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Patrick Sweeney shoots SIG P224

Review: SIG P224

by Patrick Sweeney 27

The SIG P226 has an enviable reputation. Designed for the Joint Service Small Arms Program trials in the early 1980s,… more »


An Instant Trigger Job on a SIG P226

by James Tarr 10

The world is awash with articles on customized 1911s, and parts to customize your 1911, but you rarely hear about… more »


Modern Gunbelts

by James Tarr 6

The finest holster in the world isn’t going to work very well at all if you hang it on a… more »


Shedding Light on Trijicon HD Night Sights

by James Tarr 3

James Tarr discusses how the Trijicon HD Night Sights as the latest generation of high-performance pistols sights.

Enduring Freedom

Five Guns That Could Replace the Beretta M9

by James Tarr 114

The market is awash in quality handguns right now, so if you were going to replace the M9, what would you replace it with?

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