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Olympic 50m Pistol

by J. Scott Rupp   |  June 13th, 2012 0
Morini CM 84E free pistol

Morini CM 84E

London 2012 U.S. Competitor: Daryl Szarenski, Nick Mower

London 2012 competition date: 8/5; finals at 7:30 a.m. Eastern

Pistol: Any .22 Long Rifle pistol. Hand covers are permitted as long as they don’t cover the wrist. Morini and TOZ-Vostock makes are most common.

Range: 50 meters

Scoring: The target is 500mm (19.69 inches) wide, with scoring rings 1 to 10. The black portion containing rings 7 to 10 is 200mm wide. The 10-ring is 50mm (1.97 inches); the inner-10-ring is 25mm. In finals competition, the scoring rings are divided into tenths; the maximum value for a center 10 is 10.9.

Course of Fire: 60 shots standing, unsupported, in 2 hours

Finals: The top eight competitors fire 10 additional shots, one at a time, with a 75-second time limit for each. Scores are immediately posted and standings updated after each shot. The top shooter from the qualification round is squadded on point one, the second-best shooter on point two and so on.

Beijing 2008 Medalists

Gold– Jong Oh Jin, Korea; Silver– Zonglian Tang, China; Bronze–Vladimir Isakov, Russia

Past U.S. medalists

  • Joe Benner, gold, Helsinki 1952
  • Offutt Pinion, bronze, Melbourne 1956

Olympic record: 581, Aleksandr Melentiev, Soviet Union, Moscow 1980
• with finals: 666.4 (570+96.4), Boris Kokorev, Russia, Atlanta 1996
World record: 581, Aleksandr Melentiev, Soviet Union, Moscow 1980
• with finals: 676.2 (577+99.2), William Demarest, United States, 2000

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