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First Look at the CZ P-09 Duty

by James Tarr   |  May 10th, 2012 11

I have been a fan of the CZ P-07 Duty since CZ Custom’s Angus Hobdell pulled Pat Sweeney and I aside at a SHOT Show a few years ago and showed off the brand new pistol.


Chambered in both 9mm and .40, this polymer-framed pistol has an external hammer and is about the size of a Glock 19.  For its size, it holds an impressive number of rounds—16+1 in 9mm, and 12+1 in .40 S&W.  This DA/SA automatic can be had either with a decocker or a safety, so it can be carried cocked and locked.


Not only do I like the way the P-07 looks, with its squared-off trigger guard and beavertail, I like the way it shoots.  It has a low bore, and the trigger pull from the factory is rather good, both in single and double action.

As someone who likes to shoot and carry full-size pistols, I was very happy to have the opportunity to play with two pre-production versions of the new CZ P-09 Duty chambered in 9mm.  If you imagine the P-07 spent the winter working out and taking vitamins, the result is the P-09, a full-size version of the proven design.  Right now this pistol is in pre-production, and is not expected to be commercially available until January 2013 or so.  .40 S&W versions are planned.


The original P-07 had a 3.8” barrel, and the pre-production versions of the P-09 I had an opportunity to examine had what appeared to be a 4.3” barrel.  The grip is longer as well, and instead of 16 rounds of 9mm the magazines hold an impressive 19 (although in production versions I was told this might be officially reduced to 18 as that last round can be a little difficult to slide in).


The P-09s had interchangeable backstraps, and the one in the photo has the small backstrap installed, which is rather flat.  The large backstrap provides the distinctive CZ-75-type hump.  The P-09 also has forward cocking serrations on the slide, but otherwise the big pistol is identical in features and operation to the P-07.

Jason Morton of CZ showed up with two pistols, one with a decocker and one with a safety, allowing the pistol to be carried Condition One, cocked and locked.  I don’t know if I would choose a P-07/P-09 with a safety, as it is a little small and flat for me and I am not confident I’d be able to hit it under stress.


Production models will have a slightly thicker beavertail than the one you see in the picture to better withstand abusive military/law enforcement drop tests, but my hope is that the engineers at CZ change nothing else with the pistol before it goes into full production, because I really liked it.


Everyone who shot the pistols loved them.  Between the good triggers and sights and longer sight radius and extra weight (I had no scale but estimate the P-09 tips the scales around 2 pounds) the pistols were just a joy to shoot.


Retail price is guesstimated to be about $500, which makes the P-09 a real value, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one to test at length for Handguns Magazine.

  • F.Ferris

    To date my favorite of the CZ family is the CZ2075. .40, compact, quick to the target and accurate.

  • Fred Swartz

    nice gun but that squared off triger ruins the look for me.

    • Oswald

      Gene Autry's hat ruined the "look" for me, but he sure could shoot and sing, couldn't he?

    • 226TACOPS

      It's OK. Pretty soon I hope the manufacturers will return to steel. These polymers are just good for low price. They don't shoot as well as an all steel firearm and never will. If a firearms "trigger guard" turns you off, as you get more experience you are going to have a tough time finding anything you like.
      The way it shoots should have a tiny bit more influence over the trigger guard. WOW!

      • Joe Simeone

        If he is laying down the cash then he can say he does not like the trigger guard. I guess you never heard about a custom gun with a trigger guard any way you want square or round, and it will still shoot 11/2 inch at 25 yards…with both trigger guards…WOW!

  • Alan_T

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA right you are , Oswald . By the way , Lewis and Drew are looking for you .

  • Ray Casper

    Glad to hear that "everyone who shot the pistols loved them", l" but let's get to the nitty gritty that actually helps compare the CZ against the alternative pistols: what was your best and worst group at 75 feet?

  • Ben

    I have the full size CZ-75 and this gun will have to be absolutely fabulous if it wants to dislodge the '75 from it's lofty postion, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many shooters the world over!

  • VesuviusRisen

    I Have a P-07 and it is one of the best guns I have ever shot! The longer barrel should add just that much more accuracy to already very accurate weapon!

  • DrDucati

    I have an old CZ-40— a CZ 75 with a 1911 grip. It is the best shooting 40 I own. I'm told they were initially made for Colt but were refused. It is accurate,soft recoiling and generally an all around good pistol. I dont' like the 40 very much be this pistol is an exception.

  • kobus

    i own CZ75B 9mm luger ; CZ75 P07 Duty 9mm luger ; CZ SP01 Shadow 9mm luger. all fantastic firearms and I am sure the P09 Duty will be on of the best.

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