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Gear Essentials: What You Need for Everyday Carry

by Dave Spaulding 12

I read a story a year ago in The Salt Lake Tribune that really made me think—and made me once… more »


Size Doesn’t Matter: Using 9mm for Personal Defense

by James Tarr 157

I remember the first bullets I’d ever seen pulled out of a human body, back in 1990. They were 147-grain… more »


Thin Is In: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Review

by James Tarr 38

Gun writers occasionally get to go to fancy events where manufacturers spend lavish amounts of money to debut a new… more »


Self-Defense Tactics For An Enraged Attacker

by Dave Spaulding 88

I spent some time last week talking with a police officer working on the East Coast. I was headed that… more »


Worst Case Scenario: The Trayvon Martin Case

by James Tarr 90

At the request of my online editor, I am very hesitantly going to discuss the Trayvon Martin case, only because… more »


Wisconsin Concealed Carry Hits 100K Milestone

by Handguns Online Staff 5

After legalizing concealed carry nearly six months ago, the State of Wisconsin issued its 100,000th concealed carry permit Friday —… more »

Lulu Campbell

Gun-Totin’ Georgia Grandmother Shoots Robbers

by Dylan Polk 17

This is one granny you don’t want to mess around with. According to WXIA-TV, Lulu Campbell, a resident Warner Robins,… more »


Man Attempts To Rob Arkansas Store With Hot Dog Tongs

by Handguns Online Staff 1

You never know what you might encounter in a self-defense situation, but establishing a clear and concise action plan for… more »


Kids, Concealed Carry, and the Message of Self Defense

by James Tarr 8

If you have children, and carry a gun — even infrequently — you are sending them a message.  Either directly… more »

On the range or in dry-firing exercises, dial up the difficulty to learn how much sighting effort it really takes you to hit the target.

How a Gaze Control Strategy Can Save Your Life

by Walt Rauch 4

One of the basic tenets of handgun shooting is focusing on the gun’s front sight, then aligning it in the… more »

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