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New Handguns – Day Two

by J. Scott Rupp   |  May 9th, 2012 33

Day Two at PASA Park, home of the USPSA Single Stack Nationals and other high-end competitions, was a little slow on the handgun side, but there were a few gems worth checking out. (If rifles are equally your thing, I’m writing a concurrent blog on rifles at this event at RifleShooter‘s website.)

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shooting Beretta's ARX 160 .22 pistol

With apologies, I'm short on details with this one, but I can tell you it's a blast to shoot. It's the pistol cousin to Beretta's ARX 160, and all I really know about it at this point is that when it hits dealers shelves you should find it for about $550. Good trigger but this sample was fussy about how you install the magazine, causing a few jams. But once that technique was mastered, it was a blast.

  • Mitch Hutchisnson

    I feel as an avid shooter that some of the views listed by the readers are dangerous to our country. Barack Obama has in no way gone after out gun rights. And for people to says that they are going to vote for Mit Romney is just plane maniacle. The man back tracks and changes his mind more than an Iraqi prisoner with a car battery strapped to his genitals. I consider the "vote" for sportsmen of which I happen to be one was offensive. I really am ashamed that many sportsman answered the way they did. Many of their votes made great sense. But many didn't. It just proves that the majority of the American Sportsmen are way off. I hope they re-consider and I hope they truly do what's best for our environment before we have no wildlifre to choose from.

    • SamF1911

      Sir I'm not sure what your agenda is but if you believe what you say then please explain to me the purpose of "Operation: Fast & Furious" and the U.N. small arms treaty.

    • Wil Golden

      Anybody who claims to be a "sportsman" and intends to vote for a Demoscum like Barack Odumbo is a lying P.O.S.

      Odumbo is a gun grabbing bastard.

      • Myron

        WE call him ovomit,
        otherwise i agree wholeheartedly

    • Rick Arnold

      I care about the environment but you must be kidding that you can't see what this man has done to our nation. Don't be so beholden to your party that you can't see the damage this unpatriotic idealogue has done. Please wake up and vote ANYBODY but Obama! We are on the very edge of the cliff and this man and his regime are more than dangerous and have eroded the constitution and reputation of this great nation.

  • AOKSteve

    I believe that Mr Obama would sign into law any (and all) repressive gun bill(s). I also believe that he will also promote much stricter gun law if he is reelected for a second term because this is his final election. He has not been a very good president. Are you better off now than before inauguration. Are you paying less for food, gasoline, etc.Are you happier and feel safer that 3.5 years ago? I believe that he will attempt to pass more restrictive gun laws as his legacy. Many liberals are elected in fairly conservative districts by talking like a conservative, but voting like a liberal. Remember that the democrats learned a hard lesson for themselves in 1994, and most of them wish for stronger gun controls. But they also know that many will be defeated in the following election.
    SCOTUS ruled that firearm ownership is a individual right. This decision passed 5-4, and all of the democrat appointed justices descented. The next president will probably appoint 1-3 justice(s) in the next 4 years. Do you want the ruling to go the opposite direction the next time?
    By the way, what does this have to do with a .22 pistol?

    • ffarquar

      Before you ask am I better off, ask how did I get to where I am? The answer is eight years and a trillion dollars worth of war that was not only not paid for but was worsened by giving out tax cuts that were also not paid for by budget cuts. Obama is far from great, but as the other commenter stated at least I know what he stands for. With Romney I don't have a clue. Also the great outdoors is fast becoming a legend that the oldtimers talk about, and neither side is doing a damn thing about it.

      • Hoping to Help

        Fifty bucks says you don't know who your two Senators are, your Congressman or what district you vote in!

    • Larry

      Yes. Way better off.

  • Patrick

    Why all the new 22's. I want to see stopping power with good safeties, and quick target aquiring sights, and ultralight for quick draw from a pant pocket. Bersa Thunder, Beretta PX Storm,or Kahr 45, being good examples but ultra light and safe for all day carry. Because I want to stay armed all day,everyday,these day's. I want it to feel like a Airsoft but shoot like a Colt or something comparable.

    • ffarquar

      The only answer seems to be that shooting the larger calibers is getting expensive for most people. The 22's are less expensive and good for introducing new people to the shooting sports.

