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SHOT Show: New Holsters for 2013

by Dylan Polk   |  January 17th, 2013 5

Along with all the exciting new guns that are paraded out at the 2013 SHOT Show, the shooting industry also gets its first look at some of the most exciting firearms accessories, and for handgun aficionados, holsters are among the most popular.

From polymers to leathers, the Handguns online team was able to get a look at some of the most exciting new holsters hitting shelves in 2013.

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  • John

    Nope, nothing good.

  • CJM

    There was absolutely nothing "new" or innovative in that list. Just another Guns & Ammo paid endorsement for BLACKHAWK!, Galco, Desantis, and Uncle Mike's.

    How about next year, doing a real top 10 holster list from some of the custom holster makers out there, not just the big name brands who pay for advertising spots and glowing reviews of their products.

  • PSC J V

    The Deep Conceal Visor holster is an option to consider, especially for right handed folks who are driving. Many folks pocket carry the smaller pistols that the Visor holster would seem to be ideal for: pocket pistols that are nearly impossible to access while driving, seated, with a 3 point seat belt and sometimes a center console in the way. The holster pocket uses a "pull thru" velcro retention setup vs. a "thumb break", facilitating a one-handed draw. It appears to be a simple and inexpensive solution.

    NOTE: The $9.95 price listed by G&A above is just for the velcro "sleeve that wraps around the visor, you must then choose the holster "pocket" appropriate for your choice of firearm for an additional $11.95. Still not a bad deal.

  • Serpico8881

    How about some holsters for CZ75B?

  • Arthur Rouse

    Great gathering at my point of view. A seem to be at a little of the nearly all thrilling new holsters for 2013. I really like the Bianchi Kenda Lenseigne Signature Series. The
    novel Signature sequence line is planned by Kenda Lenseigne. As every gun holster
    is designed for shooting presentation by means of good-looking leather outside.
    Great wok. Really appreciate for them work.

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