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Introducing the Ruger SR45

by Handguns Online Staff   |  January 22nd, 2013 46

Ruger introduced its brand new Ruger SR45 at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Based on Ruger’s popular SR9 series, the SR45 is chambered in .45 ACP and comes with two 10-round magazines. The SR45 features an ambidextrous manual safety and mag release, along with interchangeable backstraps and adjustable 3-dot sights for windage and elevation. The SR45 also features a Picatinny-style rail for mounting tactical lights or lasers. Available in either a stainless steel, brushed finish slide or an alloy, black nitrite slide, the SR45 is available with a price point of $529. Check out the video straight from SHOT Show.

  • war_man

    Two 10 rd mags eh? That doesn't sound good.

    • Chris

      How many do you want ?
      Since the carnage at Sandy Hook you Yanks have lost in EXCESS_ of a further 900+ citizens.
      You on the local PTA are you.

      • War_man

        I want it to hold whatever it can without the magazine protruding from the grip. We have a second amendment in this country. You might feel more comfortable at the DU.

      • Sir H C

        That is a surprisingly ignorant comment, Chris. In my opinion, you are unwelcome.

        • Chris

          I do not pretend to know better than those who of you IN the knowledge of your rights.
          However, does your Constitution also state,…."arms are to be held within a militia…." ?
          Is the entire US of A a militia now ?

          • Rick


          • rba

            love it

          • BD Katt

            Where in the US Constitution does it state,"arms are to be held within a militia"???
            The 2nd Amendment says,"A well regulated militia,being necessary to the security of a free state,the right of the PEOPLE to keep & bear arms,shall not be infringed"
            Please note,it says PEOPLE,not militia…

          • CharonPDX

            No, actually, it doesn't say that.

            And yes, according to the framers of the Constitution, all "able-bodied males age 18 to 45" were considered part of the militia. Later law codified that "all males age 18-45 who were not in the Army, Navy, or National Guard, were members of the "unorganized militia," as well as all women of similar age who were members of the National Guard. (Yes, the joy of discrimination – men in the National Guard were considered "main military", yet women who were in the National Guard weren't.)

          • JimTh

            The only place the arms are kept separate from the "militia" is in the US military. All firearms except those needed for immediate duty are kept in the armory. The ammunition is kept in the magazine. The magazine is a building or bunker.

            I on the other hand I am a civilian and I am always on duty. My guns and ammo are kept in a closet. Where do the British subjects keep theirs. Oh…oh…that's right…you folks don't have any! That's such a shame.

          • Masteraceman

            Brits already lost all their freedom lets keep ours and keep our guns, and Im a DEMOCRAT saying this.

          • Jim Thu

            I agree with your sentiments and I forgive you for being a Democrat!

          • RC3

            A possible paraphrase of the second amendment is…. Because the country needs a military it is important that the citizens have the right to bear arms so that the government can't use the military against them.

          • Masteraceman


          • skynyrd1020

            I can declare I am a militia member if makes you happier

          • Steve Collins

            Like Admiral Yamamoto said: You cannot invade America because thete will be a gun behind every blade of grass

          • Alec Moffat

            NO Chris, our constitution does NOT state, “arms are to be held within a militia”; never did, never will. As a matter of fact Chris, I live in the USA’s State of Arizona, and unless we are a “prohibited Possessor”, we may carry a handgun either openly or concealed without a permit or anyone’s permission. We call this “our Second Amendment Right”; but some just call it FREEDOM, mate!

      • jebtha

        Too many cars on the road, mate.

      • Bystander

        What a clownish statement that is. Britain has so much to be embarresed about in their history that a lot of British subjects like to pontificate about the problems in the US. That way they do not have to sit around and think too much about their own historical atrocities like the ones they imposed on the Irish for centuries. A modest proposal anyone?

    • Jules

      You do understand that it is a 45 ACP, meaning 10 rds is pretty standard for this style of weapon.

      • war_man

        You do understand I might have been referring to the looming magazine ban? But it is the internet and smart remarks are the order of the day so carry on.

