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A First Look at the Kimber Solo

by Bart Skelton 15

It’s true that I’m fond of all sorts of handguns, but I have a particular fondness for little guns, especially… more »


Review: Kimber Ultra+ CDP II

by Walt Rauch 16

The Kimber Ultra+ CDP (Custom Defensive Pistol) II from the Kimber Custom Shop is for those who find they are… more »

Taurus 1911 in .38 Super

A (.38) Super Idea

by J. Scott Rupp 10

I was preparing Stan Trzoniec’s review of the STI Eagle prior to posting it on the website when I realized… more »

The vendor was attempting to show a customer his Kimber, like this Custom II 1911, when the he accidently shot himself in the hand.

Vendor Shoots Own Hand at Tennessee Gun Show

by Handguns Online Staff 17

A vendor at the Knoxville Gun & Knife show will have a permanent and painful reminder — a gunshot wound… more »


10 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Handgunners

by J. Scott Rupp 1

Any one of these items would make a great gift for the handgunner in your family!

Kimber Solo Carry

Review: Kimber Solo Carry

by Greg Rodriguez 4

Designing subcompact pistols chambered for high-pressure cartridges such as the 9mm is problematic. The short slide and high slide velocity… more »

Kimber 1911 Covert

Kimber 1911 Covert Family

by G&A Staff 18

The Kimber 1911 Covert series is without a doubt the most interesting looking family in the Kimber handgun line. The… more »

Thumbnail for the video 'Kimber RCP & Aegis II Pistols'

Kimber RCP & Aegis II Pistols

by Handguns Online Staff 1

Dwight Van Brunt of Kimber, shows Bart Skelton two semiauto pistols, the Kimber RCP (Refined Carry Pistol) and the Kimber… more »

Thumbnail for the video 'Dry Fire Practicing'

The Importance of Dry Fire Practice

by Handguns Online Staff 0

Sheriff Jim Wilson explains how the importance of dry fire practice, which helps sight alignment, trigger squeeze, and breath control… more »

Thumbnail for the video 'Trigger Squeeze'

Handgun Trigger Squeeze

by Handguns Online Staff 0

Sheriff Jim Wilson explains the subtle differences in handgun trigger squeeze techniques for single-action semiauto pistols versus double-action revolvers.

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