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A Super Stinger: Les Baer Custom .38 Super Stinger Review

by James Tarr 15

Pistols designed for concealed carry are usually exercises in compromise. Barrels and grips are shortened for concealability, but that results… more »


STI Eagle

by Stan Trzoniec 6

While I’m not going to fight over the advantages of the .45 ACP as a defensive cartridge, I will put… more »

Taurus 1911 in .38 Super

A (.38) Super Idea

by J. Scott Rupp 10

I was preparing Stan Trzoniec’s review of the STI Eagle prior to posting it on the website when I realized… more »

STI Eagle

Review: STI Eagle

by Stan Trzoniec 3

Introduced by Colt in 1929, the .38 Super was very impressive in the cartridge world because it had no problem… more »

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