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UFC Bans Gun, Hunting Sponsors

by J. Scott Rupp   |  January 24th, 2012 18
brock lesnar

Mixed martial arts fighter Brock Lesnar has done promotional work for shooting-related companies such as Fusion ammo.

There’s a report circulating on the internet that Ultimate Fighting Championships, a popular mixed-martial arts sport, will no longer allow its participants to be sponsored by shooting- and hunting-related companies. UFC is owned by Zuffa LLC

Here’s the report, which comes from the website, themmacorner. (Similar reports have surfaced on other MMA sites.)

“The MMA Corner has learned that the ban includes companies related to guns, knives, ammunition, and hunting. It will go into effect on Jan. 23. The ban has been extended to all UFC events, not just those broadcast on the Fox family of networks.”

We contacted the UFC press room at the address provided on its website to give the company an opportunity to respond, but no comment was received by the deadline we gave them. The website Cage Potato says UFC told them “These are rules set in place by Fox” but issued no further comment. Fox has the rights to televise many UFC events.

According to MMA Corner and other outlets, UFC fighters have been sponsored by Las Vegas-based The Gun Store. Further, companies such as ammunition maker ATK have used UFC fighters to promote its products.

UFC also seems to have a strong following among some segments of the shooting and hunting communities. If you’re a fan, will you continue to watch UFC fights?



  • mike

    Fox can get screwed! Sponsonship is money, its funding. Wat a bunch of twats!

  • scott

    nope….dana white is a faggot…check the outdoor forums…UFC will be losing a lottttt of pay per view fans

  • dan

    Dana White has no balls. I'll never watch the ufc again !

  • Angel

    I remeber when the UCF was ban due to the violence and it wasn't seen for the true it is sport MMA.
    The same for shooting and hunting companies that sponsor the sport of shooting/hunting. Sham on them for not defending the same right.

  • Chris B.

    Being one of the sponsors (Kershaw Knives), I'm sick to hear this news! We have sponsored nearly 20 fighters, some being personal friends, I dreaded the news when I heard UFC would move to FOX. They are going to water down this fantastic sport, take even more money away from the men who step in to the Octagon and ruin another avenue to advertise. Funny how Bud Light can be a Premier Sponsor in the center of the stage and nobody says anything about that.

  • Karim Alameddine

    I think and believe that UCF owes the hunters a clear and detailed explanation for the decision they took. As an outsider who believes in the Democracy of the US, was taken by surprise about this decision.

    Karim Alameddine.

  • Paul

    As a retired Soldier and life-long gun owner, shooter and hunter, if my sport isn't good enough for them. neither is my money. Fuque 'em.

    My 0.02 cents.

  • Bryce

    As long as the ban is in place I will not watch any UFC, nor anything on or put out by Fox.

  • Ronbwolf

    I' ve shot guns, hunted, and used knives for work, and defense all my life, I've watched UFC for a couple of years, easy choice, to UFC "Well, bye."

  • rod

    been a gunner all my life [78 yr as of last sunday] military servive 23 plus years, 2 tours vietnam, etc,etc , goodbye fox. bet you support obama, too, figures

  • Drew

    As a competitive shooter and life long supporter of the Second Amendment I will no longer support the UFC with my time or more importantly my money.

  • bowhunter75

    Apparently, it's OK to advertise Soft Drinks, Beer, and Fast Food but not Outdoor and Shooting Sports products and companies. I think it is fair to says that the former has killed hundreds of thousands of people through negative effects on their health, i.e Diabeties, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, alcohol related accidents, alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrom, etc., etc. It just seems so idiotic and ironic that in a sport as violent as MMA, they (FOX, UFC) would choose to take this stance. Hippocracy!!

  • mac283

    fox sucks and so does ufc now!

  • terz81

    I forget the guys name who has taken over and runs the day to day ops at Fox , But he is the Dude who is behind this, he has been changing Fox news into a more liberal entertainment than News organization,
    I no longer watch them.

  • Gary

    I wikk NO Longer whatch the UFC if they no longer support hunting & shooting

  • George Liquor

    I don't give a shit about this. I don't watch commercials anyways.

  • Lindsey Bradford

    Of course I'll still watch, what does hunting have to do with cage fighting anyway? Nothing.

  • gerald

    so long UFC! dont need that kind of faggy bullshit. i suppose the ads that are to be nixed will be replace by tampon and makeup commercials. fuck em.

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