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Costa Quality: Nighthawk Custom Costa Recon Review

by Patrick Sweeney 1

If you have looked at more than one online video of someone running an AR or a 1911, chances are… more »


Seeing the Light: Concealed Carry Support Growing

by Brian McCombie 32

In 2001, Michigan became a “shall issue” state for concealed carry, meaning that any adult who meets the qualifications for… more »


Learn the Best Tips and Tactics on ‘Personal Defense TV’

by Handguns Online Staff 4

Most of you out there own handguns for a single purpose: to protect yourself and your loved ones. It’s a… more »


2011 FBI Violent Crime Stats: Gun Ownership Up/Crime Rates Drop

by James Tarr 35

It was twenty or so years ago when one of the Big 3 networks (I think it was ABC) broadcast… more »


Where To Park Your Pistol In a Public Pooper

by James Tarr 57

Anyone with a CCW will, at some point in their life, have to use a public bathroom stall.  If you… more »


Is This Popular Covering Garment a CCW Tip-Off?

by James Tarr 45

The modern tactical vest, first popularized by 5.11 Tactical, is a very well thought out, functional item. I first saw… more »


Glove Compartment Guns: 5 Things You Should Know

by James Tarr 54

A pistol in your glove box isn’t a “throw it in there and forget about it until you need it” proposition.


Tactics For Shooting Multiple Targets

by Handguns Online Staff 1

http://brightcove=992073667001 Richard Nance gives you his take on dealing with multiple attackers using spread fire.


Taurus Introduces New Large Caliber, Lightweight Revolvers

by Scott E. Mayer 14

Miami, FL-–The new Taurus 405 and 445 revolvers are aggressive wheel-guns that deliver superior accuracy and stopping power without the… more »

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