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Ruger New Model Blackhawk Hunter

by J. Scott Rupp 0

The Hunter Model is offered in .44 Magnum and a Davidson’s Gallery of Guns exclusive chambered to .41 Magnum.


The Ruger Security-Six Was and Is a Workhorse Revolver

by Stan Trzoniec 0

More than 1.2 million Security-Sixes were sold by the time it was discontinued in the mid-1980s.


Snubbie Showdown: Comparing Polymer Revolvers

by Paul Scarlata 4

Like many of my contemporaries, when polymer frame pistols first hit the market, I looked upon them with a healthy… more »


What’s on Your ‘What-If’ Gun Shopping List?

by James Tarr 29

If there has been one bright spot in the economy of the last several years, it has been in the… more »


New Handguns – Day Two

by J. Scott Rupp 33

Day Two at PASA Park, home of the USPSA Single Stack Nationals and other high-end competitions, was a little slow… more »

Ruger pistol

Ruger Suspends New Orders

by J. Scott Rupp 17

Okay, if you haven’t already heard this, due to huge demand Ruger has temporarily stopped accepting new orders. The company’s… more »


SHOT Video: Ruger SR22

by Staff Report 3

http://brightcove=1400728097001 Mark Gurney of Ruger introduces us to their new “do-it-all” pistol, the SR22

Ruger SR 1911

Review: Ruger SR-1911

by Bart Skelton 22

The 1911 wave has been ridden by a number of manufacturers, and so many variations have been made over the… more »

Ruger Single-10

Review: Ruger Single-Ten

by Paul Scarlata 10

I’m not a huge single-action revolver fan, but when I saw the announcement that Ruger was bringing out a 10-shot… more »

cabelas ruger 1

Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Ruger Single-Six

by Stan Trzoniec 3

To celebrate Cabela’s 50th anniversary, the company has partnered with Ruger to bring out a special-edition Ruger Single-Six. It sells… more »

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