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Webley Handguns

by Handguns Online Staff 0

Webley handguns were modified to shoot the ACP cartridge, but if you have an original unmodified Webley in .455, the latter (r.) can be purchased or made.


Efficient Handgun Ammunition and Powders

by James Tarr 0

I don’t know what percentage of pistol owners actually handload ammo for their pistols.  I imagine it’s a small percentage,… more »


Hornady Critical Duty vs. Critical Defense

by James Tarr 23

It should be well-known that when looking for ammunition to be used for personal defense in a handgun, you should… more »

Hornady ammo plant reloader and accessories

Hornady Plans Auction to Benefit HAVA

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Hornady Manufacturing is offering an opportunity to bid on the second of only two unique Zombie Max™ Ammo Plants in… more »

Zombie Max ammo

Hornady’s New Zombie Match

by J. Scott Rupp 5

It’s not as if I wished I lived in Nebraska instead of Southern California. Okay, maybe during hunting season, but… more »


The “Honor Roll” of Quality Companies

by James Tarr 1

While I still work as a private investigator in the Detroit area, I no longer do surveillance, just investigative work. … more »

hornady ammo box showing lot number

Hornady Recalls Some .500 S&W Ammo

by J. Scott Rupp 1

Hornady is recalling seven lots of 300-grain FTX Custom .500 S&W ammo (item number 9249). Hornady ballisticians have determined that… more »


The Favorite Gun You Never Shoot

by James Tarr 6

I find that I have gotten to that certain age where I have more guns than I need, but less… more »

Critical Duty ammo and guns

Hornady Critical Duty

by J. Scott Rupp 8

Hornady’s new Critical Duty handgun ammunition is the only law-enforcement ammunition that currently exceeds the FBI’s minimum 12-inch standard for… more »

Kimber Solo Carry

Review: Kimber Solo Carry

by Greg Rodriguez 4

Designing subcompact pistols chambered for high-pressure cartridges such as the 9mm is problematic. The short slide and high slide velocity… more »

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