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Is This The First I-Pistol? “Hedy Jane” Pocket Pistol Finished in I-Phone White

by Aaron Decker   |  April 12th, 2012 47

An all-white pocket pistol for the discriminating buyer

Lovers of all things “Macintosh” will turn a head when they spot this new Heizer Defense offering — The “Hedy Jane” DoubleTap pocket pistol, complete with its IPhone White Cerakote finish.


The double-barreled (I-) pistol was unveiled at the 2012 NRA Show in St. Louis and the company reports it’s built on the “slimmest and lightest titanium or aluminum frame on the market” and it just might be. The gun is only .665-inches wide (1.68 cm) and weighs a scant 12 ounces (aluminum) or 14 ounces (titanium).


Much like the IPad, you can’t plug a firewire into the hammerless pistol, but unlike any Apple offering, it’ll shoot bullets! Got an app for that? The pistol is available in 9mm or .45 ACP and holds a round in each chamber while the integral grips will store two additional rounds allowing you to download for a reload.


Company literature reports the double-action trigger mechanism utilizes roller bearings for a smooth and crisp trigger pull.


The Handguns team will get to shoot Heizer’s DoubleTap at our Editorial Roundtable in May…be on the look-out for a more in-depth review down the line.


There are a couple of different price points for this rig (and it has nothing to do with how much memory you want)


Aluminum Models

  • $499.00 non-ported
  • $569.00 ported

Titanium Models

  • $729.00 non-ported
  • $799.00 ported


Caliber: 9mm/.45 ACP
Weight: 14 ounces titanium/12 ounces aluminum
Width: .665 inches
Length: 5.5 inches
Height: 3.9 inches
Barrel: 3.0 inches stainless steel
Frame: Titanium or Aluminum
Finish: I-Phone white Cerakote

  • Tim

    yea thats just what we need an ipistol im so sick of hearing about iCrap

    • Mojavegreen Nln

      Just needs the Apple logo and were all set.

  • Jule

    Makes for a great paper weight but as for a weapon of choice for self protection, I have my doubts. Fact is you might be better throwing it at your attacker than shooting it.

    • neckerisland1

      Not my weapon of choice for sure, but I wouldn't throw this wadded-up paper ball at someone either! Can your say nurf ball?

      • Mojavegreen Nln

        Just remember, the shorter the barrel, the closer to the target you need to be. This one means the gun should be touching the person so the get the full effect of the gun. The bullet as well as the hot plasma gasses that come out behind it.

  • mike

    Whf what has the world come to we got bigger things to think about a gun that can shoot to kill if your a foot away

  • navy62802

    I present the Bond Ranger –

    Fires a .410 … sort of a Judge for the derringer world.

  • zr1

    "That's Hedly!"

  • Alan_T

    Boy , I can't wait to fire off a couple of .45 ACP's in a 12 oz. pistol the size of a match box !
    I don't know about anyone else ….. but I sure haven't had enough pain in my life ! …… In white , no less HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • guest

      LOL me too

      • Alan_T

        Maybe if we're lucky …… they will come out with a .44 magnum or a .50 GI or … ( dare I say it ? .. OH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART ! ) …. a version in .500 S&W ! ! !
        I'd buy 8 or 9 of them in .500 S&W ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Bill

    So, how long until a blonde answers her .45 instead of her iPhone??? Go ahead and put this to your ear!

    • Kevin

      That's awesome, you know it's going to happen. I just hope that is make Darwin Awards

  • Justin

    Can't deny that apple has great technology. As for the pistol, I think it's kind of cool. When did shooters become so spoiled to guns with no recoil, and feel that they have to complain about a little " pain" that comes with the sport. Take up knitting instead of shooting.

    • Darwin

      Justin, Tommy Joe says you cant be fixed

    • frank

      for real they sounds like a bunch of lady's !!!!!!!!! no pain no game!!!!!!!!!



    • Joel Jaworowski

      Tommy Joe, that's the Darwin effect. Survival of the fittest and the stupid ones go the way of the dinosaurs. That's how nature weeds the idiots out of the gene pool. Hello? – BLAMMMMMM!!!!!

    • John

      I can back that comment up.

  • Aaron Peck Sr.

    great concept but totaly over-priced.

    • Stephen Figueroa

      Does it shoot well does anybody like it

      • adecker44

        Stephen – we're going to get to shoot the DoubleTap the first week in May…we'll have a follow up at that time…

  • Terry D. Waters

    It's an improvement on the Derringer or vest pocket pistol in every way.

    It's easily the most concealable .45 ever.

    It's not over priced if it's the one gun on the market your wife or daughter will actually keep in their purse.

  • Tony

    Not for me, but I did look at this at the NRA show and it looked like a quality piece. Made in St. Louis.
    I don't recall it being white, but maybe it was.

