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First Look: Federal HST 9mm Micro

by Handguns Online Staff   |  January 12th, 2016 3


For 2016, the Federal Premium HST Micro line has expanded to include a 150-grain 9mm Luger load. This new round is designed for optimum performance in popular pocket pistols chambered in 9mm while reducing recoil, flash and noise.

The line, introduced in 2015 with the .380 HST Micro, provides the same consistent expansion, optimum penetration and terminal performance as conventional HST loads, but with bullet weights and propellants optimized for the most efficient cycling and accuracy in subcompact handguns.

The new 9mm micro load features a lower-velocity heavy bullet weighing 150 grains that decreases both noise and felt recoil. The round is designed for optimum penetration in personal defense situations without the risk of over penetration.

hst-federal-9mm-micro-2The Federal HST Micro line features clean-burning powder with low-flash propellants that reduce muzzle brightness when shooting in low-light situations. This means that eyesight won’t be compromised in nighttime personal defense situations by the blinding flash of burning powder at the muzzle of a short-barreled handgun.

The bullet nose profile and nickel-plated case, along with a Federal Premium primer, are designed to be as reliable as possible in a semi-automatic handgun.

The Federal Premium 9mm Luger HST Micro load will retail at a suggested price of $31.95.micro-federal-9mm-hst-3

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