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King Of The Magnums: The 500 S&W

July 8th, 2011 39

  • Dave R

    it is 'pound-feet' of energy, by definition in physics. 'foot-pound' is torque (a 'force'),. As different as red and blue, by definition.

    • Bill Pruett

      Dave R, Yes techically it is pound feet, but this is also true when talking about torque, {twisting force} as in an engine. Most people incorrctly state these but it's like tomato or tomatoe. A 100lb. weight on the end of a wrench 1 foot long will apply a force of 100lb. ft. to the bolt or shaft or whatever. A 2 foot long wrench with 100lbs will equal 200lb.ft.

      • poiuytr

        butt face

    • Evan Fulop

      No, energy and force are measured by the exact same units. The definitions are the same. Pounds * feet = feet * pounds, just like 2 * 4 = 4 * 2.

    • eddy


  • Scott E. Mayer

    Dave, You got it backward

  • Doc Hughes

    pound foot is a unit of torque.

    foot pound is a unit of work.

    check wikipedia for pf vs fp

  • Leroy

    I think the video was about the handgun, and its power. Quite awsome. Don't get sidetracked by the guy not being an engineer. Pretty awsome shooting I thought.

  • Christopher Riddle

    I have TWO of these"Hand-Cannons"!I re-load(otherwise I wouldn't shoot them)!!

  • Nick

    i shot this next to my 44 mag four inch with 300grain 44 mag bullets and it was not appreciably harder to shoot. That was surprising. For a gun to go hiking with especially in mountain lion or bear country it is the ticket.

    • Richard

      My 500 Mag with 300gr Hornandy FTX & 46 gr's of "LiL Gun" is easier to handle than my Nightgaurd 44 mag with 200gr HP-XTP & 26 gr's of "LiL Gun". The 500 is so much fun to shoot, even with full load ammo.

    • DaveM.

      I have a special edition North American Hunter, there were 250 of these made in five versions, 50 each, mine is a Big Bear and even though it may be a collector, I still shoot it. I agree that I've shot smaller calibers with more felt recoil and the secret is the 83oz of weight, If you hold it up it's not that hard to shoot.

  • Paul

    Really nice Smith & Wesson, with lots of power in a revolver.

    I like my Savage Striker which is a bolt action, scoped SS

    with ash colored wood, and stainless fluted's a .308.

    THIS is a hand cannon !

  • Steve Dandini

    Foot-pound is the correct unit for recoil.

    • Bill Pruett

      Steve Dandini, is that because it feels like a foot-pounding on your hand? Just joking. According to my textbook from college physics, torque is measured in pound-feet,lb.ft. Impact energy is also stated as lb.ft. The same laws of inertia apply to both linear motion and rotational motion.

  • Paul Dunster

    Work is force x distance; Torque is force x angular displacement; and multiplication is commutative, so the order of the factors doesn't matter. Foot-pound used to be (20+ years ago or so) the commonly used unit for work or torque. When the newton-meter became more familiar as a unit of work or torque the English work or torque unit began to follow the same form because apparently meter-newton sounds silly. So now both units use the force first, followed by the distance: pound-foot; newton-meter (aka the joule).

  • Jon Nelson

    I have one n love to shoot it. Great accuracy n it can kill anything that walks the earth. A ton of fun…

  • george kells

    the largest caliber hand gun that I have fired to date was a thompson center super 16 barrelled contender chambered in 45-70 . the bullets were 405 grain remington factory loads . more of a push than a snap . the 500 smith seems like a lot of snap for a hand gun in my book . I do think the 500 smith would make a super lever rifel round . a short barreled lever gun in 500 smith would make a great monster masher .

    • Bill Pruett

      Almost all factory loaded 45/70 ammunition is loaded to low pressure specifications set by S.A.A.M.I. The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Industries. The maximum is about 20,000 p.s.i. So they don't blow up old guns. My manual states 405gr. jacketed bullet with 20gr. Hercules 2400 will yeild 1000fps. with15,300C.U.P. Copper Units Pressure cannot be directly compared though. The high pressure loadings for modern guns run up to around 30,000 C.U.P. I've only used 300gr.Sierra J.H.P. in my 45/70 handi-rifle with 59gr. Accurate 2015 propellant for 2164fps. @ 25,100 P.S.I.

