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Skills Drills: 15 to the Third Drill

by Dave Spaulding   |  June 3rd, 2015 3
15 to the 3rd

Illustration by Alfredo Rico.

I created this drill to reinforce a number of combat-related shooting skills. The combination of speed and accuracy is the key to combative shooting, and this drill combines it all.

Standard equipment, shot timer, 15 rounds of ammo.

A target backer with 3×5 card attached is placed 15 feet from the shooter. The shooter establishes two firing positions 7.5 feet from the center for a 15-foot spread. The shooter can start from either the left or right position. On the beep, draw and fire five rounds into the 3×5 card, immediately move to the second position as quickly as possible and fire five rounds into the target. Then move back to the original position, plant and shoot a final five rounds into the card. If your gun does not hold 15 rounds, reload while moving (gun does not have to be empty for the reload).

A perfect run is all 15 hits on the card in 11 seconds or less. If you are a young hot rod and have no difficulty with the aggressive lateral movements, lower to 10 seconds with all hits. A concealed draw can also be incorporated.

The ability to place multiple shots in vital areas, control recoil, move quickly and aggressively— but be able to stop, plant and shoot quickly—cannot be underestimated.


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