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Gear Essentials: What You Need for Everyday Carry

by Dave Spaulding 12

I read a story a year ago in The Salt Lake Tribune that really made me think—and made me once… more »


Size Doesn’t Matter: Using 9mm for Personal Defense

by James Tarr 157

I remember the first bullets I’d ever seen pulled out of a human body, back in 1990. They were 147-grain… more »


What’s on Your ‘What-If’ Gun Shopping List?

by James Tarr 29

If there has been one bright spot in the economy of the last several years, it has been in the… more »


The Gun You Won’t Sell

by James Tarr 116

I attended a local USPSA match this past weekend at one of my local clubs, the Detroit Sportsman’s Congress.  I… more »


Ghost Ring Pistol Sights

by James Tarr 22

As a result of a recent article I did for Handguns Magazine on upgrading Glocks, I ended up corresponding with… more »

The polymer-framed Caracal, the service pistol for the United Arab Emirates, is going to be distrubuted more widely in the U.S.

The Caracal Pistol

by James Tarr 16

The Caracal pistol is a new pistol I’ve had the opportunity to test.  The design has been floating around for… more »


Gen 4 Glocks–A Step Backward?

by James Tarr 105

I love Glocks, specifically anything they make chambered in 9mm (apart from the “Baby Glock” Model 26, which is just… more »


The NYPD and the Kahr K-9: No Substitute for Training

by James Tarr 88

I read an article some time ago, but I still come back to it repeatedly. It provides what Rush Limbaugh… more »


The Favorite Gun You Never Shoot

by James Tarr 6

I find that I have gotten to that certain age where I have more guns than I need, but less… more »

Glock Gen4 G26 firing

Review: Glock Gen4 G26

by James Tarr 28

      While it took a while for Glock to embrace the term “Baby Glock” when referring to its… more »

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