  • paul krawic

    to those debating the ft/lbs vs lb/feet-foot/lbs is correct and the person above saying that is a measure of recoil has no concept of what he is saying.the recoil forces on this piece are massive as guns go,but i would imagine the recoil for ce(not measure in foot/lbs or lb/feet,but staright pounds) is probably in the area of 50-60 lbs of recoil force.the foot/lbs measurement is a measurement of muzzle energy,in other words the amount of force the projectile is presenting upon leaving the muzzle and is a result of the mass of the projectile(weight in grains times the velocity of the projectile.this is the method most commonly used to determine the amount of raw energy the projectile has at the muzzle with that measurement gradually tapering off as the projectile travels downranges subject to gravity,wind direction and speed,ballistic coefficient,temerature,barometric pressure,altitude,and several other factors.the muzzle energy measure ment is about how much energy is present at the muzzle prior to those factors and is a standard measurement in determining what game a particular round is suitable and learn.

    • Bill Pruett

      Paul Krawic, Sir Isaac Newtons' Second Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction along the same staight line. And according to My Shooters Bible and Handloaders Digest, the recoil force is equal to the muzzle energy. At first glance it seems like a lot of energy to be absorbed by the hand to me, but then I thought. I heard that when a 150 pound person runs his feet stike the ground with something like 1500 pounds of force,but your feet seem to absorb it without much problem. Seems wrong to me too but physics don't lie.

  • D.L.

    My best friend has the same model accept with the vertical port compensator and a factory scope mount, the side ports like the one shown are just noise makers.

    I personaly think these guns are totaly impractical, trying to do the job of a rifle with less accuracy and distance.

    I would never own one and if given one, would quickly trade it in for a more usefull rifle or handgun,…OR BOTH…at the prices they are asking!

  • Stephen Lamanen

    The three useful tools of a hunter:

    1. Bow

    2. Long Gun

    3. Hand Gun

    Just go out there and sling some lead…

  • Paul

    I own one and I think it is quite a handful but one that I thoroughly enjoy.

    The ammo like 400 corbon is a bit pricey at 39.95 and up for 20 rounds, but somehow I can justify it because usually 10 rounds cures my desire to shoot more and is a full days shooting with that hog leg.

    Then I put it away and continue shooting with the ………lessor…….calibers like 9mm,.40,.45,etc.etc. I am going to acquire a S&W 460 soon though. It is true that this is the most powerful handgun caliber in the world. I have fired revolvers in rifle calibers such as .450 marlin and .30-06 and .45/70. The .450 was not pleasant at all but I would probably own just for grins.

  • George Choksy

    I own this S&W 500 Mag with the vertical port compensator, and it is as easy to shoot as my S&W Model 29 .44 mag. I agree that the ammo currently available is very pricey, but I bought about 1000 rounds of S&W 500 from Hunting Shack Munitions a few years ago for around $1.00 apiece, in several different bullet weights and types, both Magnum and Special loads. It’s a crying shame that HSM no longer sells this ammo directly to the public.

  • Phil

    If you don't understand physics, don't comment.

  • Tim in Henderson

    I bought a 2 1/2" (no ports) 500. A local dealer had a dozen of them and they sold them right. 39 grains of Lil' Gun with a 385 Remington bullet does make it pop.

  • Frank G in Tennessee

    Go with the 460 XVR in my book, Extremely Versatile Revolver. Have fun with the 45 then step up to the 454, then for the most fun when everyone isn’t paying attention ………………….. Send a couple of 200 gr SST down range it will certainly get their attention. The 460 will take down most any “critter” in North America (South America as well) with the proper “slug”. Far and away, consistently more accurate then the 500 at any range, period: useless past 100 yards. Read the engineering report, although they may look identical sitting on the bench, the XVR 460 is mechanically superior. With humor in mind: Put blanks in the 500 and use it during the 4th of July.

  • Lam Rousts

    Gun is good.




  • terry

    All we "NEED" is food, water and shelter. All the rest is fun.

    • david


  • bob

    i like my 90 grain pistol

  • shawn

    i like my 2 barrel shot gun

  • Ten

    We need another Dirty Harry movie.

  • Cliff Wright

    I need some help. Love my new S&W 500 mag. but have no way to tote it. A shoulder holster rig is my top choice (I'm 6'8"/350 lb so no problem here). Gentlemen, save the logic & advice, just help me find a rig. Thank you very much. CDW

    • Ray

      Galco makes a concealed carry shoulder holster for this weapon, check them out.

  • Dave Stanley

    I have shot a few boxes of the Remington 405 grns. in my H&R Handi Rifle through it's 22 in. barrel. They do sort of push. I also load 500 Grn. Hornandy Interlock cut down brass with 50 grn. of H4198 pushing them. That is a religeous experience.

  • Jon

    Big gun lots of fun. I love shooting mine with 500 gr Corbon the recoil makes it fun and if u let it come up n don't fight it it no more problem the my 44 mag desert eagle.

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