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Review: Glock Gen4 G26

by James Tarr   |  September 9th, 2011 28
Glock Gen4 G26 firing

"Baby Glocks" such as the G26 are now available in Gen4 configurations.



Glock Gen4 G26 grip

The Gen4 26 features the Rough Texture Finish, which provides an excellent gripping surface, and a larger reversible mag release.


While it took a while for Glock to embrace the term “Baby Glock” when referring to its Models 26 and 27, that nickname for the smallest versions of the G17/22 is both apt and well-known in the shooting community. Popular with law enforcement (as backup guns) and civilians alike, the Baby Glocks offer adult-size firepower in a subcompact package. With its 4th generation pistols Glock has made a few substantive changes to its proven design, and now those changes have come to the smallest models.

The Gen4 Glock 26 is a square chunk of a gun, and is at (or just past) the outer limits of what I consider concealable in a pocket. Loaded it weighs over 26 ounces, and it’s 6.3 inches long. Perhaps just as importantly, it is as wide as its big brother the G17 (1.18 inches), making it rather big-boned for a pocket gun. That said, 10+1 rounds of 9mm in a pistol small enough to hide almost anywhere is one heck of a combination—and the reason the Baby Glocks are so popular. Well, one of the reasons.

Another reason Glocks are so popular is that they are disgustingly, relentlessly, boringly reliable. Pull the trigger, it goes bang. Period. That’s

Glock Gen4 G26

The author wishes that one of the supplied magazines came with a finger extension, which would allow him to get all his fingers on the grip for better control.

the main reason I carry one every day. That reliability, and excellent ergonomics, meant there wasn’t a lot to improve upon for the 4th Generation.

Most prominently when compared to their predecessors, Gen4 Glocks feature interchangeable backstraps designed to accommodate hands of varying size. Glock calls this the MBS (multiple backstrap) frame. With no extra backstrap installed, the grip of a Gen4 Glock is 2mm smaller than a Gen3 Glock. With the medium backstrap installed the grip size is the same as a Gen3 Glock, and with the large backstrap the grip of a Gen4 Glock is 2mm larger.

The grip angle is not changed, only the distance to the trigger. The backstraps are easy to get on and off with the use of a punch, which is provided. The smaller frame makes the Gen4 Model 26 even easier to conceal than the Gen3.

Gen4 Glocks have larger magazine catches that are reversible, but older magazines will work with Gen4 guns. Many internal parts are not interchangeable between Gen3 and Gen4 guns, however, so before you buy spare parts make sure you’re getting the right ones.

Larger models in the Gen4 line have modified recoil systems, swapping the Gen3’s single recoil spring with a double one. As the Baby Glocks have always come with double recoil springs to keep full-power ammunition from battering their light slides, you won’t see a difference when you fieldstrip the gun.

Gen4 pistols feature Glock’s Rough Textured Frame (RTF). The little raised cubes on the frame don’t look like much, but they actually provide a much more aggressive gripping surface than the checkering found on the front and backstrap of Gen3 pistols. The sides of the grip are RTF’d, as is the rear of the frame if you choose to shoot the gun without one of the backstraps installed.

One thing I really like about the Glock 26 is that it is supplied with not one, not two, but three magazines, and that is a bigger selling point than most people might suspect.

My only complaint is that none of them come with a finger extension floorplate. The Glock 26’s short frame makes it easy to conceal, but that means only very small-handed shooters will be able to get all their fingers on the pistol. Several companies make aftermarket floorplates with finger extensions; I just wish Glock would provide one with the gun.

Glock G26 Gen 4 in pocket

The Gen4 G26's small footprint make it a great choice for concealed carry.

Glock has advertised its pistols as “Perfection” for some time, and the Gen4 models as “The Evolution of Perfection.” Frankly I wish they had evolved some metal sights. I’m incredulous that Glocks still come with their easily damaged plastic sights, and while I like the big white dot on the front sight, if you line up the top of the front sight with the top of the rear, the bottom of the dot is cut off.

