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Long-Distance Handgunning For Personal Defense

by Handguns TV   |  October 5th, 2011 14

Handguns are close-range tools, but there are times it’s important to be able to stretch the envelope for personal defense.

  • Lopaka

    Thanks for the information on how much a bullet will drop at 50 and a 100 yards. I know to aim higher with my 45ap with the bullet drop. How about a 357 with a 6 inch barrel will my bullet drop more than 6 inches? Also a 357 with a 4 inch barrel will it have the same drop or more?

  • Mike Meserve

    I use to be able to keep 4 out of 5 rds on a B 27 target at 100 yds. with my S&W model 60 the key is simple put alot of time on the range shotting. You will be surprise how well most hand gun will shot at long range

  • Jim

    I like to shoot my J frame at 125yds (double action). I got pretty good after 50 rounds or so. Kinda have to lob em in like a mortar ha ha!

  • Brian

    To Lopaka- In case it helps my 686 with 6" barrel was about 4" high hold at 100yards with 125gr jsp. And my 4" barrel 357 wasn't much off with the same ammo.

    I was surprised how much fun it is shooting pistols at 50 and 100 yards.

  • Carl

    Unfortunately, the video is apparently in a format that can't be seen on an iPad …

    • Jim

      iPad owners are tech people with some discretionary income who buy guns marketing 101!!!!!! Duh

  • ScottIeG59

    The videos are Flash based. With the millions of iPads out there, and the report that Windows 8 will drop flash support in some versions, it is time to move on.

    • Jim

      I agree if we have an iPad we have money for guns wake up

  • Richard GODIN

    Silly question maybe but what would/could be a "defensive" situation scenario shooting at 100 yards with a handgun? … Alright you could hit your target a couple of times, but what's the point? Down/scare/wound? … Seems that this "potential" situation is somewhat far-fetched.

  • BroncoBob

    I have A Kimber Warrior,with A 5" barrel.I think I might try shooting 50 or 100 yd shooting. If that dos'nt work,i'll try it with A colt anaconda with A 8" barrel, you see I hate to be out done by someone with A Snub nose 38 (smile).

  • PaulM

    One question? How is shooting a perp 100 yds. away defensive? Is he running away? If not and is coming at me I'll wait a bit.

  • Ken M

    Give mommys computer back to her….

  • Dan Detmer

    i don't see the application for this. Basically, our CC instructor told us is that if you shoot a BG over 25 yards and he is not shooting at you, you better be prepared to explain why you shot to the district attorney. In other words shoot in the last resort. Our state CC law says your first priority is avoid the shooting by running, hiding, etc.

  • Brian
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