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SCCY CPX-2 Review

by James Tarr   |  February 19th, 2013 34


Most people can’t afford expensive custom guns, and the truth of the matter is they usually don’t need them because when it comes to handguns intended for defensive purposes, there is only one important question: Is it reliable? If it isn’t, don’t consider that firearm suitable for self-defense.

After reliability, the rest boils down to options or aesthetics. Options include size, magazine capacity, sights, safeties, trigger pull and so forth. Aesthetics are simply whether or not you like the pistol’s appearance. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the new CPX-2 from Daytona Beach, Fla., firm SCCY (pronounced “sky”). It’s a 9mm pistol intended for self-defense and concealed carry, and I found it completely reliable with every type of ammo I fed it, including hollowpoints. The pistol is made in the U.S.A.

The CPX-2 has a 3.1-inch barrel, is 4.25 inches tall (not including the magazine) and is over an inch thick. Unloaded it weighs 15 ounces. I consider it a bit too big to be a pocket gun, but it is on the small side for a belt gun.

The exterior of the pistol is clean, and the only controls you’ll see are the magazine release and the slide stop. The magazine release does not stick out very much, and you shouldn’t have problems dropping the mag accidentally. (For those of you who just can’t do without a manual safety, SCCY makes the CPX-1, which has a manual safety at the rear of the frame.)

The CPX-2 has a polymer frame and superficially resembles a few other pistols on the market, but that resemblance disappears when you pick it up. This pistol has a rather beefy grip for its size and fills the hand nicely. With the finger-groove base pads on the magazine I was able to get all of my fingers on the gun, but I have skinny fingers.

I feel pistols should come with a minimum of two magazines, and not only does SCCY supply the CPX-2 with two magazines, it provides both flat and extended finger-groove magazine base pads. I commend the company for this.

Sights are the basic three-dot setup. The rear sight is steel, and the front sight is polymer, which is one of only two things I didn’t like about the gun. Sights tend to get banged up, and I consider steel sights a must on any gun designed to be carried.

The CPX-2 has a small internal hammer that can be seen moving as you pull the trigger, and it has a true double-action-only trigger pull. This pistol has the nicest DAO trigger pull I’ve ever felt on a gun. It was completely smooth, consistent and snag-free, and the pull was only 6.5 pounds. SCCY advertises nine-pound trigger pulls for these guns, so maybe I got lucky.

The pistol does have second-strike capability and an inertial firing pin safety. My only complaint was that the trigger had to travel a full inch to break, each and every time. There was no reset halfway.

Fifteen ounces is rather light for a pistol chambered in 9mm, but due to the length and thickness of the grip, the pistol was not unpleasant to shoot. Recoil was sharp, of course, but it didn’t hurt my hand. I could shoot it as fast as I could pull the long trigger and not worry about the gun flying out of my hand.

I found I could also stage the polymer trigger—which is wide and smooth—close to the breaking point since it was so smooth and light. That produced better accuracy than you might expect from a DAO pull.

The slide will lock back on an empty round, if you can keep your thumb off the slide stop. Accuracy was on par for a gun of this size. For compact guns I do accuracy testing at the reduced distance of 15 yards, and that is still a greater distance than what you’ll likely encounter in a real-life defensive situation.

What about aesthetics? Well, I liked both the looks of the pistol and the way it felt in my hand. If you have large hands, the finger grooves on the grip might not match up for you the way they did for me, but for anyone with small- to medium-size paws the CPX-2 should fit you fine.

The pistol ships with two 10-round magazines with flush and extended base pads for both, as well as a trigger lock. The all-blued version I tested has a suggested retail of only $299, and there is a two-tone version as well going for $319.


With the finger extension on the magazine, the CPX-2 filled the author’s hands well—even finger grooves fit his hand perfectly—but your experience may differ.

  • Eric

    Am I the only one that sees a very distinct resemblance to the Ruger LC9?

    • Revolverdude

      Yep except the SCCY is twice as wide. You can't pack it in your pocket and after about 8 rounds in the mag, my thumb starts to tremble.

      • Kevin Wright

        Load the mags and leave them loaded for a week or more. The spring will loosen up if you leave them loaded to 10 and sit.

    • JustinWK

      You’re probably seeing a closer resemblance to a Kel-Tec P-11. I think the SCCY founder was a former kel-tec exec.

  • Donny

    I purchased this handgun because of price. I had doubts based on reviews from the 1st generation model. I then figured for the price and considering the excellent warranty I could use it as a car gun. I took it took the range and ran 200 round through it with no problem. Bottom line is I was so impressed with this weapon and the tight shit group that I use it for my CC weapon of choice. Most important part it is American made. You gotta love that.

