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North American Arms Pug Review

by Brad Fitzpatrick 18

The increase in issuance of concealed carry permits over the last decade has prompted gunmakers to produce lighter, more compact… more »


Tactical Solutions Glock .22 LR Conversion Kit Review

by Keith Wood 5

Supply conditions aside, the .22 Long Rifle is the undisputed champion when it comes to teaching humans how to shoot…. more »


The Best Rimfire Trail Guns on the Market

by Joseph von Benedikt 10

A great trail gun is light, accurate, reliable and, most of all, useful. And though it may chap some shooters… more »

Ruger SP101 revolver

Review: Ruger SP101 22

by Greg Rodriguez 25

Ruger’s latest introduction is not the first rimfire version of the small-framed SP101. But the first version, which was discontinued… more »


New Handguns – Day Two

by J. Scott Rupp 33

Day Two at PASA Park, home of the USPSA Single Stack Nationals and other high-end competitions, was a little slow… more »

Nighthawk Custom .22 Conversion

Nighthawk Custom .22 Conversion

by Paul Scarlata 6

Nighthawk Custom of Berryville, Arkansas, is well-known for its custom-built 1911 pistols, and it recently teamed up with Bob Marvel… more »

ISSC M22 pistol

Review: ISSC M22

by Walt Rauch 15

The M22 from ISSC-Austria is a single-action, 10-shot .22 Long Rifle polymer-framed handgun. While the current M22 more or less… more »

Ruger Single-10

Review: Ruger Single-Ten

by Paul Scarlata 10

I’m not a huge single-action revolver fan, but when I saw the announcement that Ruger was bringing out a 10-shot… more »

Johnston ran the best available rimfire ammunition through the P22.

The Walther P22

by rmiley 2

For a variety of understandable reasons, knowledgeable shooters have long desired companion arms that look, feel, and act like a… more »

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