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The 9mm No-Name: Canik 55 TP9 Review

by James Tarr   |  October 15th, 2012 92

Canik-55-TP9_001When I first started carrying a gun, nothing less than a cocked-and-locked 1911 in .45 ACP would do. After about a decade, I moderated my stance a little bit; caliber and action type were important, but not a deal breaker. However, I wouldn’t have anything to do with pistols made by companies I’d never heard of.

Today, my perspective has… matured. Add the scramble to pay bills that usually accompanies marriage and children, throw another decade of experience in–most of which I spent as a gun writer–and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a place for every pistol out there, as long as it’s reliable.

In just the past year I’ve tested several pistols from companies I’d never heard of, and without exception they were reliable and ridiculously inexpensive.  In that same time frame, I also tested a customized Remington 870, which cost $1900, and a $3,000 1911, which wasn’t reliable. Sure, both the 1911 and the 870 looked a lot cooler than the Hi-Point or SCCY CPX-2, but the day I buy a gun I know isn’t reliable or spend close to two grand on a pump-action shotgun, you’ll know I suffered a closed-head injury.

With my recent experience, when I was asked to review the TP9 from Canik 55, neither of which I had ever heard of, I said, “Sure, why not?”

Canik 55 is actually a division of Samsun Yurt Savunma, one of Turkey’s biggest defense contractors.  While it probably has some historical significance, their small symbol of a dolphin is not something you often see on a pistol grip.  They actually have a “Dolphin” series of guns, which are CZ-75 clones.  The TP9, on the other hand, looks like a copy of the Walther P99.  While the P99 might have been the inspiration, I actually like magazine release of the TP9 better.  Both guns are a little too busy in looks for my taste, but I know some people just love the modern Walther look.

The TP9 is a polymer-framed 9mm pistol with a 17+1 capacity.  This is a full-size gun with a 4-inch barrel. The action type of the TP9 is a bit unusual. It is a striker-fired gun, but it works a bit like a DA/SA pistol with an exposed hammer. When you first load the pistol and drop the slide, you have the option of leaving it as is. The trigger will stay all the way forward if you don’t touch it, but a light tug on it will reveal no pull weight for the first two-thirds of its travel length, then it will click into place. Pull the trigger then and the result will be a crisp 5-pound trigger pull. Or, you can hit the decocker at the top rear of the slide. When decocked, the trigger stays forward and you will get a long, traditional DA pull of about 10 pounds.

The rear of the striker is painted red, and if you can see it through the hole in the back of the slide, you’ll know it is cocked. The pistol has no external safety.

The polymer frame of the TP9 accommodates interchangeable backstraps, and two sizes–small and large–were provided with the pistol. I have medium-small hands, and the large backstrap put too much bulk on the pistol for my taste, but those of you with larger hands will probably like it a lot.

One of my big pet peeves are gun makers who only supply their semi-auto pistols with one magazine. The TP9 comes with two 17-round magazines with polymer basepads. The magazines are made by Mec-Gar, known worldwide for its quality. Mec-Gar is the OEM magazine supplier for a number of well-known pistols, including the S&W M&P, Ruger SR9, and single-stack Para USA 1911 magazines. While the TP9 looks a lot like the Walther P99, I don’t think their magazines will be interchangeable–I didn’t have one on hand to test–because of the difference in the magazine releases.

The Walther P99 has an ambidextrous lever-type magazine release that runs along the bottom of the trigger guard. The Canik 55 TP9 has a traditional magazine release on the frame behind the rear of the trigger guard. The mag release button is square, metal and aggressively checkered.

Canik-55-TP9_002The frame has subdued finger grooves on the front, with horizontal serrations to improve gripping on the front and back. The sides of the grip are textured as well. This is a full-size pistol weighing 23 ounces with a grip that fills the hand, chambered in 9mm–aggressive checkering is not needed, as felt recoil isn’t bad at all.

Sights are a 3-dot variety filled with luminous green paint–hit ‘em with bright light and they’ll glow in the dark for a while. The rear sight is adjustable for windage. Both front and rear sights are polymer, and in my opinion, meet the bare minimum requirement, but the pistol shot point of aim. The TP9 also comes with an injection-molded holster that features a locking mechanism very similar to the Blackhawk! Serpa, and both a paddle and belt loop attachment. That’s not a bad deal for a pistol that is selling online for about $350. That’s hundreds of dollars less than you’ll see the Walther going for, but no pistol is a deal if it isn’t reliable.