  • John

    I hope this isn't like the Kel Tech that is a junk pistol but gets good ratings because of advertisement money.Gave two away because of jams and went to Ruger.

    • opar5

      Really. John? You may have been better served to have brought your problems to Ke-Tec's attention, I've never had problems with any of my Kel-Tecs – and I have more than my fair share in Kel-Tec firearms: .22WMR, .32ACP, .380ACP, 9mm, &.40S&W pistols; folding .40cal Carbine (Glock mags); 7.62 Bull-Pup rifle and 12 ga Bull-Pup shotgun. Kel-Tec is the most innovative gun manufacturer in the world today – and they stand behind their products.

      • Just observing

        Isn't Kel-Tec the fomer Grendel manufacturer who left all Grendel customers in the dust and to fend for themselves. Of course I could be mistaken. Then I apologize.

        • opar5

          No apologies necessary. We're reflecting our own experiences and interpreting them in our own ways. I'm still kicking myself for allowing one of my sons to talk me out of my early .380, top-loading Grendel. It worked beautifully as well, but was a bit larger than today's version.

    • mater

      kel tec what? ruger what? your vagueness is telling .

    • doug

      I have shot Kel=Tecs for years and am completely satisfied! The Ruger gets all the publicity, but it is just a copy of the Kel-Tec P-3AT. I swapped my Kel-Tec with a fellow shooter at the range. After about 4 or 5 mags he said he was selling his Ruger, and getting the Kel-Tec.

  • Crimedog

    I had the CPX 2 gen 2 and I basically use it for a paperweight on my desk because the spring for the safety kept popping out after fixing it three times. I only put 30 rounds through it. Not reliable at all for a carry piece. How many times do you call SCCY to tell them about the same problem over and over. It is embarrassing when you go to the range with your friends and have to sit out. Tried to sell and trade it but nobody would touch it. verrrrry depressing.

  • southpaw

    Cpx 2 does not have a saftey. Your bashing the wrong gun. Sccy has a saftey fix for the GPX 1 which you own. Why not take advantage of the repair kit and do away with the uneeded saftey.

  • Leonard

    I always take more then one pistol to the range,you never know whats going to happen.If you still want to get sell or trade it i'm interested? I'll take the time and effort to repair it

  • johnry

    I own one that jamed frequently so i called sccy and told them about my problems with the pistol. They told me to send it back so i did. 9 days later i received it back from them with new parts and no charge to me besides shipping it to them. It seems to be fine now i'v only put a box through it but no problems so far. I am happy with the pistol.

  • Buddy

    I have the Sccy cpx-2 I love the way it feels in my hand I’ve had no problem with it not one miss fire.I use as my cc &oc.

  • joe

    I bought the cpx2 in January. I have shot about 300 rds of various ammo ranging from dirt cheap (tul ammo) to high dollar (federal) personal defense. I have not had i single problem with mine.I would not hesitate to buy another Life time warranty and MADE IN AMERICA. !!!!!!!

  • George Ruff

    I recently bought a used CPX-2 and a new Ruger LC9. It’s interesting that others talk about the long trigger pull of the SCCY. I found the pull of the Ruger to be so much more that I got a kit from to shorten it. The SCCY suited me fine.

  • Kevin Wright

    Best VALUE 9mm CCW pistol, period!!!!

  • Hal

    This is my daily carry, in my pocket with a DeSantis Nemesis E1 pocket holster. No complaints, except for the sights……both dots on the rear sight have popped off. Are there any other sights (fluorescent) available?

  • freedixie

    I purchased mine in July of 2012 and have had 0 misfires and 0 jams. I went to the range today, and just out of curiosity, asked one of the guys behind the counter what his thoughts were on this gun. He said they break, fall apart, and jam. Of course, he has $600 pistols there that he wants to sell. I take what he says with a grain of salt. They also told me one time that my Hi-Point 40 Cal. was jamming because of a problem with the gun. It wasn’t the gun, it was their cheap reloads. When I shot new ammo, the 40 Cal. never jammed, it only did so with their ammo.
    So far, I am well pleased with my SCCY 9mm. It is accurate and dependable. It is what I use for my conceal carry; I replaced my Lorcin .380 with this gun because of the light weight and smaller size.

