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Handguns and Defensive Weapons is an entirely new show for the Sportsman Channel, combining the most popular features of two of our most well known shooting shows, Handguns and Personal Defense. It is co-hosted by Rich Nance and James Tarr and covers everything from competition to self defense, pocket guns to long distance rifles. We are there to educate, inform and have fun. The tag line for the show is Serious. Fun.


Richard Nance

Richard Nance is a veteran police officer, firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, and former SWAT team leader. He is the co-owner of WARTAC, a company that provides training in firearms, tactics, and personal defense. Richard writes for Guns & Ammo and Handguns magazines, as well as the InterMedia Outdoors Special Interest Publications division.

James Tarr

A former police officer, James Tarr worked for 17 years as a private investigator in an around Detroit, but states that the most dangerous thing he ever did was drive an armored car around Detroit in his youth for the princely sum of $8.49 an hour. An avid competition shooter, Tarr is a Grand Master in USPSA and also competes in IDPA and 3-gun matches. He is a regular contributor to many national gun magazines including Guns & Ammo, Shotgun News, and Handguns Magazine. Tarr is also the author of several books including “Carnivore,” Dillard Johnson’s war memoir put out last year by Harper Collins.