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Review: Beretta APX

by James Tarr 0

It took the company while to introduce the Beretta APX pistol. Do good things come to those who wait?


Beauty From The Past: S&W Highway Patrolman

by Stan Trzoniec 0

The Model 28 was the bare bone version of the Model 27 which came out in 1935.


The “Honor Roll” of Quality Companies

by James Tarr 1

While I still work as a private investigator in the Detroit area, I no longer do surveillance, just investigative work. … more »


The “Shelf Gun” for Home Defense

by James Tarr 61

I don’t know if I’m coining a new term or not when I talk about what I have decided to… more »


Introducing The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

by James Tarr 66

Here’s our first look at the brand new pistol from Smith & Wesson, the M&P Shield.  I had an opportunity… more »

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