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Two Major Manufacturers Face Safety Recalls for Handguns

by Handguns Online Staff   |  September 4th, 2013 10

A pair of the nation’s top firearm manufacturers—Smith & Wesson and Springfield Armory—recently issued safety recalls on two of their most popular subcompact pistols.

On Aug. 22, Smith & Wesson issued a major consumer safety alert for all M&P Shield pistols made before Aug. 19, 2013. The safety alert identified a condition where the Shield’s trigger bar pin could damage the trigger’s drop safety feature—enabling the pistol to potentially discharge when dropped.


Those who own pistols exhibiting the potential safety hazard are instructed to arrange for repair by contacting Smith & Wesson directly at (877)-899-6259.

Ironically just six days later, on Aug. 28, Springfield Armory issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols.

Springfield’s recall identified the following issue: “Under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once. The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur.”

According to Springfield, no injuries have been reported to date. Pistols affected by the recall include: XD-S 9mm pistols with serial numbers between XS900000 and XS938700, and XD-S .45 ACP pistols with serial numbers between XS500000 and XS686300.

To arrange for XD-S repairs, follow these recall instructions, or contact the Springfield Armory Call Center at (800)-680-6866 to send your pistol in for service at Springfield’s expense.

While there’s still no information on exactly how many Smith & Wesson M&P Shield or Springfield XD-S pistols exhibit the potentially hazardous conditions, it’s believed very few pistols are actually affected.

Both manufacturers are proactively handling the safety recalls by warning folks to take caution, inspect their pistols and send them in for immediate repair.

  • south

    Your headline is misleading. You state that TWO manufacturers face recalls in the headline but in the article you clearly state that only Springfield Armory has issued a recall. Smith and Wesson issued a Safety Alert.

  • Paul

    Not a big deal. I sent mine in. I love my XDS 45. I never had any
    problems and it takes every ammo brand I use with no issues. The best
    CCW I have ever had so I’ll take it back for the upgrade and wait

    • Terry Gizzmo

      Trigger pull is so hard you will be lucky to hit anything with it. Sold mine

  • Dozer

    Title not misleading. S&W does face a recall. They just hope to not have to call it that. A notice telling folks to stop using firearm and get it checked immediately is thier way of saying we made a bad product. Get it looked at cause we are too proud and too cheap to fix our error.

  • Vladimir

    south, Smith & Wesson has a recall on all M&P Shield

  • Kent Summers

    Assuming serial numbers increase 1 per gun, there are over 38,000 XDs involved, including mine.

  • Dustin

    Not true Vlad. A recall requests all owners to send in their product because they all have a potential to be defective. S&W warns that some products may exhibit a problem and requests the owners to check for the possible issue.

  • Dave Hicks

    IF you actually read the safety warning from S&W, they state the effected pistols were some of the most recent in production, that most were not thought to be included in this repair. Again, as with any firearm you should be diligent in upkeep of any weapon that your life may depend on.

  • tom

    Mailed my XDs 45 on Thursday. What repairs are they doing to it ?

    • Terry Gizzmo

      Increasing the trigger pull and putting in a roll pin that can jam the grip safety if it works loose

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