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Introducing the Steyr L9-A1

by Handguns Online Staff   |  January 24th, 2013 14

Steyr Mannlicher introduced its brand new Steyr L9-A1 at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The longest version of Steyr’s pistol series, the L9-A1 features serrations on either end of the slide, a loaded chamber indicator located at the rear of the pistol, and a magazine release that can easily be transferred from the left side to the right by using a screwdriver. Chambered in 9mm, the L9-A1 comes with a 17-round magazine, while the .40-caliber version holds 12 rounds. The L9-A1 comes with no manual safeties—only a trigger safety—but comes with several internal drop safeties. Like all Steyr pistols, the L9-A1 includes an integral locking system, which prevents the gun from being used or loaded when activated. The L9-A1 will be available in the first quarter of 2013 and will retail for $560. Check out the video from SHOT Show.

  • Kevin

    What is the benefit of the L9-A1 over the M9-A1? Both hold 17+1 rounds, but the L9 has a 1/2" longer slide and barrel. More accurate? Less muzzle flip? If they added extra magazine capacity with the longer barrel, I'd give this serious consideration, but I don't see much benefit over my M9-A1 that I absolutely love.

    • Just observing

      Doesn't a longer barrel contribute to a faster velocity? This would give it a better chance of bullet expansion.

      • Ian

        no, velocity comes only from the powder, the longer the barrel the more accuracy, but slower velocity ( due to friction).

        • Joe

          The longer the powder has to burn completely the more velocity…

    • Mr. Hand shooter

      I accidentally shot myself in the hand breaking down my m9- A1. I had unloaded it to break it down for cleaning. Instinctively in Re-racked a round and was still holding the ejected round in my hand. I was distracted my wife and lost track of where I was. I put my hand over the end of the barrel after I had disengaged the locking lever and pulled the trigger to cause it to dismantle it, firing a 9mm round through my hand. I failed to recheck the visual indicator to be sure the weapon was empty. Safety is everything, but I really screwed up. What I like about the newer model is the loaded indicator at the rear of the slide. I think that feature might have kept me from shooting myself in the hand. Don’t make my mistake gentlemen. Always
      double check yourself, even if your sure the weapon is unloaded.
      Mr. Shot His Own Hand.

  • Dirty Devon

    The Bond Villain use a Steyr M9-A1 in Skyfall. But I won't remmend Steyr as Bond villain or any gun. I like study more about it.

  • C_Diggs

    Way too much plastic for my money, and I still prefer a single stack for daily carry.

    • Mark Tercsak

      The frame while externally is polymer internally is steel.
      The Steyr pistols are solid Pistols compared to other plastic guns as
      you call them

  • Dana

    high capacity mags may make this firearm very expensive shortly

  • Anthony Goffredo

    I have had the 40 cal version and am so pleased with it, I wanted to buy another for my wife. A couple of months after I bought mine, they no longer sold them in the U.S.A. Mine has the trapizoid sights, which took a box or so of ammo to get used to. But once I did, I was more accurate with it than my traditional dot sights. I have put approx. 6,000 rounds through this M140A1 and it fires like new. NOT ONE MALFUNCTION !!!!! EVER. Not even a jamed round….no other pistol I have can it be said the same. Styer makes the best 40cal. for the moneys. It is as tough as they say it is and then some. It works flawlessly in -70 weather, reatedly!!! MY S&W won't do that, My Glock won't do that, I sold it….and NO I am not a rep. for Styer and I have NOT been paid o say these truths. I am one satisfied customer. If you had to buy only one pistol, I would make it a Styer, 40cal. The best damned handgun I have ever owned or shot, to date. Thanks for this website and the chance to express my opinion. A. Goffredo

    • Denton

      Mr. Goffredo, I agree with everything you said, my M140A1 has also fired several thousand rounds at the range, and never a problem. The are importing them again, they started about a year ago. However, I don't know if you'll find one right now. PS: I did keep my Steyr 9mm as well, just to shoot cheaper, and I've got the .40 compact for carry, she is always on my side, never a problem with any of the three.


    My Steyr S .40 cal is awesome. It is my favorite handgun. They are a great company. Seventeen years ago they sent me a manual and a Steyr sticker. I waited until they perfected it. My other pistol is a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 and It also is great. What a piece of engineering.

  • Gilbert D. Wood

    Where can I find a replacement clip for my Colt Woodsman. CAL. 22 Long Rifle

  • Pizza Guy

    I was just in contact with Steyr, the L40 will come out around the 1st of the year.

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