So how did the TP9 do?  I put several hundred rounds through my sample TP9 and didn’t experience a single malfunction, due no doubt to the well-made magazines feeding into a ramped, fully supported chamber. Accuracy hovered around three inches at 25 yards, which is pretty average for this size/type of gun. In this economy, it’s tough to find the money to buy a new gun, much less afford the ammo you’ll need to feed it, but having a reliable pistol which starts out less expensive than the competition is a good start.

  • Gary Chenett

    Let me try again;
    Why are you recommending a gun made in Turkey? that is in the Middle of our enemies in the Mid East and that does nothing to support Americans I think you must be bored with your job and need to move on.

    We have the Muslim Brothjerhood, The Taliban, Pakistan, Iran, Libya and more countries that have one major fantasy and that's to see every Iffedals Head possible stuck on the end of a post in the ground.

    Are you bored and just think we are playing Monopoly with our enemies?
    Chit or get off of the pot and support our Country and our Citizens. I'll bet Ruger has a half dozen guns on the drawing board or in boxes ready to sell.

    Change your attitude about Patriosm in America or you can take my name off of your subscription list
    Gary Chenett
    Grand Blanc, MI

    • Kaleb W.

      Where do I buy mine?

      • steve

        j&g out of az. purchased one (have not received as of this post) for 349.00

        • Aaron Lerberg

          Steve, did you ever get the gun?

    • Glenn Tolbert

      I was in Turkey three weeks ago, It is the only country in that region I feel safe in as an American, i was treated well and with respect. They are a true NATO ally and do not mess around or support terrorism in any shape or form. Everything they make is made with pride and extreme quality at an extremely fair price. This country is one of the few that you can say you get maore than what you pay for. You should visit it, I am sure you would change your opinion.I am an American , I buyAmerican but that does not stop me from butying excellent quality items from our allies.

    • James Tarr

      Gary, I think you need to do a little research. Turkey is a member of NATO and a friend and ally to the U.S. Yes, they are in the Middle East. Yes, they are officially a muslim country, but to be honest they are very secular–I was there in June and everybody (even the women) dress in western attire. They are a First World nation. Turkey is currently in conflict with Syria, which is a country you need to be worried about. If you ever see me reviewing a gun from Syria, or for that matter China or California, then you'lll know I've sold out.

    • Brian S.

      Turkey is a NATO ally and a beautiful country. I suggest you visit it sometime and report back with your new opinion. They shed blood alongside our troops in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. They were instrumental during the Cold War in checking Soviet expansion. They are also a member of an exclusive club of Occidental friendly nations that purchase hi-end American military hardware and train with it hand-in-hand with our forces. If Turkish firearms are as good as their soldiers, they're worth a try.

    • Bergsteiger

      Seriously? Perhaps you should get your head out of your a–and travel the world a bit. The Turks HATE the right wing Muslims, they support women's rights and are just as concerned as we are about the frickin' Taliban. Not only that, but their army has traditionally kicked butt several times-It's a great thing they're on our side.

    • JP's Armory

      hate to pile on but "oh knowledgeable one, Turkey is in the middle of one of the United States most loyal allies. When my unit ran into Turks in Saigon on pass we knew not to mess with them! They are as tough as South Korean Marines! I served with the Ist Marine Division and had great admiration for them. I own a TP9 and other than a robust grip (a little big) it is an unbelievable weapon! It comes with everything, which is nice in these day's of gun and one mag manufacturers.

    • Mike Knuckles

      Really Stepped on Your Dick on this one Gary. Here is some advice: STEP ONE: You and the rest of your Narcissist Cronies need to stop jerking each other off in the back yard while drinking Milwaukee's Best. STEP TWO: Watch the World News. And lastly Think before you speak, or blog. I'm sure this might confuse you and you're "Flint MI Militia". Better stick to B.S. high school stories.

      BTW: MI Has one of the highest Islamic populations in the U.S………KARMA IS AWESOME

      • Kim Shimkus

        Dearborn is the Muslim Capital in Michigan

    • Elmer

      This is yer hischool buddy Elmer. Guess you never got over bein attaked by that gobbler in yer tree stand.
      I know you hate turkeys and I sapport you man. Sea ya at the militia meetin on Tewsday.