  • doug

    My Son and I both purchased a SCCY after three separate gun test reviews had the exact same thing to say as this review. One glowing review is good, but three makes buying this pistol a given! We have had zero problems in either gun using various ammo. We even shot a couple of Hornady Critical Duty +P’s through them to make sure they would feed. I know SCCY says the CPX-2 isn’t rated for for +P, and we have no intention of shooting anymore of them through this gun. We keep them loaded with Hornady Critical Defense, and have had no problems with this ammo. We both highly recommend the CPX-2 for any gun buyer, and not just because of the low price!

  • LLoyd Dane Morgan

    I have one of the first gen SKYY,now SCCY, CPX-1’s, very low serial number, and have put several hundred rounds through it. Every now and then I would have a jam, but after using the recommended ammo, Winchester 9mm! I had no problems? I carried it as a back up piece while on duty. When my son went into law enforcement I gave it to him as a back up. The only trouble we had with it, was the striker, hammer, broke. SCCY took care of it at no charge. Gotta like that.

    • rutbuster1

      How did the striker and hammer break?? Curious..

      • LLoyd Dane Morgan

        My son was on the range, and did a rapid fire qualification round. Sometime during the second mag, the hammer broke in half. After replacing the hammer, supplied by SCCY, we went through several rapid qualification rounds with no malfunctions. I would definitely buy another SCCY.

  • Bruno

    I bought 4 CPX-1, GEN2’s (with the external safety) – my wife and daughters love them – completed their CWP classes with them – I’ve used manufactured ammo and reloads – no problems at all – and if you do have an issue SCCY stands behind them with a lifetime warranty – from my perspective you cannot beat the price or handling for concealed carry.

  • Melissa Williamson Roberson

    I love the way this feels, it is the perfect weight for shooting as well as carrying without being too obvious.

  • Gary Klein

    Bought yesterday (gen 2) and went to Range immediately. No cleanup or prep. Wanted a cheaper ammo range gun and/or carry gun. Shot over 100 rounds-115 and 124 grain bullets. HAD NO PROBLEMS!!! Repeat, NO PROBLEMS!!! Good quality-I can compare to my Glocks, Colt, Rugers and Smith and Wessons. Has a VERY even and smooth trigger pull and an expected break. DA feels exactly like my S & W Bodyguard .308 trigger pull. Both great. I like the pull amount for safety reasons. LESS recoil snap than my Glock 27 (.40)!!! Same snap as my .380. Shot all 3 guns at same session so could compare. Shot all at 7 yrds and then went to 10 yrds–every shot put in chest-head areas!! From ALL guns. No difference in accuracy. No hand discomfort after 1 1/2 hr at range. Got home and field stripped and was very clean and was lubed good from factory and looks nearly like my glock in quality. Mags were stiff to load but went home and used UpLULA and put all 10 in without any drama. Will leave in few days to see how spring loosens up.
    Was worried about buying because of other reviews. Glad I bought it!!!! Thus, this gun exceeded by expectations. In my opinion, I will use as a range gun and as a carry gun. How can you go wrong for $250. Also don’t forget lifetime guarantee.
    This is my first ever comment to any you tube video, wanted to give my experience in detail, so sorry for the length.

  • TriSket Landho

    I just purchased this gun brand spanking new. I get it home after a long day of work and load the clip to rack a few rounds though just to make sure it doesn’t have any issues. I purchased this gun to replace my Cobra FS 380 because I thought the Cobra although rarely jamming after being broken in I would be safer with the sccy cpx-2. Well i was wrong, first round I racked got stuck, and I mean STUCK! I had to use a small screw driver to pull the retractor back then pull the rack back to get the bullet out. I thought it was a fluke. Nope i haven’t been able to rack this gun with ammo without it getting stuck. I am heading back to the gun shop tomorrow, from what i can tell the lever to hold the rack back is always engaged, when I push it down it pops right back up. But this doesn’t explain why it get stuck. And no I didn’t use the same cartridge twice, you could see the bite mark in the cartridge after the pain in the butt removing it safely. Has anyone else experiance these issues or know how to fix the issue without having to send back to sccy?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I’ve seen good and bad comments about this little pistol (the bad primarily about company responsiveness).
    Recently my son bought one to carry, and has been to the range several times without experiencing any problems.
    Overall, he is quite pleased with it.

  • jt

    whats the best ammo to get for the SCCY

  • David Gabbard

    If that’s the nicest DAO pull the author has ever felt on a gun, then he/she hasn’t shot many DAO pistols and probably shouldn’t be writing reviews. A P 11 by any other name….

  • Billy

    THis gun is not California compliant.

  • rutbuster1

    I have a CPX-1 with the safety repair kit. Have shot over 1200 rounds through it with NO PROBLEMS. I’m about to purchase a CPX-2. Can’t go wrong for $275.

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