • hatt

    weird, since that's where they are made… maybe they're jealous because they`re more expensive guns do the same thing as "cheap" ones? I think its just because they are ..

  • D.L.


    From watching the newbees that show up at the range with these death traps I'd say all it takes to "brake" a hi-piont is to try and shoot a full mag through it, they are the definitive "jam-o-matic"!

    Don't bet your life on one!!!

  • Jeff S

    I used to have a gun shop years ago. I had alot of people ask for inexpensive guns. I tried several brands & the Hi Point C9 really suprised me. Only one would not work with hollow points & the factory took it back. (Lifetime warrenty) It worked flawlessly when it was returned. The Hi Point C9 was the only inexpensive 9mm I would sell. I gave each one of my kids one to keep in their cars. If any steals it, not out big $$$, but I know it will go bang. My youngest daughter prefers it to my Sig 226. She says it kicks less. Just be sure to lock your wrist as it is a blow back gun. Would I give up my Sig for one? No. Would I want to carry one? No, too heavy. Would I bet my life on one? Yes. It does go bang every time you pull the trigger & you can hit what you're aiming at. It would not be my 1st choice, but far from last. For the money, you can't beat it.

  • BigK572

    Thank you Scott. I think I might get one to stow in the truck. And to all those that call it ugly, pretty doesn't save your ass. I think Glocks look better than XD's but the XD is more comfortable and costs $50 less than the Glock. And they perform the same. That's why I buy XD's.

  • matt

    I think this test was an utter failure! The first time he pulled the trigger and nothing happened= a dead man in my world. Epic failure.

    • matt

      Let alone he had multiple mailfunctions!

  • D.L.


    Don't be fooled, these guns are worthless, I've seen them fail right out of the box!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

    Hipoint are for those who can't afford quality and for gangbangers. I HATE hipoint.

  • Rocko

    Naysayers………..say what you will,you will anyway, but I want to pass along something an older gent told me awhile back. If you think my weapon is a piece of crap,walk out about 75 feet and let me take a couple of shots at ya with it. What no takers? Surprising! The Hi-Points are fine weapons for the money. I have a JCP .40 and am glad I paid the whole $129 for brand new in the box.

  • BB Howard

    You people crack me up. Ever see the tests they do on AK's?

    Drop in mud, run over them, rub sand in and out of them. Do they still work?

    Gee, no wonder no one ever buys one of those UGLY guns!

    It's a good bet most of the HP haters ever saw, much less shot a HP.

  • MDOC

    I have owned numerous handguns and have fired more, being an armorer in the US Army. I will agree that this gun is one of the uglier. I recently bought one of my own and I am very happy with it. Is it better than my XD? no. I am more accurate with the XD and it feels more comfortable in my hand. On a functional lever they are pretty equal, as they both go bang and both hit the target. Good job on a budget firearm Hi Point.

  • Warhawk

    I would like to know after you cleaned the gun up and oiled it did it go back to shooting right? Or do you still have to assist the slide?

    • Scott E. Mayer

      Warhawk–Cleaned and oiled, it runs like a champ.

  • Mike Diesel

    I never really liked hi-point because of the looks and it's bad rap. I would have to give it a good nod for how it did in this torture test. What other gun would actually perform that well after such abuse? Not sure if my glocks, xd's, m&p's, kimbers well maybe kimbers. would actually pass such a tortue test.

  • shidpoke

    I knew these were decent guns 5yrs ago after shooting my son's .45 H/P. there everymans guns. they remind me of the mossberg 500 12ga. always ready, always there. the ideal truck gun. I own a 995 9mm carbine, its rough, but dependable and priced right. This was a great video, it makes me wonder how many of the real high dollar pistols could go thru the same test and still function, not too many I suspect.

  • Mike

    do they do the same test on other guns???

  • med

    wow.ppl are special.i own a 1911.springfield trp to be exact.and i doubt that this sorry excuse for a gun would be even a competition for my gun.or any 1911 out it a kimber or rock island for that fact.i have shot one and it's worse to shoot then it is to look at.when it comes down to it,you will NEVER beat quality and this gun by any stretch of the imagination is far from quality.all of you considering buying one,DON'T!!save your money and get something relatively decent.

  • Steve

    Yes it's ugly and big but the bad guy is not going to like it when it goes bang!!! I bought the Hi Point JHP . 45 ACP, based on this video. It works great and is accurate for me 5 rounds in 2inch area at 7yrds. I have alot of fun with it.


    Hi Point = BOAT ANCHOR

  • Ten

    Its now the standard US military side arm Thanks alot!

  • debra

    the high point is the mix martial arts of fire arm simple and direct yet get the job done. when bruce lee .acreated the mix martial arts he to was criticize but look at m.m.a today its an effective & beautiful art no fancy stuff yet effective.and high points not the only pistole out there thats heavy look at ruger p 978 rds 30.5 oz.the p345dpr.29 oz springsfield1911 a1. 9to7 rds yet 38oz. walther pp 8rdz 25oz wilson combatx tac8 rds 38 oz and many more you dont here about but people carry them with out being criticize.because they usually cost more.any aotomatic weapon needs attention adjustment

  • nbc72401

    I own a HiPoint .45ACP and am very pleased with it. I carry other guns because of their weight and size but keep my HiPoint close at hand when at home. I own everything from Glocks to Sig Sauer to Rugers and Smith&Wesson but have never been let down by my HiPoint and have put over 1,500 rounds through it with no problems.