For a compact gun meant for self defense most people will be looking to see the white dot, which means they’ll probably be hitting high. At the farthest distance you’ll likely be shooting that won’t make much more than an inch or two of difference, but it’s still a flaw that should have been fixed years ago.

The trigger pull on our sample was typical of every factory Glock trigger I’ve ever tried at 6.5 pounds. Over time and with thousands of trigger pulls that might get down to the optimistically advertised weight of 5.5 pounds.

I’m actually in favor of heavier and/or longer trigger pulls on pocket guns with no manual safeties—to prevent something getting wedged into the trigger guard and accidentally setting the gun off. As the Glocks have no external safeties I think they are better carried in a holster, but I know one of the selling points of the Baby Glocks is that they can fit into pockets and purses. However you carry it, you’ll be well-protected by a gun whose very name has become synonymous with reliability.


Fast Specs

  • Type: striker-fired semiauto
  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Capacity: 10+1
  • Barrel: 3.46 in.
  • OAL/Height/Width: 6.29/4.17/1.18 in.
  • Weight: 19.75 oz.
  • Trigger: Safe Action, 6.5 lb. pull
  • Price: $540
  • Manufacturer: Glock


  • Smallest average: Hornady 147 gr. XTP—1.3 in.
  • Largest average: Black Hills 124 gr. JHP—2.0 in.
  • Average of all ammo tested: 1.7 in.

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  • Steve Greenberg

    I have been carrying the G26 for years. Frustration regarding finger extension ( which I found to be small for my hand) solved when I went to a 15 rd mag with the Collar….great fit and now carrying 16 rds. I also added the Crimson Trace grip and I feel it is a complete civilian carry gun. Reliability is definitely the reason to carry Glock, I feel like I am being unfaithful since I love my Sig 226N.

  • Richard

    I've carried a Glock 26 and later a Glock 27 as a back up gun on the job. I found both of them to be very reliable and accurate. I don't see a huge advantage to upgrading to the Gen 4 Glock, other than the texture.

    As far as pocket carry goes, ANY gun carried in a pocket should be in a holster. There are some very functional and inexpensive holsters out there such as the DeSantis Nemesis and the RKBA Holster.

  • Bob & Wife

    The MIC HOLSTER IS A GOOD WAY TO POCKET CARRY! It covers JUST the trigger guard. I've had two for quit some time now. I love knowing it is holstered and that the MIC can be put away while on ANY Glock. Also using a 'Train' barrel rod when put away or dry-firing. This barrel rod is only $5 and child proofs ANY gun in storage.

  • Jeremy M Van Gieson

    The latest polymer sights on Glock pistols are much more durable than previous models. The rear has been redesigned to be tougher and the front now screws through the slide.

    While they're nowhere near as tough as metal, the new sights are much better than before.

  • Bailey

    I Love Glocks big time! now i sure love my other weapons also but i feel the Glook is the ak47 of pistols. My daughter and i have been going to the range to teach her how to shoot and most of all "gun safety" since she has been 7 years old. Yes she started out with a .22cal and through the years has shoot many different kinds and makes/ models/caliburs. I an very proud of her for being a great shot but also for her saftey alertness.She is going to be 21 in the start of next yer and i am getting her a Glock G26 which she loves.Yes we have tried all the brands but she always comes beck to the G26 (which made me so happy).The only things i do to any of my new glocks are the simple tune ups.Like taking valve grinding compound and a q-tip and polish down some internal parts which does make a difference.I also add Mepro night sites and a lone wolf barrel along with a tungsten guide rod with the correct spring weight. She also loves to shoot my G17 that has the same feature mentioned before except my tungstein guide rod has a 20lb spring with it, it make it some much smoother.