    • Bystander

      That round count keeps the grip slim. For me that is a welcome trade off. I have a FN 45 that holds 15 rounds and I never shoot it because of the grip size. Another point is that it would not be that difficult at all for Ruger (Or some other third party) to debut a higher capacity model with a thicker grip. Just put your slide on the new lower. Doesn't a third party company do that for Glocks to improve the grip? Timberwolf or something like that out of Idaho?

  • Mo-Ron

    Made by Ruger, sounds like I need to check it out. Don't be to hard on Sir H C I assume he is either a Brit Or Aussie and they gave up their gun rights withou much of a fight.

  • mfmthing

    I once had a Glock 21 which I believe holds 13 rounds and the grip was so big my average size hands could not manage it. Ten rounds sounds about right for a grip for normal size hands.

  • Chicken tacos

    Looks neat and I really like my sr9 but I think being 45 I would just assume get the ruger 1911

  • Schnelson

    I have an SR9 already, but this one I want! .45 caliber trumps 9mm, hands down.

    • BD Katt

      My .44mag Super Red Hawk,I think, trumps both.

      • Schnelson

        Ballistically true, BD, but try sticking it in your pants!

      • shootbrownelk

        Katt, I have a SRH as well….454…too hard to pack, it gets left home a lot .
        I then carry my Kimber CP .

    • JimTh

      I have the sr40 and my wife has the sr9. In the words of chris mathhews this sr45 is sending a tingling sensation up my leg.

  • MarkOneOnly

    Looks just like my SR9 that I realy like. Great price. If the magazine holds 10……then its a 10+1. Which should be plenty. If you are that bad of a shot….just carry a couple more Mags. Even if you're slow at changings Mags, it should only interupt your firing for 5 seconds.

  • Rich

    I will wait a year before I buy mine.

  • Norskey

    Rich, you'll likely have to wait a year before any return to the shelves. Everything is on backorder around here. I always buy a couple extra clips beside the two Ruger supplies, never know when the need might arise. Besides a box of ammo is 50 so I need to keep them somewhere. [humor]

    • Fred

      Ruger doesn't supply any clips with their pistols. They don't make Mauser Broomhandles. Perhaps you mean magazines? And no, the terms are not interchangeable.

      • Billy Hill

        Mags are available for Rugers at bought four 30's

        • Dennis

          Not any more

  • Patrick

    It is difficult to hold more than 10 rounds in a .45 cal pistol while maintaining the slim profile that Ruger has set forth in this pistol design. You could stack the bullets a little more to hold say 2 more rounds but it would not feel the same in the hand, too bulky. The 10 round also maintains future sales compatibility in case of a magazine limit set forth by congressional action. Brilliant marketing.

  • Kymn

    I am an Aussie gun owner and we fought for our rights but when newspapers, radio & television companies are dependant on Government licences to operate they become a tool of the Government. Unfortunately we do not have a Constitution that gives us the right to bear arms. Firearm ownership is deemed a privilege by all State & the Federal government. All gun owners are on the Government's Crimtrack database, that's what they think of us. First registration then confiscation. We are still fighting to keep our privilege.

  • Kymn

    Firearm ownership in Austrlia is a privilege given & taken away by the Government. We fought & are still fighting.

    • Bystander

      Keep up the good work! I tip my hat to a fellow freedoom lover!

  • shootbrownelk

    If not for the revolution, where we sent the british packing…by putting a collective foot in their ass we'd probably be in the same shape that you & the canadians are in.I guess you didn't fight hard enough. And too many folks like Chris in your population.

  • Joe Geirk

    JO57 My Dad was an MP and had a 45 1911 gov it was heavy. I was taught how to shoot with it. I am looking for a 45 light and compact? can any one tell me what is best? Thank you all for the help.

    • C123

      Take a look at the Springfield Xds 45 subcompact. If you are looking for a 1911 platform take a look at the same Kimber Property Carry. Both great guns, imo.

      • C123

        Kimber Pro Carry. Sorry auto correct is a pita.

    • deerecub1977


  • felix irizarry

    you accep money order

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