      • tonyton


    • Turkish Texan

      I hope this passed 6 months you learned something about Turkey Mr Gary

      Please do not stay Ignorant have your little research before you open your worthless mouth ,because you are one disgrace American individual …

    • bruce s


    • don


    • Jack Hamilton

      If ignorance equaled danger…your ignorance would be lethal. Another stupid American!

    • Kim Shimkus

      I cant think of a better why to repay them if SHTF

    • JD Lamb

      You have no idea what you’re talking about, Mr. Gary Chenett from Grand Blanc, MI. Turkey is a NATO country, and has been since 1952 – for reference, that’s longer than “West Germany” has been a member of NATO. Turkey is one of our strongest allies, and it’s location in the Eurasian landmass is strategically significant.

      And here’s a real kicker: they make excellent firearms. Even those cheap Remington 870 knockoffs are pretty damned decent.

    • don

      have you took leave of your senses?–WE have obama—the marixist dog

  • Aaron Lerberg

    I see no issue wth this article. Turkey is a NATO ally and the only country to lob anything other than words at Syria. I wonder if the previous poster would have been so angry about a review from Austria or Italy?

    • Jerry

      I think he's an employee of Ruger trying to boost sales. Lol.

  • John Mooney

    I agree…Turkey is an ally last time I checked. If you've ever seen them fight, you'll be glad their on our side.

    • alper

      Thanks John Mooney , i think you know turkish warriors well, but Gary Chenett knows us as enemy, Mr. Gary maybe you dont like our pistols, this possible but you dont know anything about us.

  • Jeepers creepers

    I really like my Canik 100 Shark. I have sent cheap, very cheap ammo thru it and it performs good at 40 yards. I own the 3.5 barrel compact. You should check out the full auto pistols they make on youtube. I have own my Canik for over two years now and It is the best semi auto I have ever owned. Good article and has a gun magazine you need to be more alert to imported handguns. I've owned mine for over two years.

  • maddog

    The Turks have always been our ally. A friend that fought in Korea said that if they couldn't overtake the enemy, they would call in the Turks. He said they would come back with Korean heads tied to their belts! Nuff said i think.

  • Martin Buck

    We New Zealanders encountered the Turks at Gallipoli in 1915. Johnny Turk (well, Mehmet in turkish) is an excellent soldier. Gallipoli was an idiotic venture by Winston Churchill as First Lord Admiral to take Turkey out of WW1. They were only on the German side because Churchill stole the battleship that was being made for the Turks in Britain at the time of the WW1 outbreak. Kiwis developed enormous respect for the Turks in that conflict, and the actions of Ataturk in protecting war graves was generous and statesmanlike. Many thousands of Kiwis go to Turkey each year for the ANZAC commemorations, and are treated hospitably by the Turks. Apart from the historical ruins, the wonderful people are a great reason to visit Turkey. They also make functional, reliable firearms.

    • alper

      Atatürk said that to mothers of dead Anzac Soldiers "THEY ARE NOT ONLY YOUR SONS ANYMORE, THEY ARE ıN OUR COUTRY AND THEY ARE OUR SONS"

      • Martin Buck

        And in the 19th century, the Crimean War was fought alongside the Turks, to defend Turkey and the Balkan states against Imperial Russian expansion. British, French and Turkish forces fought side by side.

    • Gubbins48

      Martin–dead right. My Kiwi friends just got back from the Gallipoli battlefields and other points on the Turkish map and said that without fail the Turkish people were terrific. Looks like I’m going to have to buy one of their pistols now!

      • Peter Pocket

        Not anymore. Not since they drifted into radical Islamic territory
        with Erdogan at the helm. Remember their ship, the Mavi Marmara, that was part of their so-called “Freedom Flotilla” that was loaded with
        Turkish terrorists on a jihad mission to capture and kill Israeli
        soldiers and run the legal blockade around Gaza. Israel, of course, got blamed for having to kill nine terrorists who attacked them with knives, pipes, and a gun as soon as they rapelled on board from a helicopter, armed only with paintball guns.

        All ships were supposed to go to Ashkleton for unloading. The Mavi Marmara refused to stop, and the IDF had to board the ship. Erdogan pulled a fast one here since he arranged for the ship’s passage. Both he and Obama forced Israel to apologize for basically exercizing their God-given right to stay alive.

