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Efficient Handgun Ammunition and Powders

by James Tarr 0

I don’t know what percentage of pistol owners actually handload ammo for their pistols.  I imagine it’s a small percentage,… more »


Hornady Critical Duty vs. Critical Defense

by James Tarr 23

It should be well-known that when looking for ammunition to be used for personal defense in a handgun, you should… more »

Hornady ammo plant reloader and accessories

Hornady Plans Auction to Benefit HAVA

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Hornady Manufacturing is offering an opportunity to bid on the second of only two unique Zombie Max™ Ammo Plants in… more »

Zombie Max ammo

Hornady’s New Zombie Match

by J. Scott Rupp 5

It’s not as if I wished I lived in Nebraska instead of Southern California. Okay, maybe during hunting season, but… more »


The “Honor Roll” of Quality Companies

by James Tarr 1

While I still work as a private investigator in the Detroit area, I no longer do surveillance, just investigative work. … more »

hornady ammo box showing lot number

Hornady Recalls Some .500 S&W Ammo

by J. Scott Rupp 1

Hornady is recalling seven lots of 300-grain FTX Custom .500 S&W ammo (item number 9249). Hornady ballisticians have determined that… more »


The Favorite Gun You Never Shoot

by James Tarr 6

I find that I have gotten to that certain age where I have more guns than I need, but less… more »

Critical Duty ammo and guns

Hornady Critical Duty

by J. Scott Rupp 8

Hornady’s new Critical Duty handgun ammunition is the only law-enforcement ammunition that currently exceeds the FBI’s minimum 12-inch standard for… more »

Kimber Solo Carry

Review: Kimber Solo Carry

by Greg Rodriguez 4

Designing subcompact pistols chambered for high-pressure cartridges such as the 9mm is problematic. The short slide and high slide velocity… more »

Hornady Steel Match ammunition

Review: Hornady Steel Match

by Patrick Sweeney 8

The biggest cost of the ammo we shoot is the case. That’s why reloading saves us so much money. What… more »

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