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What’s Your Excuse for Not Shooting?

by James Tarr 28

“You know how hard it is to blow your nose with only one lung?”   These words of wisdom were… more »


Is This Popular Covering Garment a CCW Tip-Off?

by James Tarr 45

The modern tactical vest, first popularized by 5.11 Tactical, is a very well thought out, functional item. I first saw… more »

Shoot: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition

Book Review: “Shoot” by Julie Golob

by J. Scott Rupp 1

Julie Golob is one of my shooting idols. It’s not just because she’s enjoyed great success at international and national… more »

competitor shooting IDPA

Getting Started in IDPA

by James Tarr 1

THE BASICS Founded in 1996, the International Defensive Pistol Association is a relative newcomer to the action pistol sports, but… more »

Jessie Harrison

Shooter Profile: Jessie Harrison

by James Tarr 3

Jessie Harrison (formerly Abbate) doesn’t only usually win the Women’s Division when she shows up at a USPSA match; she… more »


A “Sweeping” Trigger Technique

by Scott E. Mayer 21

by Scott E. Mayer When it comes to shooting a handgun accurately, we’ve been drilled to slowly squeeze the trigger…. more »

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