        Turkey used to be a secular democracy. Not anymore. They have been repeatedly persecuting their Chrisian population – just like old times.

        I can’t believe you blokes are letting the Turkish government off the hook for their genocide of 1.5 Armenian Christians in 1915 for which they still refusce to accept responsibility. Same goes for their illegal occupation of Northern Cyprus.

        No, not good allies anymore. ISIS is at their border with Syria, but in a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” moment, the Turks are fighting them alongside the Kurds (for whom they will never grant an independent Kurdistan).

        But, hey, they make great guns….as did the Nazis.

        • Gubbins48

          Since I posted that a year ago my attitude has changed…not that I need explain myself…but their recent actions with regard to ISIS and persecution of non-Muslims has sworn me off anything they make.
          The hell with ‘em-

        • socialismisevil

          thanks for the post

          I was about to do the same

  • D.D Hammerhand

    I Looked Wikipedia they do have any info on Gun Brand. Is Turkish Brand. It doesn't sound any Europe or U.S brand it must Turkish. But it has a web site. http:// Try that ever one

  • oscar oscar

    just another extremist . spouting rubbish views steeped in breathtaking ignorance.
    funny how a bunch of ill informed people are out there making loud noise!!


    Are you guys talking about the quality of guns or politics…………….

  • Aaron Lerberg

    To Dandy… I think we're tired of hearing from hot heads who are ignorant of the world around them. I took no issue with this article and I thank the author for bringing us something out of the main stream. Judging by other comments most people may feel the same.

  • Ryan

    Does anyone have any idea where I can find extra magazines for this gun? I've tried looking everywhere, but can't seem to locate them.

  • JP's Armory

    For magazines, I would check with Bud's Gun Shop, Cheaper than Dirt and Century International. Century is the importer for the gun so I would think you could call them.

  • What a Bubba

    What an ignoramus…makes all the radical muzlems proud to have friends like this idiot

  • MDblue

    Take it easy on Gary Chenett, Vietnam 1967/68, The Big Red One, 1st/4th Calvary, Bravo Troop. Veterans' activist and cancer survivor.

    • Scobie

      Just because you served, does not make you immune from ignorance. Sorry he is a an uneducated idiot.

  • Jimmy

    I really enjoyed the article, as my state is possibly about to repeal their concealed carry ban, and I'm finding myself in the market for a cheap(er) reliable polymer gun.

    MDblue, there's no reason at all why we should not correct an extremely ignorant person for spewing hate speech just because he's a veteran. Many veterans are racists, wifebeaters, etc, just like any other group of people. "But I fought here" is not an excuse to be a hateful bigot.

  • Kory Hamilton

    James so besides all the off topic stuff I'm looking into buying one from a shop here, on a scale of 1 to 10 how would your rate it in reliability and customer service. Also would you recommend it to others?

  • khan

    what i got from ur discussion z tat who ever z friebd of america z a good man nd who has no relation with u z a monster. where z huminity . we hate extremist and so do we hate u bcz u created those for ur intrest nd now bcz of u they r powerful eniugh to sat on our heads. shame on them nd u as well

  • matt

    Gary, you are apparently a stupid, inbred redneck. Get an education and read some books. Your grammar and spelling is attrocius too.

    • Correcting the Correctors

      That’s “atrocious” you nillymuffin.

  • americanshooterhere

    Politics aside….the Turks have ALWAYS made fine firearms.

  • steve

    just remember, that paying less does not mean that you are getting less quality. this gun will outlast all of us and grandchildren. i hope i love the gun when i receive it. i have looked over every 9mm out there and for the investment, i think this gun will fit the bill. i believe in the not to far future, that the cost will sky rise just as the keltec pmr30. also, the tp9 has chrome-plated working parts, not to mention the cold-hammered barrel. the mags are 18 plus one, not 17,

  • Potus2000

    Steve, looking forward to seeing what you think of the gun when you get it. Seems pretty solid so give us an update when it comes in.


    They seem to make a living off of cloning other mfgs. products. I prefer original attempts at engineering. If it’s anything like the P99, it’s a winner. The dolphin just looks plain silly.

    • bobfairlane

      A lot of companies clone other stuff. Look at the .380 marketing battle.