    • adecker44

      Tony – the gun is available in different finishes…

  • DUFF

    novelty wuzzss gimmick gun for wannabee baddasses, buy a real 45 in clock stopping +p 230grainers golddots buy namebrand hk browning glock, you dont need gsr ported blast in your eyes from these gimmickGuns, lilltle guns for little criminals, you needbig guns with bigKnockDown for big criminals & ampedUp crackHead muggers, these twoShoters are a backSeat to a HiCap magazine when you encounter more than 1 gangbangr. choices of the value you place on your wellbeing. CHEAP FAST GOOD You only CANHAVE OR GET 2.

    • 4real

      really doubt anyone would think this was meant to replace a real handgun… this is simply a last resort do or die pistol a lady can easily hide in her purse or even a guy could use as a safe concealed backup (sock, pocket, sleeve)… if you seriously think ANY criminal could survive a point blank double blast .45 then you need to carry a canon lol

  • Guest

    I would be concerned how much somebody's wife or daughter would be practicing with it. They just might end up blowing their coworker or pet away instead of the threat with that pocket .45.

  • Dock

    Gosh…..does it handle +P? :-)

  • John

    I think the concept is pretty cool behind this derringer, but I don’t what the fact that it’s only got two rounds in it floating around my head.

  • SemperFlyBoy

    This is what happens when you let a Liberal design a gun.

  • bwil

    its more of a conversation piece than protection. hi-price conv. piece

    • SeattleJoe

      From what I understand its meant to be a backup pistol or for those who wouldn't carry otherwise. I'm not terribly big on it but for the target purchasers its far better than nothing.

  • Dale

    I will be looking for one. A last chance protection pistol that you can carry anywhere.

  • aimhigh

    This is one of the best design concepts in many years. I have been in multiple shooting situations. And in that moment I have never for a split second wished "gosh I wish I had a high capacity model gun in my pocket"!
    FYI: Homicide shooting statistics show that more people in this country have been killed with a 22 rimfire than with all other handgun calibers combined. And in the same study the myth of multiple hits to the torso with an handgun is highly unlikely.

  • Cliff Russe

    In all seriousness, the one thing that worries me about this piece: it looks far too much like a toy.

  • Gunpowder&Lead

    I cannot believe the price!!!! Okay, two rounds of .45 can probably get the job done, but $5-800 for this?!?!? Give me a break!

  • Guest

    Complaining about a firearm you've never owned or fired changes nothing. If you don't like the idea, don't buy it. It's that simple.

  • guest

    by the sound of these comments, sounds like we have ourselves some real mental giants out here. there is more than one factor associated with determining what should be considered for concealed carry. climate in a particular location, hot, very light clothing which is easy to imprint on is very real when your wearing shorts and a thin white t'shirt with a high cap 5" 9mm or .45 which has been spotted by the people standing behind you in line and decide to call the locals on you, this is where you say boy that little pistol would have been just the ticket today. i guarentee all the ha ha ha's would turn into "god am i a dumb***". every tool has it's place for it's intended use , becareful as to what you laugh at for in an instant you become a hypocrit.

  • madstabber

    well said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^amen brother

  • kevin k. Queens NY

    I have 2 I phones and 1 iPad, I will stick with that.All I need to hear is the gun Siri saying,I'm sorry I cannot shoot bullets for you right now.

  • Bart

    An interesting concept, but really nothing more advanced than a Derringer, and the Derringer offers a better handhold, longer barrel, and is about half the price. For the Ported Titanium price, once can get a Bond Arms Derringer in .45 ACP, and 3 cases of ammo to practice with.
    Also, for that price, one can get an XDS in .45 ACP and that little gun offers 5+1 rounds of defensive goodness in a package that won't cause pain.
    Or, one can get a Diamondback DB9 and 4 cases of ammo to practice with.
    Seriously, this is a gun for someone who doesn't want to seriously defend themselves.

  • ChasingTexas

    As a woman, I find the size, and yes, the color attractive. Oh, and I am blonde.

    I would be concerned about it's small capacity however. As one man said, it does have the initial appearance of being a toy – which actually might give me the split-second edge I might need to be the first to pull the trigger in a bad situation.

    All in all, a start at breaking out of old molds and thinking of something new. Too bad most of the responders here are incapable of handling it.

    • Conrad Gabbard

      As a disability-retired vet w/3 (RVN) combat tours behind me, I agree with the lady. “Most of the responders” appear to have absorbed their information from gun-writers, many of whom bloviate on theory and interpretations of others’ experiences. LW Seacap designed his little gun without sights based on his own up close and personal combat experience, The Heizer brings far better calibers for those contact shots under horrific circumstances with a gun small enough to have with you at all times. I haven’t been able to find one, or I’d have one.

  • Mojavegreen Nln

    get a 20GA, remove the shoulder stock and put a pistol grip on it. Next cut the barrel down to 4 inches. Now you got concealable stopping power.

  • SFerrell

    Yea… Along with a felony conviction.

  • Guest

    Awesome gun. There should be more white colour guns with less or no recoil. Does it come with a white suppressor too?

    It could be less pricey but a great gun overall.

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