  • Bailey

    One more thing my fellow shooters, please don't be asleep for the next presidential elections.Obama will effect our second amendment rights for pay back to his many anti'-gun friends.Mr Soros at the top of that list.I know that the choices on any side is tuff because many lack the b@((Z "The runners up and the current president have".Obama made a promise to cut out allot of rights we have all fought so hard for.Obama is not going for a slick willy change but far more worse.There is still time get registerd to vote along with friends and family to rid us of obama the man who has sunken us even futher into debt by spending more in his first term in office then all the president and wras combined since the stat of this nation. He has made businesses flee from our country with his eat the rich mentality. Sad this country needs a leader not a divider vote getting some vote, Your vote does count!! so please spread the word if you love your shooting sports? then don't vote for Obama.

    • Richard

      Bailey, get off your soap box,man. Obama is stuck with what Bush and Congress left behind – Afganistan & Iraq is where all the money that caused the budget deficit went. Many of the spending programs were created by the Republican Congress prior to his election. He is trying to get us out of this mess, but not very sucessfully so far. Four more years should help to fix this. Give him the chance Bush and Clinton had before him with a second term.


      • Billy

        richard,first off your an idiot! The democrates started this mess before bush! do your research,Obama is anti american and needs to be gone!!!!!!

      • Retired Marine

        You know Richard, this clown has been in office very close to three years now. Just when does he start to take responsibilty for all he has done or really undone. Bush's last two years or was it last four years, the Democrats headed both houses of congress. We are broke money wise now. Do you approve of his borrowing from China so they can keep spending? Good God I hope not. That balanced budget that Clinton signed. You know he vetoed it twice before the Republicans jamed it down his throat and the American people wanted it. Then he signed it into law. How about the border? Are you happy with the way he is trying to keep the south border open? If he can get all those illegals legal then even Carter could get re-elected again as long as they are Democrats. I've always felt that it's okay to say "what have you done for me" but only for state office. For federal office it has to be what is good for the country and you sir are not caring one bit about the country if your for Obama.

      • dana

        Your CONFUSED Richard!!! Bush has nothing to do with NOBAMA'S no brainer policies, he has had a Dem. congress and dem sen. and still is a progressive marxist fool, four more years of secular progresive Nobama and we will be looking at $8.00 a gal in gas and a total bankrupted America!! I"ll keep my Guns, Bible, Money, you keep your change!

  • James

    Richard. You are wrong. And it makes me sick to think that Obama will be relected. His voters are entilted lazy scum. They want Obama and everyone else who works hard to provide for the mass of lazy. Wait until the tax laws change as they are proposing the lower middle class will be left with less money, perhaps thats what you need, someone to take more of your money to give it to the mass of lazy to make you realize the republicans have the best interest of us all. – minus those who have no morals, work ethic and simply want governement hand outs.. those should move to Greece or whereever. It boggles me that the socialized nations are trying hard to more like the USA was, and we are trying to become socialized. Why don't you just give up your gun and give up your property and your money and put your money where your mouth is. Give to those lazy shits are able body individuals who just want to be handed the American Dream.

    • Guest

      "entilted"? Why don't you put your money down for a dictionary? Then after you learn to spell, you can come back here and attempt to leave a half-lucid argument, maybe even throwing in something like "facts" to support your inane posts.

      Or is that going to place too much stress on your brain?

  • Bill

    Wake up people. We have college graduates who can't find work. And I don'r mean liberal Arts types I mean engineers. Wait till all the military comes home. Where will they find work? Already plenty of them are unemployed after they came home.
    I've listened to the doom sayers for decades now and I still have all my guns. Not to worry.

  • Tim

    Soooo about the G26……. How does the MIC holster work for pocket carry? Don't you need to tie the the string that connects to the MIC to your belt? Is it long enough to reach your pocket?

  • Guest

    "His voters are entilted lazy scum." So half the country who supported him are scum?

    Why cant 2A people limit their comments to supporting those politicians that support the 2A?

    You alienate those pro2a democrats and independents that completely disaggree with you on other issues.