    • M Cooper

      I have one question, WHY??????
      You don't need to carry elephant guns. It seems the reason you all seem to need these ridiculous firearms is because everyone else has them and you are afraid they might shoot you! If there were less guns maybe there would be less death!
      What the hell do you need assault rifles for? Those sort of weapons should be completely restricted to the military or law enforcement. My opinion of someone needing something like that is they lack something in there trousers and need to prove they have a big gun to make up for their inadequices.

      • SamF1911

        I have a question for you M Cooper. Why are you so willing to give up your constitutional rights? Furthermore what you call an "assault rifle" isn't really a true military "assault rifle", it's just a semi-auto rifle version. You best learn that stuff before you come in here.


    I believe we are far better off than before inauguration. All the banks are solvent. Detroit is making a profit! Wall street criminals from the early 2000's are going to prison. If you don't think Bush knew about all this fraud and the false inflation of housing you're dreaming. Why do you think Bush asked Obama to come to Washington before inauguration? It's because Bush was dumbfounded and he needed Buffet, who fully supported Obama, to help figure out the financial mess. I agree it's a tricky political move to say when you are campaigning that you won't dare go after the defenders of the 2nd Amendment and the NRA and then appoint who he did. However I still believe he will not take on the Legal Gun owners. If the republicans would unfold their arms and do some work the two parties could get a lot of good things done. The biggest problem we have is the Republicans have no ideas for solutions they just want to say no to attempts to fix what's broken.

    • AKA Tampa


    • CCW_Democrat

      I absolutely agree. Bush took Clinton's surplus and drove us toward depression. Does that make the USA safer? Obama pulled us back from the brink. Recovery is steady. Yes, it's taking longer than one election cycle. You blame Obama for that?? If the Republicans has immediately worked in the interest of the country instead of their own reelection we would have recovered by now. How can anyone not see that? Oh yeah, because the Republicans own most of the media and are playing you all like fiddles.

      -Disgusted with willfully ignorant voters.

      • Guest

        Yawn…go away, just move along now.

      • mr suggs

        Go back into your hole…

      • Livtheconstitution

        Not true. He had a surplus. By the time he left office that surplus was dwindling faster than Hilary’s popularity numbers.

    • 1911atty

      While the Wall Street criminals may be fewer in number, what about the criminals Obama has appointed to positions on his staff? A czar for everything from cars to breakfast cereal, Holder who ran a clearly illegal gun operation only to have Obama cover it up and last but not least, Clinton and a U.N. Arms treaty which contravenes OUR Constitution. These Democrats will stop at nothing to grab our guns, despite government statistics which reveal that gun crime is down, "assault weapons" are rarely used in murders and the two places with the highest murder rate have the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Anyone who disputes this, try logic.

    • Livtheconstitution

      You’re any idiot. Obama had no credentials to run a Popsicle stand. Evidence his last 6 years. Now can we talk about guns

  • r rnkn

    15 trillion in debt,47 million on food stamps,20 million unemployed, 3.5 years and u r still blaming bush! obama is holding hands with a muslim HITLER OBAMA SHOULD B IMPEACHED AND PROSECUTED FOR TREASON end of discusion!!!

  • guest

    Well, there ya go…end of discussion. Damn, I was going to say something too.

  • LilBull

    Fast and furious, Eric Holder and "executive privelge"? No skeletons in that closet, eh?

  • 1911atty

    I have one simple question: With the number of times Obama has exercised Executive Privilege, what happened to the "transparency in government" on which he campaigned?

  • Jack

    I wish you know-nothing political pansies of both stripes would just shut up and let the rest of us talk guns! OK- now that I'm reaching the recoil impaired stage of my life, I feel really pressured to shoot what I shoot best. As a result I'm finding myself attracted to guns like the Kel-Tec PMR 30 — 30 rounds of .22 mag in a package the size of a Glock 19 that I can rapid fire dry into a 2 inch spot at 7 yards.

  • Mr suggs

    You are a shill for the President and you have limited understanding of facts.

  • mr. cabinet man

    if you guys don't like your leader why don't you move to another country i'm sure if you talk about there leader like that you get thrown in jail with no guns ha ha ha

    • BigGuns

      yea, this is merica and if you dont like it you can git out!

  • Lance

    Buy all the ammo you can guys, bad things will begin happen in a few years. Food shortages,fuel shortages,water shortages, riots, Just a thought….

  • Doug

    Check the news out today guys 1/7/13. There should be no doubt that Obama was more or less silent / dishonest during his campaign. Now there's no doubt that he has his "own agenda" regarding our constitutional right to bear arms!

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