  • kasey

    I work in a gun store and I don't touch a hi-point unless I am wearing gloves. The time to crime on those clunkers is way high!

  • Red Jacket Fan

    my ugly heavy highpoint is more reliable and accurate than my glock 19 compact 9mm xd sigma 9 lc9 I dont care what people say it makes people at the range so mad when they start talking about it and loose 20 bucks when i am smacking the bulls eye at 25 yards against glocks sigs xd which I own also dont care if it gets scratched or whatever its ugly and cheap

  • jbopos1

    i own a hi point C9 9mm pistol and i love it! i own quite a few firearms.. mainly hi powered rifles. i picked up a c9 at a gun show a while back and went shooting that day and have loved it ever since. i only bought it cus it was cheap and i figured what the heck! i didnt think id actually like as much as i do. now my girlfriend is goin to purchase one this weekend lol. its heavy which in my opinion help it shoot so smoothly. so far ive put about 700 rds thru it and its flawless! only drawback… single stck mag. other than that.. i can poke ur eyes out with it at 20 yards.. in a SHTF scenario.. id want this gun by my side. plannin on gettin the .45 ACP model and the carbine now.. cant wait.. so all u haters.. jus hope u dont wind up on the opposite end of one.. cus THEY WORK!

  • jbopos1

    and just to add… my mom and my stepdad own 7 handguns. from XDs to SR9 .. S&W 9mm.. S&W .357.. Glock .40 and so on.. and after shooting my c9.. both of them want 1 to add to their personal armory lol.. now.. i do understand that occasionally u might get a lemon.. messes up out the box OR if something break… GUESS WHAT.. Hi Point Firearms carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the gun.. 1st hand owner to5th owner.. it doesnt matter.. if it says HI POINT on the gun.. THEY FIX IT GARUNTEED and all ive heard is good things about the service.. although i havent had a single problem after 700 rds! do u know any other firearms with a warranty as rock solid as that? i think not! 2 thumbs up HI POINT

  • jbopos1

    lol plus its like an ugly dog.. let it hang around for a while.. pet it a little bit… and it grows on ya.. haha personally i like the looks.. plain simple and down to business

  • Richard

    Based on what I saw in this vid. I think my first pistol will be a hi-point. From what I see this gun is priced cheap but looks pretty dependable.Plus this is just going to be a gun for the house.(Hi-Point 9mm) and maybe I can go to the range every so often now..

  • Nutnyahoo

    Loved my Hi Point C9. Got stolen from my car trunk. Loss $129.00 . Didn't break the bank. Miss it enough to plan on buying another and Carry it in and out instead of making it my car gun only.

  • Tim

    Its the ugliest gun I've ever fallen in love with. If I had a gripe about the C9 it would be that it's a pain to break down to clean. That aside I love it. I own several pistols from Sigs to Taurus but my favorite gun at the range is my Hi Point. The heavy slide makes for less felt recoil equaling quicker recovery, I have a faster and more accurate dbl tap with it than any of my other pistols by nearly half a second. I don't cc it often because of weight, but do have a belt clip mounted on it for those quick trips to the convience store. Bottom line is it works, everytime. Thanks for a great video!

  • Glenn Beecher

    I bought a new C9 in November 2012. It is my first and only new firearm – my only other gun is a surplus Mosin-Nagant rifle. When I started looking for a new handgun, my only other options for my limited budget was the Jimenez JA Nine, Cobra Patriot or Kel-Tec PF9 or P11. I've now shot 142 rounds of steel case and brass case fmj thru it with 1 double feed and 1 failure to feed – pretty reliable in my book! The recoil is soft, the trigger pull is long and it is comfortable to hold. I love it!

  • c_9

    This is my 2nd c9 and nothing but solid pperformance out of both I sold my first one awhile back it was an older model with the bigger slide serations. I got the 2013 model now with the smaller serations and its proven to be a work horse. I cant say anything bad about them other than I just wish for the size amd chunkyness just wish HP would make a double stack mag. @least a 12 rounder or so would be nice

  • TeenInfoNet

    It really amazes me that people judge the book by the cover as they do with the Hi-Points. Sure it may not be a glamour weapon like Glock or Sig but I don’t think an intruder is going to stop to admire the beauty of any gun that is shooting at them.

    That would be a funny conversation sort of like “I can’t believe you shot at me with an ugly gun. Please shoot at me with a prettier weapon next time” (of course that mean there would be a next time which I doubt with a Hi-Point)

  • Chuck Davis

    Ok I pay for quality, I want to know that when I squeeze the trigger the gun goes bang. I place my life on what I purchase. Would you be willing to take your Hi-point stand in front of a 400 pound, black, angry, charging bear and hope/pray that the damn ugly gun goes off and doesn’t jam? If you would your either an idiot or your stupid or both. Hi-points middle name is “Jam”. I would NEVER put my life on the line and use a Hi-point !!!

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