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Ruger SR9 Features

by Handguns Online Staff   |  July 27th, 2011 10

Ruger VP Bob Stutler points out the various features of the new Ruger SR9 including the reversible backstrap, low-profile sight, ambidextrous safety, and high capacity 17-round magazine.


  • m. sharpe

    I own the SR9 and advise others to buy one. Quality at an affordable price, and customer service that is A1. My experience with Ruger goes back to the mid 70s. They back their products very well.

  • http://windstream Dan H.

    As a former gunshop owner I can say that Ruger very seldom had to back their firearms but when they did need to they did it with class. I had a customer bring in a S47N-44 mag that he claimed a factory load caused extensive damage to. Although I did not believe a factory load did the damage (he bought too many reloading components from me) I sent the gun back to Ruger and within a few weeks a repaired firearm came back at no charge. I know this has nothing to do with the particular firearm being reviewed but it speaks volumes about Ruger and their desire to do everything they can to help their customers.

  • http://windstream John Henson

    I bought one the minute I picked it up. It has a natural mpoint and highly accurate.

  • Harry

    I picked up the SR9c, which is the compact version of the SR9 and I couldn't be happier with it; in fact, I rotate between that gun and a Glock 19 for CCW.

    The SR9c is every bit as accurate as the Glock and may even have the edge. Ruger is a great company!

  • bigjohn

    Dan H. I have been a Ruger collector for more then 30 years. I have read all the pros and cons about the quality and lack of quality of Ruger firearms. I have only had one or two problems with Ruger guns out of the hundreds that I owne or have owned in the past. Rugers customer service has always been outstanding and prompt. I found a Ruger Redhawk in 357mag which is a very rare caliber in that gun nowdays adn difficult to find. It was used and not taken care of very well, I sent it back to Ruger for a safety check before firing the gun. Ruger sent back what looked like a new out of the box gun. I was not sure that it was the same gun until I checked the serial number. Ruger firearms are pricey now but still outstanding buys and their company has unmatched customer service.

  • Ken W.

    The thing that was most important to me was the safety features of the SR-9. I was purchasing it for my wife to shoot at the range with me. She had a great fear of handguns. After handling it for the first time she realized the value of the SR-9. I'm truly thankful to Ruger for this piece. From the safety features down to the sleek design of the handgun which fits perfectly into her hand.

  • Tom

    I also own an SR9. This gun is very balanced and feels great in my hand. Ruger got it right on the money.

  • Caligula

    I'd like to get an SR9 or 40. I like the grip much better than my Glock 22.

  • scott lom

    i just got a sr9c. right outta the box 5of 5 hello good gun. shoot 400 rounds no misfires?

  • Doug W

    Used my SR9C to qualify for my CHL. Shot near perfect! I had one jam, but I attribute that to some poor ammo I “got a good deal on.” Love this as a conealed carry firearm. Comfort, power and the Ruger name.

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