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Train For Pain

by Richard Nance 0

Overcoming injury in a deadly force encounter is a matter of mental and physical preparation.

Close Quarter Gunfight

Tactical Tip: Close Quarter Gunfight

by Handguns Online Staff 0

Richard Nance demonstrates techniques for close quarter situations.


Getting Off The X

by Richard Nance 0

How to add movement to your draw stroke.


Tactical Tip: Managing Recoil

by Handguns TV 0

In this tip Richard Nance discusses how to deal with recoil.


The Basics of Shooting: Stance

by Handguns TV 0

James Tarr and Richard Nance discuss and demonstrate the basics of a good shooting stance.


This or This? Thumb Safety or No

by Handguns TV 0

Richard Nance and James Tarr debate whether or not having a thumb safety on your handgun is a good idea.


The Basics of Shooting: Shooting on the Move

by Handguns TV 0

James Tarr and Richard Nance demonstrate how and when to shoot on the move.


Tactical Tip: Tactical Reload

by Handguns TV 0

Richard Nance demonstrates the proper way to conduct a tactical reload.


Overcoming Anticipation Issues by Practicing at the Range

by Handguns TV 0

Jessica Nyberg is at the range working on what she considers to be her most problematic area, anticipation.


The Draw, Reloading and Shooting on the Move

by Handguns TV 0

James Tarr talks about a few areas that he likes to focus on when practicing for match situations.

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