  • Saeed Akakhail

    i have canik 55 is so good …………..any body want covt me on facebook

  • Mark Holcomb

    Relax. Turkish modern gunsmith science goes back to the 1890s, when Imperial Germany built a modern small arms industry in the Turkey. The Turks have both kept up and modernized the same, especially since 1945. Buy this pistol with full confidence.

  • Ryan T

    I got mine from J&G Sales last Monday for 299$ after ordering it on Thursday. Big ups to J&G for the quick and easy delivery btw, but on to the more important part… the gun. It came with two 17rd mags, paddle and loop attachments, cleaning brush and rod, slick button released tactical holster, 2 backstraps, and a nice hard plastic case. Serious value, period.

    Beyond the excellent value and plethera of goodies accompanying this pistol, I was amazed at the look, feel, and overall quality of the gun itself from first sight. The tight feel and lack of any rattling noises or cheap plastic like parts shocked me considering the low price and “unknown” status of the manufacturer.

    I have fired 250 rounds through this thing with zero FTF’s or other issues. It is pointed really well from the factory and groups consistantly around 2.5″ to 3″ at normal firing distances.

    I don’t mean to write a whole new review article but I was very impressed with this gun especially for the price. It’s worth the money and then some yall. Go get you one.

    • Mapache

      I just got my TP 9 and I feel like the trigger doesn’t catch while dry firing the gun. Any thoughts?

      • Chris Cerny

        Do you have the TP9 or the TP9SA?

  • Steve Hyman

    I took the tp9 home after the jg guy suggested it and happy as can be. BUT! I need a LH holster for normal external belt carry. I’m using an IWB from a Colt commander but I’m not finding anything like a Blackhawk. I don;t want to pay and pray. Any ideas?

  • Michael Butler

    Look at that grip, bet it’s a nightmare to CCW – if you tried that is.

    • Alan

      Actually, this is my carry weapon, and the grip is just fine. It is a lot slimmer and lighter than my Springfield xd from front to back. For me, the bigger back strap that comes standard with the gun provides a better grip, but doesn’t make the gun too bulky to conceal. It is a great shooter no doubt about it. $299 at J&G sales, and The only downside is extra magazines are only available at Century International Arms, not even from Mec Gar, and while the magazine is only $26, the shipping is $28, as century has insane shipping prices for anything under $75. Overall, great gun at a very affordable price.

      • Bossasaurus

        about 2 weeks ago i bought 3 extra mags from J&G for $22.50 each and 10.00 s/h. have good day.

    • Trent

      I carry mine IWB all the time. Tend to forget it’s there.

  • tonyton

    I was in the gun store and they had these on sale. I examined it d was impressed I asked him if they are any good, or, how do they sell and have any come back with problems. He said no one has complained. I had just sent my XDs in for recall work, so I bought @ 299…. We’ll see how it does n the range

    • tonyton

      Follow up: I own several different brands of handguns and this one did not fail, in any way to impress me.It ate 100 rounds and didn’t even blink. It’s a little big for concealed, but our laws have recently changed to open carry, so if it show under my shirt, it’s no big deal. I have a concealed weapon permit also. One of the best 9MM iI have ever shot. It will hold 17+1 This is compared to Glock, FNX and other high dollar pistols.

  • Mike Stone

    I’m going to pull a switch here and take a break from geography and politics. I’m going to talk about the gun.

    For starters, I don’t pay any attention to gun snobs. Those people who think it can’t be any good unless its expensive. I love my TP-9. It is rock solid, feeds any type of ammo with 100% reliability and hits what I aim at. What more do you need from a defensive handgun?

    The gun fits my hand very well with the small backstrap and aims very naturally. I prefer the trigger pull over any other gun I own, or have owned. Glock, M&P, XD. I prefer the TP9 to all of them. And there is another benefit to the hybrid SA/DA trigger. You can restrike on a misfire without having to recock the gun. Few striker fired guns offer that. Yes, with clean, modern ammo, misfires are rare. But they DO happen.

    And I’ll mention that the lock up on my TP9 is very tight. I wish my S&W M&P was that good. I suspect this contributes the gun’s better than average accuracy. It’s not a target gun. But then, its not meant to be.

