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Thin Is In: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Review

by James Tarr 38

Gun writers occasionally get to go to fancy events where manufacturers spend lavish amounts of money to debut a new… more »

Patrick Sweeney shoots SIG P224

Review: SIG P224

by Patrick Sweeney 27

The SIG P226 has an enviable reputation. Designed for the Joint Service Small Arms Program trials in the early 1980s,… more »

Kahr CM40

Review: Kahr CM40

by James Tarr 24

The new Kahr CM40 is a affordable pocket powerhouse.

loading moon clip in to converted Ruger GP100

Moon Clips for Revolver Speed

by Greg Rodriguez 6

I’ve never felt handicapped with a six-shooter (or even a five-shooter) because I’ve trained with revolvers for so long that… more »

Federal Guard Dog ammunition

Review: Federal Guard Dog Ammunition

by Patrick Sweeney 6

There are good reasons for using full-metal-jacket ammunition. In some handguns, it is what feeds most reliably. I don’t care… more »

Critical Duty ammo and guns

Hornady Critical Duty

by J. Scott Rupp 8

Hornady’s new Critical Duty handgun ammunition is the only law-enforcement ammunition that currently exceeds the FBI’s minimum 12-inch standard for… more »

Kahr CM40

Just Announced! Kahr CM40

by J. Scott Rupp 0

Kahr has come out with a .40 S&W version of its CM economy series. What makes it economical? Manufacturing techniques… more »

Hornady Steel Match ammunition

Review: Hornady Steel Match

by Patrick Sweeney 8

The biggest cost of the ammo we shoot is the case. That’s why reloading saves us so much money. What… more »

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