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At the Range: Smith & Wesson Model 929 Performance Center Miculek Revolver

by Handguns Online Staff   |  June 3rd, 2014 15

smith_wesson_model_929_revolver_miculek_FJerry Miculek has long been a revered name in competitive shooting, and the new Smith & Wesson Model 929 Performance Center Miculek revolver follows in that tradition.

Featuring a titanium alloy cylinder holding 8 rounds of 9x19mm Luger, the Miculek-inspired DA/SA wheel gun comes with a trigger and action massage from the S&W Performance Center. This race-ready revolver also includes a 6.5-inch compensated barrel, adjustable rear sight, Hogue grips and glass bead finish.

In the web exclusive photo gallery and video below, we put Miculek’s namesake revolver through its paces at the Academi Training Facility in Moyock, North Carolina.


  • Lopaka Kanaka

    It’s a very AWESOME looking hand gun from S&W and wish it was a 38 Super
    for more fire power. I’m guessing the price would be $1,200 to $1,500 range?
    Is it in stock to purchase now? Any info on fps and knock down power?

    • Chris Dotson

      It is a wheel gun. So unlike a semi auto. A person can load mild to +P+P+ without any problem. If it comes with moon clips. A person could also fire .380 rounds.

      • Joe Snyder

        The 625 in .45 apc is an incredible gun, it’s super smooth in double action. I don’t think the 9mm will be of lesser quality. Does this gun really use moon clips? Didn’t look like it in the pic, but if it’s a 9mm, I guess it would have to be. A .45 with moon clips is just as fast as loading with a speed loader. I love the moon clips personally, though they are a pain in the butt to load up a bunch of them.

        • Frank

          Can a S&W 625 group under 5 inches at 150 yards free hand?

          • xd9gunner

            if the shooter can do it…yes…but at 150 the 45 acp is dropping like a stone

        • xd9gunner

          yes, moon clips only actually, until some enterprising soul makes 9mm autorim

    • xd9gunner

      loaded to +P+ levels, the 9 mm is running as fast as a 38 super,(or close enough to make no difference) with any bullet up to 130gn.. since the bullet diameter is only .002″ smaller, effectively you have a 38 super in a short case. The whole point of the 9 is the short case that ejects fast and positive from the cylinder, longer cases are a pain when your on the clock

  • needful

    nice gun,a lot of money.

    • Chris Dotson

      For what you get. I think it will be cheap.

  • al

    If you had Richard Petty’s car, it still wouldn’t work as good unless Richard Petty was behind the wheel.

  • Bill

    Where is it for sale now? Be looking for one for months.

  • john

    Some day some one will make a quality small 9mm pistol with a frame made specially for the 9mm.

  • ArmorLTC

    Great gun….great manufacturer….BUT….you can’t find one …..anywhere ….at any price……did S&W decide not to make it?

  • solidspine

    Doesn’t do anything for me, aesthetically, don’t like that flat metal look, the handle or the nose of the barrel, probably a fun gun to own and shoot. Just ugly, We have the same problem with cars in California, people are painting them flat black or grey or some other flat – looks like a primer paint – color, I hate it.

  • GTCA

    Hardly race ready as the article suggests. On samples triggers have been 11 – 13 lbs., and tearing two down, no stoning and virtually no polishing on these Performance Centers weapons.

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