    As to the sites being “bare minimum”. Yeah, they are polymer. So what? Traditional 3 dot sites with the rear site being windage adjustable. Once again, what more do you need? This isn’t a high end competition gun. I will make one comment about the sites though. As mentioned the sites are florescent. Don’t confuse this with luminescent night sites. If exposed to direct bright light they will glow in the dark faintly, for a while. But I found that the dark yellow florescent paint made the sites difficult to pick up in normal light. So I used a small drill bit to clean out the holes and then filled them with bright white gloss enamel. Much better. I never was a fan of night sites anyway. If it’s so dark you can’t aim your gun well enough to hit a man sized target at typical ranges, it’s probably too dark for you to even identify who or what you are shooting at.

    I’ll also point out that the gun has a full length metal guide rod, with a captured spring. In a day and age when many gun makers are using plastic guide rods. Yes, even Glocks. Canik uses plastic where it doesn’t matter. And metal where it does. Imagine that.

    • anointedsword

      I bought my first Glock before Glocks were cool and paid somewhere around 300 bucks for it.

    • bobfairlane

      I haven’t seen these “dolphin guns” yet. I’d sure look at one, though. Do they have good service for warranty/repairs/parts?

      • Kim Shimkus

        there called Canik55 sharks type that you will find it

    • URSilly

      ” And there is another benefit to the hybrid SA/DA trigger. You can restrike on a misfire without having to recock the gun.”

      Thank you for mentioning this. I have been searching for this answer a while now. I like the restrike option and feel it is a necessary capability on any handgun that might be used in self defense. It is a big reason why I purchased my conceal carry Taurus PT111 G2. I look for operational “value” guns before name. Price is second to performance when deciding. The PT11 G2 is a fine subcompact conceal carry gun and I have decided that this Canik, with a quick detach light, will make a fine open carry/home defense pistol. My only misgiving about this one is apparently (???) NO lifetime warranty….usually a must with any gun I purchase unless it is a cheap pocket carry “throw away” gun.

      Thanks for the detailed review…now the tough question…Desert Tan, Chrome or Titanium? Sometimes too many choices isn’t a good thing…hahaha!

      • desert dweller

        I thought I read where it was a lifetime guarantee?

  • Mike Stone

    To those who complain about the size of the grip interfering with concealing the gun. This is a full size service pistol with an 18+1 capacity. NOT a compact designed for CCW. Sure, it can be carried, with the right holster and proper clothing, but that is not it’s intent.

  • George Curry

    I just took delivery on my CZ55 Stingray 9mil. As one writer described the gun: it is a “brick”, kinda heavy, not a typical CCW weapon.
    It came with two mags and a sleeve that fits over the top if the mag and, I assume, is an aid in loading ammo.
    There is one problem…there is a red plastic doodad inserted into the ejection port andfrr the life of me , I can’t it out…any suggestions?.

  • bobfairlane

    Why would you say “aggressive checkering isn’t needed”? On any gun, I want the most grip possible. Serrations, checkering, stippling, grip tape, anything. Blisters are not even a concern. Recoil isn’t the reason. It’s for drawing and maintaining it, even with sweat, oil, rain, etc.

  • mac

    I agree with your assessment of this firearm. I picked one up and found it to be VERY accurate, no malfunctions and with all of the free stuff including two extra front sights in mine and 18 round magazines… will be on my hip off duty for a long time.

  • Kalamitty

    Hey…can anyone explain why they tell you the magazines are 18 round but yet there are only 17 view holes in the magazine?

  • OldNorthState

    Though this article is about the Canik TP9 (great weapon for the money), I think lumping the SCCY CPX2 with a Hi-Point, as far as “looking cool”, is rather humorous. I know it’s subjective, but few would dispute the SCCY CPX2 as looking downright SEXY compared to a Hi-Point, in overall design, fit and finish. Heck, even a loaded squash looks pretty cool compared to a Hi-Point…

  • Kim Shimkus

    the Canik55 TP- 9MM 18 Rds. magazine is nice I have shoot this gun over and over again I will tell you from the money you cant beat the price and the Quality that went into it when I first saw it and then stated realizing the gun was in my Opinion better in many ways then the glock yeah I know I am going to here it and I already have my son is a glock fan big time and when I got it and he shot it and we took it apart and put back together easier then a glock he now wants one to but really this gun is really nice t also feathers a de-cocker that allows you to go from single action to double action but I use it also as a safety switch as well when holstering and drawing the weapon the trigger pull is more when you set the De-cocker so a added feature I like my son is really liking it well he may be going to buy one soon for magazine I have bought extras beside the two that came with it I bought 4 more and found they are identical to the ones that came with the gun I plan on buying 4 more Magazine giving me a total of 10 when I am done then i will pick one up for my wife and we should have plenty of magazines for the same guns to share Magazine when things go bump in the night sort of to speck

    • oldscratch

      Here you go, looks like you could use a few of these………….”””””””’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      I just happen to have a few extra.
      You’re welcome.

