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Military 1911 Pistols

by Handguns Online Staff   |  May 26th, 2011 9

Craig Boddington and Richard Venola discuss the history of the military 1911 throughout US military history.

  • kemal huseyinoglu

    Those sidearms are designed for to point and fire. Expectations are good hand fitting, accuracy, reliability but all are not designed for target shooting. So at the end of the film they tested the pistols in target. The results are not reliable and may also confuse the minds of everybody. May be to shoot at a body or a half body target are more acceptable.

  • buddy

    i liked the video,but what about the new 1911's pros and cons?

  • JP Kirkpatrick

    Actually? I've had enough of the 1911 platform…

    I acknowledge that the platform was a momentous development in Semi-Automatic handguns, but they are NOT the Be-All End-All of pistols!

    I, like a lot of others are getting a little weary of every magazine having 2-3 (or more) leads on the 1911!

    They are a good pistol, but I don't particularly like them and feel that they are being "…Over-covered…"

  • http://N/A Lopaka

    Enjoyed your video on the 1911 and have owned one since I

    carried it as a daily side arm in the Army in Germany 1963.

    My first 1911 was a Colt and I have a Springfield in stainless steel which my son wants as a hand down. They are lots of

    choice in 1911 now with many companies manufactoring the

    John M. Browning awesome 45ACP handgun. Keep making those videos each month on hand guns.

  • Rick Lester

    I have been hearing a lot of "whining" over the past year or so about the 1911 coverage being too often and too much. There is a simple reason for this coverage. The popularity of the 1911 exceeds all other styles and, as a result, almost all major manufacturers offer their version of the 1911 the latest being Ruger. Add to that the history of the 1911 and the fact all other pistols owe, if not all at least in large part, their design and operation to John Browning and the 1911. Embrace it.

  • Wayne

    Keep the 1911 articles coming. I've reworked several and completely built 2 from components. It will be a long time before I tire of reading about and shooting the 1911!!!

  • IndyMac

    I used to tire of the abundance of 1911 articles, but lately I can't get enough. I started my pistol shooting with 1911 then went to Glock's, Sig's etc. Since I got into target shooting I went back to 1911 and now have two 1911's I'd take into combat against any of the Glock's I currently own. I enjoy all your video's.

  • Ray Hamel

    Where can I go to find the value of a Llama 45cal. handgun.

  • Roger Higby

    It sad to note that both of these two individuals released the slide into battery with the use of the slide stop ( it is not a slide release), which indicates that they have never attended a professional gun school. The only proper way to put the handgun back into battery is to pull the slide rearward with your non-shooting hand, giving the spring an opportunity to compress fully. It is also the manner in which you would "tap / rack / access" when experiences a failure to fire.

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