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New Handguns – Day Four

by J. Scott Rupp   |  May 11th, 2012 12

Alas, I had to spend much of the day on rifles and totally missed out on the new Smith & Wesson Shield (dangit!), but every day you get to shoot excellent revolvers is a good day.

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Smith & Wesson Classic 586

One of the original L frames is back. Available in 4- or 6 in. barrels with red ramp front, white outline rear, combat trigger. It's got an intermediate-width target hammer. The wood stocks have a good feel—sweet with .38 and comfy with the .357. And just a great-looking revolver.

  • JMB

    Had the 586 6" barrel little trigger work to smooth the action dropped some Pachmeyers on it, sweet, My brother stil has it. About 30 yrs. old and still going strong

  • Guest

    About to test out my moms 357 from the 70's with the 6" barrel. Very excited!

  • Cabin Cowboy

    I have a S&W 686 .357 w/6" barrel, (stainless steel 586). I replaced the wooden grips with Pachmeyer grips because they point better and feel better; they don't look as dressy but I like to shoot mine more than look at it. It is the most accurate handgun I own, and very comfortable to shoot.

  • Mark Garduno

    Always regretted giving up the 686: it was inherently accurate. But I traded a lot in those days. I doubt I have anything quite so accurate now. I had a chief of police, acting as range master, tell me the holes at the far corners of the target were flyers. I had to correct him: they were staple holes.

  • P B McGeough

    I just brought my new 586-6 inch home today and am looking forward to taking it to the range tomorrow when I sight in a new 308 Winchester rifle so the trip will be just that much more pleasure in shooting! It is the exact model that is displayed above.I have been searching for one here in Canada since April. Smith has been swamped with orders and our wholesalers have been unable to supply .

    • Brar

      Hello,from where u get it in canada

  • Hammerhand

    It look the same size as the Big 44 magnum which Dirty Harry Uses. If Dirty Harry was using that as duty Gun, He use the 44 magnum off Duty.

  • Mike

    I am a novice to handguns at age 65 but would like to take up target shooting as a hobby. I am intertested in shooting a revolver because it looks like a fun good to shoot.What revolver would be a challenge but yet fun to shoot?

    • SA Ruger Fan

      If you buy one of these Smiths, you will be very happy that you did.I also own a ruger that will be with me until I die and my kids can fight over them. The big advantage of a revolver for us old guys, Mike is that you do not have to bend over and hunt for the brass If you are a handloader. The 357 gives you the option of practicing with 38 special ammo and I often go through 100 rounds of hand-loaded 38 specials in my 586 and fifty rounds of 45 Colt in my Ruger Vaquero as I let my Rifles cool down between group shooting. My 1911 and my SR40 are also fun, but with Bi-focals and getting older, searching for spent brass at the range does get to be a bother!!LOL

    • Molotov Mike

      Hey Mike, great to hear that your looking to get into the sport. I'll throw in my two cents, .22long rifle is the most popular cailber world wide. A joy to shoot and from a prjce point its unbeatable. I have found it tough to find an inaccurate .22. Just about everyone makes one if not three or four in their line ups. Try to shoot what ever your intersted in buying first if possible. Most of the gun clubs in my tristate region all have small bore pistol matches, competition is always a great challenge in my opinion. One way or the other welcome to the sport & remember saftey first.

  • corespray

    If you're just starting, and want a S&W revolver go to their custom shop and buy an 8-cylinder 357. It uses moon clips as a speed loader, is perfectly balanced which reduces recoil…and it is pure fun. You also get a lot of attention from other shooters at the range, especially when you are shooting a 'different' nail driver.

  • MF Sanchez

    I Have a old 38 S&W and it is a very good hand gun very smooth. Love to Target shoot with it.

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