  • drux

    It’s a n internal hammer not striker fired. that’s why you get that da/sa pull and how you can fire after a misfired without racking the slide

  • Derpopolis

    I wish these guns were legal in Kalifornia

    • oldscratch

      Check with OC Firearms, they can get them in…legally.

      • NPS

        Based on your post, I spoke to someone over there and they’d never even heard of the gun. Not sure where you got this info but it’s certainly not from the actual gun shop.

  • KC O

    i wouldn’t hesitate to call this the “value gun” of the year. I see Glock, police turn in’s for $350 used to the hilt. For $319 shipped you simply can’t go wrong. If you need a truck gun or something that needs to take a bit of abuse this is DEF the gun to choose. I have a large hand grip and this fits almost like the full sized 1911
    The only draw back i can see right now is Mags…they sell for about $26 each from Century Arms. Would like to have 3-4 more but not gonna pay roughly 1/3 of the orig cost of the gun for Mags.

    Just got mine and taking it to the range Tuesday broke it down to inspect the machining and “guts” and IMO this is a $450-500 quality level gun selling at $320.

  • Mark Griffin

    Its great showcase of Canik 55 TP9 but i still prefer my new Kimber 1911 .45 ACP over it. I became fan of it while testing it on shooting range. Its tough and classy within budget. I also seen a review on it.. and then decided to by one for me. Got one 2 months back from biggest online retailer..

  • Michael Walters

    Just bought mine yesterday for $309. For that money, you get the gun, holster, 2 magazines, 2 styles of clips for the holster, tools, lock, and few other things in the carry case. Spent the day at the range getting it sighted in and having some fun. Solid gun, I love it. Put 200 rounds through it and not a single issue. Once I got it sighted, was putting rounds center mass at 25 yards without a single miss. Damn good gun.

    • GunDick

      Michael, I’m jealous. Bought a Black one (Tan nearly impossible to find in stock in October 2014) after lots of research, mostly positive. Similar to my FNH-9 in heft. But tried both magazines: Fiocchi 115 shot about every other round randomly. Winchester 124, American Eagle 124, Blazer Brass 115, Lawman 115 would not even load into battery from the mags. Single round insert, close slide, fire: excellent feel, accurate, worked as claimed. Have two MecGar mags coming from J&G: if they work, problem is the mags. If not, gun is problem, will have to try Century’s poor warranty/return process. BBB and other complaints indicate that may be fraught with issues. But otherwise, agree this is a good gun. After my Remington R51 debacle, not happy with new guns with issues.

  • AmericanBob

    no way would I ever own, even if it was a present, a muslim made gun, I would never ever support by buying a muslim made gun. there are too many GREAT Ameican Made guns, that one can buy. Keep that trash out of my home and off my range, thank you

  • F. De Moraes

    No matter how reliable or inexpensive the firearm may be, I will not support Turkey for their President supports ISIS/ISIL!

  • Dan S

    Bought my TP9 a year ago for $319 from Cabelas and I love it. It has not one time misfired, misfed, jammed or failed in any way. Went in looking at a 1911 but couldn’t pass up the deal on this one even though I had never heard of it. Locking side holster, 2 17-round clips, large and small backstraps (small one came pre-attached but I have large hands so I switched to the larger one), luminescent sights. Simple and quick tear down. Great sidearm. Glad I purchased it.

  • KTGrosch

    It will be my next purchase. I actually handled one at Academy Sports ($349) this week and recently had them on sale for $314. Just got a catalog this week that had versions other than the black including one with a chrome slide and a desert tan which is what I might hold out for. While I was there a guy came in and said he had his for over 2 years and loved it. Made a point to say he owned 6 Glocks and this gun was not slumming it. My son read an article and said the factory ran of 40,000 rounds thru it before any issues. That sounds good enough for me. BTW – I recently bought a Glock 21 but also have a Browning HiPower MK III and a S&W Model 28.

  • Mikial

    I really would like to get one of these.

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