    All this talk of socialist this and that is such nonsense. Barack Obama is absolutely no more a "socialist" than most republicans school board members who are in charge of spending local property taxes to pay for education for the collective children of a municipality. Are they socialists? What about a school board full of "conservatives" who spend that money collectively gathered from the wealth tax called property taxes?
    And what about the vast majority of "conservatives" who were educated in public schools? They benefited from socialism. In addition, insurance is by definition "socialism" dispite that fact that it is a "private" socialism.

    Its clear your public education failed you.

    • Dgs

      I disaggree, Oh wait, it's spelled disagree isn't it?
      Whose public education failed them?
      Learn how to spell you liberal ignoramus.

  • Guest

    Keep the topic to the glock 26. This is not the political forum.

  • new convert

    Is it possible to put a laser sight on this model? I just want to point and shoot.

    • Guest

      guide rod laser or grip

  • Bill Bohannon

    Mr. Liquor is drinking too much of his last name!

  • Joe

    I carry my G26 Gen4 in a Remora holster (ART-6 model), it's very comfortable and conceals easily IWB. I added a Hogue Handall grip that was intended for a mid-size gun, but I trimmed it down and it fits great on the sub-compact. The added benefit to using the mid-size grip on the subcompact is that it has two ridges for the fingers, and adds to the lip extension at the bottom of the grip that your ring finger rests on. The additional lip coverage helps with control during rapid fire. While the Handall grip did add a little thickness to the gun, it doesn't affect the concealability IWB. I find the major limiting factor in concealability is the length of the magazine, so I don't see a reason to buy a sub-compact and then add a longer magazine. If I wanted something with a longer magazine I would have started out with a G19, because once you have added a longer mag to the G26 you basically have a gun that is the same dimensions as the G19.

    I've shot the 1911 sub compacts and find them very uncomfortable, with poor accuracy at distance over a few meters. Whereas the G26 is very comfortable for me to shoot, I hit 3" groupings at 7 yards, and 6" groupings at 25yards. I'm happy with the compromise between concealability, magazine capacity, accuracy, and firepower that is found in the G26. I frequently recommend it to people looking for a sub-compact, and never regret buying mine.

  • guest

    i was laying bricks all week long and they had better ergonomics than these POS glocks

    • jimbob

      Then DON'T buy one!

  • tauheed


  • scott will


  • scott will

    When I read some of these comments I am reminded why I hate gun stores.

  • Goose

    I’ve owned so many guns, I’m bored with them, that’s why I just carry a Glock 26 now. Just need something that’s will get the job done, need be. All those fancy pimped out 1911’s , are in my opinion, just show off target guns. How would you conceal such a large gun all the time. I carry my baby Glock on my boat,motor cycle, washing my car, mowing the yard, everywhere.

  • John Westphal

    The factory extended magazines, 12 rounds in 9mm and 10 rounds in .40 cal make the baby Glocks much more enjoyable to shoot and little is sacrificed in the way of concealment. Most people don’t pocket carry these pistols as they are a more serious type of weapon than say the s/s .380. These are carried IWB as well as belt slide or even shoulder holsters. I’ve never tried it in an ankle holster but have heard of officers that do. Complaining about stock Glock sights is like complaining about stock Harley-Davidson mufflers, most of these things never leave the dealership with them, as most opt for night sights (duh). These little guns are much easier to shoot than the small revolvers that they were originally designed to replace and double the capacity in most cases. They are very accurate and unless you are a real wimp, the recoil of even the .40, .357 and .45 GAP variants is certainly manageable. Have to pocket carry a s/s 9mm, the Sig 938 is a nice pistol that comes with a kydex pocket sheath/parachute lanyard to retain the sheath on the belt if the pistol is pulled from a pocket. The 938 is pricey, hey it’s a Sig and SAO, meaning you better be comfortabe with cocked and locked carry. Have to have a pocket Glock, the 42 in the weaker .380 is your only option currently, but pocket carrying a gun? If you have to carry in your pocket, you’re probably better off with a S&W Airweight IMHO.

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