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Taurus Introduces New Large Caliber, Lightweight Revolvers

by Scott E. Mayer   |  May 24th, 2011 14

Miami, FL-–The new Taurus 405 and 445 revolvers are aggressive wheel-guns that deliver superior accuracy and stopping power without the heft or bulk of most large caliber revolvers. These 5-shot revolvers are available in blue or matte stainless finish with the Taurus Ribber Grip that reduces felt recoil.

The 445 is chambered in .44 Special and features an Ultra-Lite frame that weighs only 22 ounces. The revolver’s barrel measures 2 inches, with an overall length of 7 inches. The 405, Taurus’ first .40 S&W revolver, features a lightweight frame that weighs just 29 ounces and includes stellar clips.  The revolver’s barrel measures 2 inches, with an overall length of 7 inches. Like all Taurus firearms the 405 and 445 come standard with the unique onboard Taurus Security System that allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock. MSRP $452 – $514.

  • Tom Wozniak

    I seem to remember the stelar clips being not quite as reliable in keeping unfired round from falling out from the clips if they were dropped in the heat of the moment…at least that was the complaint of the .45acp version. Frankly I would prefer a .45 version with the listed revisions but the .40 would go nice with a G22. Are there still problems with the rim thickness of various .40 rounds and the ability to ignote them?

  • Dan Halen

    Why a .40 if you could have a 10MM? I really wish they would make one at a 'Taurus' price to have as a option against the $1000 S&W!

  • Jules Rabalais

    The 44 special 5 shot lightweight was originally made by the old Charters Arms co and they are making them again. They are an American Co. I still have the one i purchased in the 70's and i used it on hunting trips as a backup. I always carried it loaded with 240 grain semi wadcutters. Not to hot but has knock down power

  • Greg Teichmiller

    Hornady makes the critical defence load for both .44 spl and .44 mag. This makes the .44 spl. a great "Belly Gun". I;m glad Taurus and Charter chamber a compact revolver in this caliber. I like the reliability of a revolver. No thinking just point and pull the trigger. I hope you can get it DA only. The Charter Bull Dog can be ordered that way.

  • stevemoriarity

    every taurus i've checked had very loose cly. lockup. I would like a 44 spl. but the sloppy lockup turns me away.

    • Jeepers Creepers

      All I ever buy is taurus handguns nothing else. But I do have to agree that if it is not built on the RAGING BULL frame. The lockup and trigger feel leaves a lot to be desired. I own a 500 mag 10 inch, model 444 U.L. 4 inch, a first generation model 85 that looks and feels like a S&W J frame. The 444 is 44 mag so I can shoot 44 special if I want to. It only weighs 28 OZ so using full power big game hunting loads it has a kick to it. But it is easily carried into the back woods of Colorado or on the city streets for defense.

  • DennisKsmith

    I dont understand why all of these gun makers steer around the trusty .45LC. I am a Taurus fan but the first company to put it out in .45LC gets my money.

    • robert

      I agree Dennis. I contacted Charter Arms about making a .45 LC. They told me that 2013 they will be coming out with one! I'd be the 1st i line …

    • robt

      Hey Dennis, I contacted Charter Arms earlier this year (2012) about a 5 shout .45 Long Colt. They told me they were retooling and it should come out in Spring of 2013. I'll be waiting in line for mine too.

  • RB Nelson

    Dennis, I agree. I love the .44 special and magnum, BUT … My all time faorite round is the .45 Colt. Wish someone would make a 5 shot .45 Colt 2 1/2" barrel revolver. Knock down power and an all around great cartridge to reload. The 1st to make it gets my money too.
    Northern California

  • bill pittman

    my favorite for concealed is a taurus ultra-lite in 38 +p i have several, but would love to have one in 45 acp.

  • R D Chavers

    I have always carried a S&W 629 in 44. I have 7 1/8", 3" and a 4". None of them are as accurate as the Taurus 445. I keep pulling out 445's till I found one with a tight lock up. The trigger needs a little work but, All in all well worth the price. I carry mostly with snake shot for two rounds and three with Hornady 185 spl. I am very comfortable carring it conceled and have no doubt it witll do it's job if I do mine in a time of need. It is so pleseant to shoot, my small wife likes it better than her Lady smith 38. Word of warning, it is loud but very controlable. I would like to try smaller grips but the factory grip work well. It is not a gun I would want to run 500 hot loads thru. But used wisely, it will last for many years. Good Job Taurus. When you check your records, you will see I support your products well with my purchases.

  • Nick

    Dennis – Taurus makes a tracker 4510 (45lc/.410) and a snub nose 454 casull – which also shoots the 45LC. So what are you waiting for?

  • Fat Billy

    My Taurus 44 spl is one of the titainium models that aren't imported any longer. I don't know if the newer 445s feature a ported barrel as mine does. The one I have performs well with no problems. I do regret no one has attempted to car jack me since I got this gun for my "car" gun so I have no info other than range info. This weapon is becoming one of my favorites because I don't want a $1200.00 weapon stolen from the car. The new Critical Defence ammo make me hope fo a car jacker. (just kidding) Taurus is making quality products and I'm loving mine. Rememder to roll down your window when someone tries to get into your car os you wont have to buy a door glass. Later,

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