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Shooting The Ruger SR1911

by Handguns Online Staff   |  May 26th, 2011 16

Scott Mayer takes the new Ruger SR1911 pistol to the range to see how accurately it shoots at 25 yards.

  • cpj

    Is that Mr Teacup and Saucer at the 2 minute mark?

    • Steve Durham

      Not sure who he is,but Scotty should have coached him on his firing grip.

  • Jon

    I like the firing pin safety feature and that the gun is stainless steel.

  • kemal huseyinoglu

    This model of Ruger is seem to be accurate. Although I havent fired any yet I have been watching all the video samples about it. Both Remington R1 and Ruger SR1911 may seem to share 1911 market among Colt and others.

    Mayer use to take video films on windy weather so his voice cannot be heared clearly because of this wind noise.

  • nn

    Yep, it shot well with some of that ammo

  • Evan Alessi

    I like the ruger sr1911 a lot I will probley get one.

    I would like to say I carry a ruger securty six 6in .

    Revlor as we speak.

  • Stevie D

    Been waiting for this Ruger for along time. Wish they would bring back the Security Six and the fixed sight Speed Six.

  • http://N/A Lopaka

    Looks like the Ruger 1911 shoots very well dead on target.

    I have liked the 1911 since carring one back in 1963 in the

    Army. I purchased my first 1911 back in 1970 and loved the

    Colt fire power. I have a Springfield stainless steel 1911 A-1

    and enjoy the current model. Keep sending the latest hand gun info on your videos Scott. All the guys in my club enjoy your latest gun shooting!

  • jim reynolds

    yea that ruger is 1911 is all you need when go hunting example i shot hogs different ranges no futher than 50 steps if you hit him in the vitals he may run a little way just wait about 20 mintes he lay down an passaway shoot nothing but hornady critical defense? an for protection the badguy dont have a chance!!!!

  • Stev3po

    Sombody should show that guy how to properly hold a handgun in the Weaver stance. He had to keep adjusting his grip every time the gun fired.

  • kafeend

    To me , unnaceptable accuracy at 25 yds.

  • JGus

    I own many different 1911's from low price (RIA) to high price (custom Les Baer). I also own the Ruger SR1911. I think it's an outstanding gun for its price point. I think it's on par with Kimber Custom II or Kimber Stainless II (I own both). Of course, I'm just an Average Joe shooter that likes to shoot at stuff on the farm (my own homemade target range). But for my ability level the Ruger seems to be a much better gun than it's price. Just my opinion for what it's worth.

  • Wayne…..$630.00…the sellers on gunbroker…among others are gouging the shit outta people for this firearm! Bet in a couple of months…you can get one for less than $500??

  • Philip Scott

    Liked the show of handguns on Sportmans channal. I'm looking at the 1911 to be the gun for me and the Ruger has got me wanting to take a look at their 1911. Great show!!

  • Mac357

    Ruger 1911 seems to be a nice producyion gun…availability sucks. I agree the guys grip is aliitle outdated and looks pretty bad. But if it works for him, then fine. He would have much better control with a better grip.

  • Vic Derelict

    Videographer, have you heard of a windsock?

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