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Colt Reintroduces The New Frontier Revolver

by Bart Skelton   |  March 9th, 2012 9

Fans of the Colt Single Action Army revolver will be familiar with the Flattop Target Model. This revolver was Colt’s answer to the fact that very few fixed sight handguns shoot to point of aim with any one load, much less with a variety of loads and bullet weights. The Flattop Target was designed by Colt in the late 1880’s and was offered in their catalogue from 1890 through 1898.


As its model name indicates, the frame’s top strap was flat and fitted with an adjustable leaf rear sight which was dovetailed into the frame. The front sight was anchored on a base, and the blade was interchangeable in order to adjust for elevation. Only about a thousand Flattop Target Models were made in the Single Action Army, and about the same number in the Bisley Model. Today, original Flattops are worth a mint to collectors, and even a 1st generation model in doggy condition brings a premium.


Colt developed the New Frontier Model during its 2nd generation run of single action revolvers. It was developed as an improved version of the 1st generation Flattop Target Model. The New Frontier sported a ramped front sight and adjustable leaf rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation. Production of the New Frontier started in 1961 and ran through the end of the 2nd generation run, then was continued through the 3rd generation series of single actions.


The news is that Colt has started offering the New Frontier revolver as a catalog item again. I’ve gotten my hands on one and have been wringing it out. The fit and finish of the revolver is excellent, and it shoots great. My test gun is a .44 Special with a 5 ½ inch barrel, case color and blue finish with the standard Colt walnut grips.


I’m thrilled to see Colt making these fine handguns again. For a full report on the New Frontier, be looking for my article on it in Shooting Times.

  • Alan_T

    Personally I'd be more interested in a Bisley Model … but hey , welcome back Colt .

  • Steve

    This is great that Colt is going to offer this model again. I do a lot of CAS and I wonder if if the price will be
    competitive with Ruger Super Blackhawk ??

    • Paul

      I would imagine the price would be about $1,400 at your dealer. Not anywhere near Ruger prices.

  • Snug

    I cannot help but cheer Colt on resuming produttion of the New Frontier. That said,I like Rugers better.

  • Ham'ster

    'Guns of the Old West' magazine did a write up, one or two issues ago. The writer really liked it, and was using it in competition. It was a 5 1/2 inch 44 too. I don't have the article in front of me but from what I remember Paul is pretty close to that price of $1400. That's to steep for me now…. I've had mine for about 25 yrs. Can't remember the price, but traded something plus cash. It's a 7 1/2 inch 45. BRdgs!!

  • Leadfoot

    I've seen some on GunBroker with an asking price of $1,500. Pretty steep, but other reviews I've read about it all rave about the quality, fit and finish being superb. Now if they'd just bring back the Python in that great Royal Blue ….

  • R.d. Wylie

    i'M glad COLTias back in the game I'm sure the price wont match RUGER I would like to see a WYATT EARP

  • Gary Lee

    Personaly I would be interested in what other calibers it comes in, what barrel lengths,and type of finishes it comes in.

  • Rick s

    Accuracy is the main thing with a "target" model SA Colt. I understand the Cylinder throats are more consistent and that the diameter is correct with these new pistols. . This why the earlier issues were not shooting well. The cylinder throats varied in diameter. I wold like a report on the accuracy and the consistency of the machining of the Cylinder.

    rick s

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